10 Tips for Making Your Vacation Planning Less Stressful

October 6, 2010 Posted by James Adams

This guest post was contributed by James Adams, a designer, marketer and writer working at a supplier of HP cartridges where he analyses and reviews hardware such as HP 351XL ink and also posts about design and advertising on their blog, the CreativeCloud.

Freelancing allows you the opportunity to set your own hours, pursue your own clients and enjoy the benefits of being your own boss. You might be afraid of going on vacation for fear that the business will crumble while you are absent. It is quite possible to have a stress free vacation, filled with all of the delights that you have planned. Here are some tips.

1. Backup all of your documents

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Put your documents in a safe online place. If you are a writer, you can move your documents to Google Docs. You can also zip your files and and send them back to yourself via YouSendIt or place them into a Dropbox for safe keeping.

2. Make your finances line up

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Have a vacation account. All of the money in that vacation account is available. When you go on vacation, use only the money in that account, leaving the other sources of income at home. If you are concerned about the money, bring cash or travelers checks with you. Have a reserve source of funding with you, in case of emergencies.

3. Choose your due times wisely

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Your vacation is meant to be relaxing. Do not schedule your work during the vacation or the week after the vacation. Tell your clients that you are booked for the week and are unable to meet their deadlines. You do not want to stress yourself out during the course of your vacation.

4. Talk to your clients

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Your clients understand the need for vacation. Tell them about your departure at least two weeks in advance. This is a great way of keeping the lines of communication open. Inform your clients that if there are any emergencies during your absence that you will be available on a limited basis.

5. Outsourcing

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If you have clients which will have assignments during your vacation, entrust them with a friend or colleague. If you allow your clients to go to someone else for the duration, you are building trust. Clients will recognize that you are interested in meeting their needs. You might have short term money taken from your pocket, but subcontracting contributes to long term growth.

6. Limit your information

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Check your messages once a day. Leave your laptop at home. You need to spend this time enjoying yourself and relaxing, not worrying about who is sending you email. Use the time for recharging and exploring.

7. Create your autoresponse

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Before you leave, set up an autoresponder for your email. Inform clients that you are on vacation and when you will return. Put the new clients at ease by informing them that you will attend to their needs immediately upon your return. If you have chosen a subcontractor, place your subcontractor’s name and phone number in this email to allow your clients to speak with someone regarding their project.

8. Clear up your work

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Work overtime to get your assignments out of the way sooner than normal. If you have a client who always gives you their assignments on Tuesday, see if there is any possibility that they could give them to you on Monday so you have an extra day.

9. Bring a memo pad

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While you are on vacation, you will be bombarded with new ideas. When they strike, write them down into a memo pad with the promise that you will revisit the idea when you come back from that vacation. Even while you are not on vacation, it is a great idea to carry pen and paper.

10. Pay your bills in advance

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If you have enough money in the account, take the time to pay off all of your bills in advance. There will be no need for worry when you return, because you have taken care of the essentials. Your vacation needs to be about enjoyment, not paying your bills.

A vacation will allow your brain to recharge. During a vacation, you can reconnect with loved ones, play on the beach, take a hike, anything that you want. You do not need the stresses of your business taking away from your enjoyment. Being prepared will let you have the best vacation ever.

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35 Responses to “10 Tips for Making Your Vacation Planning Less Stressful”

  1. Great tips James. If you are gone for a long time and forget to do #7 (autoresponse), talk about a bigtime pain when you get back!

  2. Alex Dumitru says:

    You really have some great tips. I’ve always had trouble when going on vacation and I do go very often :)

  3. Yes vacations do present some challenges to internet entrepreneurs. It can be quite difficult to leave everything behind and not worry about your business. For some of my websites I had very picky advertisers who often needed ad changes made within 24 hours. This sure made it tough to me to go anywhere without that in the back of my mind.

  4. Cool tips, did that guy in picture 10 just got 2.5 million pounds?? hehe

  5. Bit Doze says:

    This are some interesting tips, my blog/business is not that important so I don’t plan in that detail my vacation, also I take a vacation twice a year. But this are some grate tips in the case that I will grow my business/blog.

  6. p90x reviews says:

    The last thing you want is your vacation planning to be stressful on something that shouldn’t be. These are some important suggestions. Great guest post James.

  7. Oh..Don’t forget about “Having Fun” that’s whole purpose of the vacation.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  8. Jesse Dictor says:

    And if you have kids, keep them on there schedule, it will make them calmer and all around better work with =).

  9. Tracy Ingram says:

    Great Advice especially back up your pc. I came home from vacation and there was a bad storm and i almost lost everything.

  10. Judy says:

    Glad you touted data backup first and foremost. Travelers can also use data backup to store important documents in the event they get lost while traveling.


  11. car battery says:

    Great tips. It’s very important that when you embark on that long-planned vacation, you don’t carry any excess baggage with you that will sap the fun out of it.

  12. Great tips Tyler.Bring a memo pad is a great tip.I always do that.

  13. Jack says:

    Are there even any words in this post? 90% massive stock images. Way to go.

  14. Essay says:

    In my vacation planning, auto responder for my e-mails comes first. Because most of my clients send me e-mail.

  15. Jeff Caceres says:

    Great tips Tyler. When me and my family were having a vacation, I’m making sure that I finished all the work and paid my expenses for the month. But I’m going to try setting up an autoresponder in my email and to have more time relaxing and enjoying my vacation.


  16. Paul says:

    Perfect tips for making your vacation better.

  17. Techfudge says:

    Setting up autoresponders is a great way to let your customers know that you really care about them.
    Totally support that point.

  18. Jasmine says:

    Great tips. These will make our vacation more enjoyable and stress-free!

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  20. One can only plan long vacations once we have enough money so as for now i am gonna focus on making money (A)

  21. Hmmm, now im thinking of spending a month somewhere far, and serene. Somewhere tropical where it’s sunny everyday…

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  24. SEO Miami says:

    Paying your bills in advance is a huge thing! Trust me.

  25. it might in fact be necessary to start vacation planning that far in advance. So be sure to give yourself plenty of time to decide on a location, make a reservation, save money as needed.

  26. You know, you should add “having fun” in the list, coz sometimes people are busy with planning that they keep on checking their list while having the vacation/

  27. A – Z says:

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