Broken Link Checker Plugin Review

September 27, 2017 Posted by Tyler Cruz

My blog is 12 years old with over 1,100 posts. Naturally, I have many dead/broken links as a result.

I’m not sure if cleaning up those broken links has any SEO benefit (I’m assuming it must have at least some), but I know that I don’t want dead links on my blog as it will only make my older posts seem even older than they are, as well as lower its credibility.

Fortunately, I found an awesome free WordPress plugin that does everything I was looking for and then some. The plugin is called “Broken Link Checker” (how ambiguous, eh?), has over half a million installs, and is regularly maintained and updated.

Here’s a short screencast review of the plugin I recorded:

Here’s the screencast (you will probably want to watch in HD full screen to be able to view it properly):

(Note: You may need to visit the post directly at if you’re reading this via e-mail or RSS in order to see the video.)

Anyhow, I highly recommend this plugin if you want to find and clean up broken links on your WordPress site.

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  1. mike says:

    I’ve been using Xenu Link Sleuth for years… it is also free and does a fantastic job.


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