Affiliate Landlord: Hitting the Streets – Tour #2

December 22, 2014 Posted by Tyler Cruz

11 days ago I published a post on my walkthrough tour of some rental properties I was interested in purchasing. A couple days ago I went out for a 2nd tour, this time for new properties I was interested in, and so I thought I’d share how it went again. As with the first time, […]

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Affiliate Landlord: Hitting the Streets

December 9, 2014 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Heh, this title sounds like a reality TV show. As you know, I’ve been seriously looking into acquiring an investment property, specifically a buy-and-hold cashflowing rental. On Friday, after a lot of research and analysis, I finally went out with my investment agent to take a look at some of the leading properties on my […]

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What I’ve Been Doing The Past Month

November 22, 2014 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Sorry for the lack of posting. And sorry if the title of this blog post led you to believe that I had some juicy secret to reveal, because I don’t. In fact, I’ve been doing nothing extraordinary at all. I’ve simply been working as usual. So why the lack of posts then? Well, my priority […]

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I’m the Face of Harvard, Indonesian Cuisine, and Indian Snacks

October 9, 2014 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Six and a half years ago, I commissioned for a custom mascot logo to be made of me for my blog. It wasn’t cheap as I went with the best designer in the field that I could find (Sergio from – it’s going to cost you upwards of around $1,000 now if you’re wondering). […]

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