So What the Hell Happened? Part 4 of 5: Airbnb

September 15, 2017 Posted by Tyler Cruz

In part 3 of my “So what the hell happened?” series, I wrote about how I started running a homestay. After our first homestay student, we decided to become Airbnb hosts as well. So why Airbnb when we were already homestay hosts? Simple – to fill in the voids for when we had no homestay […]

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So What the Hell Happened? Part 3 of 5: Homestay

September 6, 2017 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Wow. Where to start on this? In my last post in this series, I shared my brief adventures in dog sitting which didn’t pan out due to our golden retriever Zipper starting to become aggressive to the other dogs. This left me scratching my head wondering how I’d bring in money again. I was still […]

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I Switched My Hosting Over to BeyondHosting

September 3, 2017 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I used to be a huge HostGator fanboy and had used them for 7 years starting in 2009. Despite being a huge company, they offered fantastic packages at extremely competitive prices. I had their top dedicated server (as well as one of the small virtual servers) the entire time, and was very happy with it. […]

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My New Microphone Setup

August 31, 2017 Posted by Tyler Cruz

When I first recorded my “I’m Back, Baby” post, I couldn’t believe how bad the audio was. It was so bad that I couldn’t stand listening to more than a couple of seconds of it, and it was also difficult to make out what I was saying. This is because the audio was being recorded […]

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