A Tour of My New Office

June 16, 2014 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s been a while since I published more of a personal type of post, and so I thought I’d post one to help change things up inbetween income reports and other affiliate marketing related posts. As you may recall, last November I moved from my condo into a house. One of the major selling points […]

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My New House

October 29, 2013 Posted by Tyler Cruz

(Warning: Very image heavy. You may want to revisit this page on your computer if you’re viewing it from your phone.) Where the hell have I been, you ask? I’ve been here the whole time, but just haven’t posted in a while as I have been devoting my work hours to my affiliate marketing campaigns, […]

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Visiting Epcot in Orlando, Florida

November 9, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

One of the places we visited on our trip to Orlando, Florida was Disney’s Epcot theme park. Epcot is kind of split into two areas: a smaller section with a futuristic, hand-on theme, and then a much larger area that showcases a couple dozen countries split up into their own mini-areas. So, you could go […]

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Tyler Cruz at Universal Studios

October 27, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

There’s so much to see and do in Orlando, Florida that I’m still not done with my post updates from the trip. Aside from all the Disney World parks, we also went to Universal Studios. When I was a kid, my family and I went to Disneyland and Universal Studios in California, and I remember […]

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