3 new domains

December 17, 2005 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Bought 3 domains, and did a bit of work on bookmark.com.. contacted a company Ulchie gave me the heads up.. read this article he sent me:



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Posted: December 17th, 2005 under My Websites  

4 Responses to “3 new domains”

  1. benjamin says:

    Thanks for that article, was a great read.

  2. Dave Starr says:

    I saw that article a few days back, wish I had sent it forward then. A lot of very interesting information there. Thanks for posting it, Tyler.

    An important business ‘nugget’ I found there is how many people are making money through the co-op route. No need to search for that elusive ‘great’ domain and then develop it all on your own .. make money by finding a great name that’s already taken, but doing nothing or way under-performing and strike a deal to monetize it, sharing the wealth.

    Best regards

  3. Tyler says:

    That was my project J dave.. thanks for blabbing it out to the whole world 😛 JK

  4. Dave Starr says:

    hey, no problem dude … I won’t even charge you for the free advertising. Just a per click royalty for the use of my totally unique idea. If Jeff Beboz can patent one click orders, don’t ya think I can patent joint ventures? Project ‘J’, that’s kewl … have you launched it yet?

    Hmm off to research the possibility of trademarking the words forum, blog, website … any others you think I should grab? 😉


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