40-Hour Week Challenge Results

April 5, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week already. When I originally set forth this challenge to myself, I had actually believed that I would meet it fairly easily. Unfortunately, seven days later here are the results:

March 29th: 3
March 30th: 4
March 31st: 4
April 1st: 4
April 2nd: 0
April 3rd: 4
April 4th: 2

Total: 21

So I barely made it halfway through my goal of 40 hours, averaging a bit less than 3 hours per day. Heh, I told you I only worked 2-3 hours per day! I guess it’s hard to break a habit.

I will make a few excuses though. There were some unexpected events that occured during the week which threw a curveball to the plans. My grandma had died and I had to attend her funeral which took the majority of a day, and also took some hours out of the previous days such as having to shop for a suit. Then, I started having a pain in my back molar which wasn’t fun either. So I also try to see more helpful hints to provide me with the best dental treatment I could possible have. I have an appointment with the dentist early tomorrow morning for that and to get some of their teeth whitener products and dentures. If you also need one, you can ask experts like Dentures | Durham Dental.

But even with those unexpected speedbumps I should have still been able to meet my goal easily. Part of the problem is lack of incentive. Now, I’m sure many people will think “Incentive?! You want incentive?! I’ll show you incentive! How about working hard on your sites so you can make a ton more cash??” and while that does give me some incentive, it is still hard to combat that against the fact that I can just sit back and relax and still make a living. I guess my poor logic there is responding with “Why work hard when I can work easy and be very comfortable?”.

But I still agree I should put more hours in, which is why I gave myself the challenge in the first place. I will try to retackle this challenge again soon and hopefully fare better than just 2.85 hours a day.

Wish my luck on my trip to the dentist tomorrow, I’m thinking I’ll need a root canal or possibly a cavity. Any idea how much root canals cost? (I don’t have dental insurance yet). Fortunately, I’ve found experts like Gentry Dentistry and got a quote. If you have other dental concerns, dentists such as dental crown canberra can probably handle it with professionalism.

There are also now a lot of people choosing to go abroad for dental treatments because of the cheap costs, you may look at this Veneers Cost Turkey to speak with the dentist about what is best for you!

However, also I recently went to a dentist in Tijuana which is in MexicoΒ and they were just as good as a dentist at home with very cheap prices, so it really pays to get dental treatments abroad in a country like Mexico.

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33 Responses to “40-Hour Week Challenge Results”

  1. SEO Mash says:

    Wow – only 21 hours?!? A lot of people I know work 20+ hours per week on their sites in additional to holding down a regular 40 hour per week job. Obviously last week was not a typical week though and condolences on the passing of your grandmother.

    Next week is a new week though and we expect at least 30 hours out of you. πŸ™‚

  2. Bee says:

    Working at home has many advantages, one of those is the ability to be lazy. After I read about your 40 hour week challenge I decided I would try the same thing. That is 40 hours working on web sites.

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother, and the pain from the root canal is nothing compared to the pain of how much they cost!

  3. Sam Sys says:

    You’ll regret not working enough when you’ll be forced to do a day job. Because that’s what going to happen if you don’t shape up.

  4. Idris says:

    I guess complacency can effect us all and it is an enviable position to be in.

    Perhaps it’s ok to sit back in your case. Your sites appear to be in a broad enough niche to hold their own (so the fluctuations of competition don’t really impact).

    Even the fairly rapid changes of the internet may not come into play if you have enough capital to pay for a site redesign or for someone to code new features into your pages.

    I’d say that working reasonably normal hours is probably a good idea but if you can manage to maintain and improve your sites with minimal effort maybe you don’t need to slog away for hours a day.

  5. Erik Karey says:

    I’m inspired by the 40hr/week challenge. I think it’s something I will want to work towards in the future. Maybe setting incremental goals would be easier. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. Good luck with everything.

  6. Dan says:

    Eww, root canals are expensive. I thought canadians had a lot of their medical expenses covered by the government though. Slightly socialistic aspect.

    You may have to work more just to cover the root canal πŸ™‚

  7. Martin Reed says:

    “I will try to retackle this challenge again soon”

    Sounds like you will never tackle the challenge again. Come on Tyler, you failed last week so make sure you succeed this week. Try again immediately!

  8. tke71709 says:

    In all honesty, you picked a bad time of the year to be trying to work more.

    I know you don’t really have a spring/summer/fall/winter thing going on where you are you would still probably do better trying this at the beginning of the Winter rather than the beginning of the Spring.

  9. tke71709 says:


    As far as socialist health care goes, dental care is not funded by the gov’t.

  10. Do be careful. While it’s possible, and appealing, to coast right now, it’s important to keep expanding. I’m sure the 2-3 hour days are really quite pleasant, but I bet 6 hour days for life are better than nice short days for a year or two and 8 hour days for ‘the man’ until you retire in your sixties.

  11. Martin says:

    Congrats on the 21 hours. After the first few posts, I didn’t think you would make it past 10 hours. I understand where people are coming from, saying that you should put more work into your sites, but sometimes a site is done. You just sit back and rake in the money.

    You can always move on to new sites and all, but what are you, Tyler, 22? When I was 22, I was skipping classes at college and drinking all day. You are way ahead of me in that respect. Live a little. Start putting in those 6-8 hour days when you get old, like me (I’m 25).

  12. wow, congrats on working for soo long! But, you got have a break sometimes as well.. πŸ˜€

  13. When you truly love what you do for a living…40 hours of work will feel like 40 hours of play.

  14. Mat says:


    Why the decision to work 40 hours a week?

    I would love to have your lifestyle although I cannot believe you’re just sitting around in Canada. Go overseas and live there for 2 months or something!!

    Easily the number one reason I am trying to make money online is that it gives me freedom to work overseas.

  15. Martin Reed says:

    Great comment Mat! I love to travel, and earning my living online lets me travel the whole world whenever I like.

  16. Joshimitsu says:

    I agree with EntertainmentScripts.com and Mat!
    I’d love to have your lifestyle tyler..

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  18. ROI_Guy says:

    How many hours per week one should work should certainly be open to opinion. No one size fits all.

    But I’ll echo some other advice also in this comment chain … beware complacency. Not long ago I read a quote from the CEO of a massive, high profit company. His message? “Just when things seem to be going perfectly is the ideal time to get busy making improvements.”

    If you wait until change is needed … it’s already late in the game.

    And BTW, thanks for all the work on Publisher Spot … I think that’s going to be very helpful.

  19. ToddW says:

    IMHO 3hrs at home is about 5 or 6 hours at a “work” location in terms of productivity.

    Try for 30 next time, and then 40, I doubt you can jump it up so much so quick.

  20. Sam Sys says:

    If you earn enough money with your sites as it is, build more. The only key to getting truly rich, is keep building your empire. Build new websites or even buy them, I don’t care, but do expand.

  21. Michelle says:

    My partner and I are working about 48 hours a week each. I guess that’s because we’re just getting set up. We’re parents too, but I can’t imagine cutting it down to 2 or 3 hours a day – we’re enjoying this whole internet entrepreneur thing too much!

    Please try again though Tyler, and soon. Maybe not 40 hours, how about doubling your hours each day? See what that brings.


  22. krillz says:

    Damn, you’re right you are lazy =P

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  24. Hey,

    I came here from Bluehatseo and he linked to you calling you a “lazy ass marketer”. So I just had to check out to see! Well my initial reaction is if your making money being lazy, then God bless you!


    Aoleon The Martian Girl

  25. Jon says:

    Tyler you pussy! You couldn’t even do 40 hours?! I do 60-80 hours without even flinching.. Hell as I write this now I’ve been awake for the last 30 hours working! Maybe you need new projects to keep yourself active and motivated.

  26. tyler quit fucking around and start making some fucking money.

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  28. Lim says:

    wow, just to tell you that you rank no.1 for “lazy ass internet marketer” in Google πŸ˜€

  29. […] order quite a taste of impact and aren’t for everyone. I’m not digit of those lazy ass cyberspace marketers that exclusive entireness a whatever hours a week. In fact I impact my fuckin ass soured and no […]

  30. Tim says:

    Some people are a little too hard with their comments. This site is supposed to be informational and inspirational. Click Here!Settle down out there!!

  31. Tyler, are you still being lazy these days or have you learned to work more by now? lol jk

  32. Miguel says:

    I obviously need to improve my chops! I haven’t accomplished as much as you @ 70 hours per week!

  33. Joe says:

    Seriously? I just came across this post, god you’re lazy. I work 100hrs a week.


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