40-Hour Week Challenge

March 29, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s a well known fact that I’m lazy. I find it hard not to be, though. As much as I love doing this for a living, it’s hard to force yourself to work longer hours than you need to. I normally work an average of 2-3 hours per day, but I decided to try something new.

I’m challenging myself to work 40 hours within 1-week. Why 40? Because 40 is the approximate number the average full-time employee works in a given week. It will be easy for me to record since I work in 1-hour increments already. I’m not sure if I’ll give day-by-day updates on what I accomplished yet, but may if I prove to get a lot done.

This self-challenge may sound absurd, but it may prove to be interesting. Already working around 20 hours a week, trying to suddenly double that to 40 may prove beneficial, or may prove that my current 2-3 hours is effiecient enough.

I am starting my challenge now, since I’m currently doing a work session, and it will end one week from now, around 6:00 AM (Current time) on Thursday, April 5th.

It will indeed be interesting how things fare as I can get a lot done in an hour. I can also not get a lot done in an hour 😉

Oh, and I won’t be limiting any maximum hours per day. For example, if I work 1 hour one day, and 9 hours the next, that’s perfectly fine. That’s one of the benefits of working for yourself 🙂

I’ll keep you guys posted.

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13 Responses to “40-Hour Week Challenge”

  1. mike102 says:

    Absurd ? A hell of a lot of people work well over 40 hours a week including myself. What is so absurd about working only 40 hours per week ?

    This is a great article about working hours ;


  2. zigire says:

    I think Tyler was referring to the challenge being absurd rather than working 40 hours a week!

    Good luck with it, I find it best if I don’t skip things on my to do list i.e. I’ve stopped myself going “argh, i’ll do that later”. Now I “just do it” without my mind moaning!

  3. Dejan Murko says:

    Tell me, on what do you spend your time then on? Surfing through the net?

  4. Shawn Knight says:

    Interesting project indeed. I would love to do something like this but I am scared of the results! I know I goof around a lot when I should be working, but even more startling… It seems that friends tend to flock to my house when I am in the middle of working, and well, I don’t wanna be an a$$ and tell them to leave lol…

    Looking forward to your progress 🙂

  5. Interesting concept. Like many I spend _way_ more than 40 hours a week at the computer but, looking back at say the past week, I probably haven’t put in 5 hours actually “working” at any money-making aspect of the web. If i worked for me I’d fire myself so fast it wouldn’t be funny 😉

    Makes me think about how I have seen a number of little logger/tattletale programs (mainly thought of for lawyers and others who bill by the hour) that log what you are doing on the computer, minute by minute. Might be fun to find one of them and actually find out where the time does go.

  6. Esoos Bobnar says:

    Funny, I’m trying to go the exact opposite direction – improve my productivity so I can go from my current 60+ hours per week down to about 30 or so.

    Ever thought about publishing a “week in the life”-type post so readers can see where that 3 hours a day gets allocated?

  7. ToddW says:

    Working 40hrs a week is insane for those of us who are not used to it 😉 Now don’t get me wrong I pull those insane weeks and months sometimes too! 13+hrs per-day hacking out code…

    My biggest problem working long hours is wrist problems. I got a new chair and that fixed my back but my wrist/arm get sore after a while. I’ve tried new keyboard, mouse, touchpad, etc nothing so far has fixed 🙁

    Good luck with this challenge Tyler.

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  12. nakliye says:

    While I agree that you will learn much more from actually doing rather than planning, having the framework for your long-term objectives and core competencies is an important asset to your business.

  13. Kitty Kutchmark says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the original income tax bill passed. I am under the impression that originally the income tax was only supposed to be on a 40 hr. wk. and overtime was not to be taxed


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