A Replay of Last Night’s Live Flippa Webinar

April 15, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Last night, I was a panelist alongside John Chow, Zac Johnson, and Matt Mickiewicz (the co-founder of Flippa, Sitepoint, 99 Designs and Learnable) in an online webinar on how to buy and sell websites with Flippa.

It was the first time I was a panelist at a live webinar (or anywhere, for that matter), so it was a great experience and quite fun.

If you missed the live broadcast yesterday, you’re in luck because John recorded the whole 2-hour webinar and uploaded the video which you can see below.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, my presentation starts around the 24:20 mark and runs for approximately 25 minutes:

In the second half, we opened up the phone lines for Q&A period.

I am very pleased with how it turned out, and think that we shared a lot of great content and tips.

Did you watch it? What did you think of it? Should I do more of these in the future?

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15 Responses to “A Replay of Last Night’s Live Flippa Webinar”

  1. exsuit says:

    I thought the content of the webinar was perfect. Alot of good “real life” tips for doing due diligence on transactions between the 3 of you. Bonus for me getting the $20 credit for my next (first) purchase on flippa! thanks!

    Definitely do more of these in the future!

  2. st0ve says:

    Great webinar T, lots of good info. You should definitely do more of those, or some videos maybe. I thought you were the most interesting out of the bunch and you have a good voice for it. I’m getting ready to start selling some of my sites on flippa and have been doin as much research as I can. Thanx for the tips

  3. This was surely a great webinar! I really think you should do more. Maybe not weekly (due to the lack of topics and time for the panelist), but every so often!

  4. Wow, this is the most amazing webinar I couldn’t miss!
    Thanks for putting it up!

  5. Eric says:

    I thought it was a pretty decent webinar. The main reason I watched was for the free Flippa credits, which was awesome by the way, but the information was interesting. Unfortunately marketers now mainly use webinars to pitch products for 2 hours, so you really have to give something useful to draw me to one.

  6. Dave Starr says:

    It was a worthwhile webinar and your part was well done, Tyler. yes, you should do more of these, I think. A great example of how getting into things and getting them done make you better than you might have thought you might be. Years ago I watched some presentations with Jogn, and frankly he was almost painful to listen to. A lot of guys might have said, “Oh, I sounded horrible” and just quit, but he’s kept after it, taking opportunites to speak in public and on this webinar I have yo say he did a great job as host/MC/moderator.

    You part of the presentation indeed had the most real-life examples and presented the most information of all.

    Another lesson learned is thta people shouldn’t be narrow in their focus. Your very appropriate tip on ending sle son a Saturday is something that’s been well known for years in the eBay community … but many website owners/builder never deal with the world of eBay sellers, so of course it’s not common knowledge outside that little world.

    The most disappointing part of the whole things was Matt’s (IMO) extremely lame answer as to why Flippa extends auctions four agonizingly long hours for every bid at the end. Defeats the whole purpose of the auction format, and I know it’s cost them sales.

    I’ve often seen low-dollar ‘diamonds in the rough’ coming up to the end of their bidding and been tempted to drop a bid .. but I won’t do it becuase I’ll then get sucked into another night and day of waiting and watching (and second guessing myself)

    I like virtually everything else about Flippa, but the best part of the whole auction experience is the ‘going, going, gone’ and the thump of the auctioneer’s gavel. Waiting around for hours to find out the results is not for me.

  7. Great webinar. Flippa is a great site, but I miss the old days of selling on SPF 🙁

  8. paul says:

    Thanks for posting the video.

  9. Good video you guys assembled the A-Team for this one huh? Lol Flippa is a great site their are some golden nuggets in their if you know whwere to look. Thanks for the video Johnchow, Zac, and Tyler.

  10. Anthony says:

    John Chow sounds exactly like Ray Romano!!!

  11. George Tee says:

    Great insights on that webinar. Of course you should do more of this because you can share people what you learned and certainly the words that you say gives people encouragement and hope. How lucky are those who miss the live webinar, including me. Kudos to all of you.

  12. Example says:

    That last caller guys scared the sh*t out of me. “I would love to meet you.”

    Great information there.

    I am surprised at the dumb questions that you received. A waste of some brains right there.

  13. That was a hell of a webinar, it’s rare to see all these big names in blogging business give their advices together, Thanks for sharing!

  14. Curso Seo says:

    Almost 10 years and flippa still is there !


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