Blog Advertising Price Comparisons

November 16, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Literally minutes ago I just thought of a great idea for a blog post: I’m going to showcase and compare a bunch of “make money online” blogs, list their advertising prices and try to compare them. I will be including large, medium, and small blogs here. Traffic is measured by unique hits per month. PageRank […]

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vBSEO Case Study 3.5-Month Update

November 15, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It has now been 14-weeks since I started my case study on the popular vBulletin product vBSEO by purchasing two licenses and running them on two of my sites. My first update was made 3-weeks after the start of the study, and it produced very interesting results. My second update was made 2-months later and […]

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vBulletin Ad Integration Case Study Update

November 13, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

On September 23rd, I started my vBulletin Ad Integration Case Study. The plugin in question is called Google AdSense Postbit Integration and was released a few weeks before starting the case study. The plugin displays your AdSense banner, or anything else you wish to display, inbetween posts in the threaddisplay.php template within vBulletin. You can […]

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My Favourite vBulletin Plugins

October 5, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

There are more than just a handful of plugins available for vBulletin. In fact, there are literally hundreds. Below is a list of the plugins I currently run and use on my forums. There are some great vBulletin plugins available that aren’t mentioned here, but since I don’t use them I can’t really attest to […]

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