Hahaha I love me…

October 28, 2005 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I love being me..

My e-mail to one of the poker affiliates:

“I think you should up my percentage from 30% to 35% since I’m a large player in the poker website business. Giving me 35% will allow me to recruit a lot more players, and a lot faster.”

Their reply:

“Hi Tyler,

Done. You will be at 35% commission. Do you want to do the sliding scale for players or no?

Please get the word out to your customers and really push this thing.

Best Regards,


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Posted: October 28th, 2005 under Miscellaneous  

2 Responses to “Hahaha I love me…”

  1. Google says:

    stop acting like some big shot you loser. You are just a lazy ass Canadian who makes an OKAY living on the net! get over yourself already!

  2. Re. says:


    Good job. 😀


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