How I Gained Over 1,000% New Subscribers Per Month

June 5, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Late last year, I started noticing that more and more bloggers in the make money online niche were using lightbox pop-ups to encourage their visitors to sign up to their mailing list.

Since I was only averaging between 1-2 new signups a month to my own blog’s mailing list, I thought that I would try this method myself.

I did a bit of research to see what the most popular and reputable software that people were using for this, and discovered that it was Popup Domination.

The claims and testimonials on the sales page seemed too good to be true and rather extraordinary, but then again I had been seeing it used on a lot of big blogs (actually, almost all the big blogs), so I decided it would be worth trying.

And so, on January 1st, 2011, I installed it on my blog to test it out.

The Results

The reason I waited so long to post this review was because I wanted to see the long-term effects of Popup Domination. I didn’t want to post a rave review about it after a month, only to see things dwindle shortly after. And so, I have a full 5 months of data to show you.

I’ll get straight to the results. The best, and simplest way, is to show you the monthly new signup stats from my AWeber account on my blog’s list:


From the chart and stats, it’s obvious when I added Popup Domination to my blog. The red arrows are really unnecessary 🙂

As you can see, the moment I added it to my blog, my signups skyrocketed. I went from averaging 1.5 new signups a month to 17, which works out to an increase of 1,033%!

I should also mention that this is without giving away anything for free. I basically just invite users to subscribe to my free newsletter to stay updated with my posts and other news and offers. Unlike almost every other blogger who uses this, I’m not offering a free e-Book or access to anything special.

Just as impressive is the fact that these numbers have stayed consistent ever since adding Popup Domination to my blog. I didn’t see 1 or 2 good months and then a decline – it has been completely steady.

Even though my actual numbers are very small and not very impressive, the fact still remains that I dramatically increased my new signup rate by installing this software.

And from everyone that I’ve spoken to who uses this, they absolutely love it and have seen results similar to mine.


I won’t bog you guys down with all the details of the features of the software like I normally do, but I still wanted to briefly describe some of them.

First, it’s extremely fast and simple to both set up and customize, for both the WordPress and standalone versions (I installed the standalone version on my RobotWarz site).

Below is what I customized mine to look like, which did not take long to do at all since there are a surprising number of nice premade templates to choose from:


Secondly, you have great control over how often the lightbox appears and on what pages it appears.

For example, I have mine set up to only display once every 7 days for visitors, but I could change that to once a day, or once a month if I wanted to. I could even change it to display after the visitor has made X amount of views on my website.

Here’s a quick rundown of its features:

  • WordPress Plugin & Stand Alone Version
  • 8 Beautiful themes with 15 Colour Options
  • Works with ALL mailing list providers
  • Works with all caching software
  • Select specific pages for it to appear
  • Exit Pop-up functionality
  • Ability to pop up after a certain number of impressions

The Price

I can’t remember for sure, but I could almost swear that when I got mine, the price was $77.

But I just checked the price, and it appears to be $47 right now. Even at $150 though, it’s still well worth the price if you want to dramatically increase your mailing list subscriber rate. The software just works, plain and simple. At least, it did for me.

It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

If you do get it, be sure to leave a comment here with your own review after letting it run for a little while.

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55 Responses to “How I Gained Over 1,000% New Subscribers Per Month”

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve been using Popup Domination on some of my sites as well, and I’m getting good results with it too. However, one feature I wish it would have is some sort of built in split testing support. That way I can test different headlines and bullets to see which converts best.

  2. LeSigh says:

    So you’re ecstatic that you’re gaining on average an extra 15 subscribers to your newsletter per month by using an annoying pop-up ad that pisses off THOUSANDS of your readers every month? This is a cause for celebration?

    If all the other bloggers in the make money online niche turned their efforts instead to something actually worthwhile instead of spamming the world with pop-ups, pop-unders, and smarmy used car salesman pitches for overpriced eBooks and mentoring on how to spam the world and make money, would you do that too?

    • Paulymath says:

      How do you know it pisses off thousands of readers every month? Pretty much every Blog out there nowadays has a pop-up the first time you visit to offer you an eBook, or some free resource or newsletter.

      If you’re not interested, just close it and move on. It’s not that annoying.

      And 1,000% increase is better than 0% increase.

      • LeSigh says:

        I don’t know that it annoys thousands of Tyler’s readers every month; he might not even have thousands to annoy.

        You’re suffering from pie delirium if you think every blog out there subjects readers to pop-ups, pop-unders, and useless overpriced eBooks.

        Oh wait, you’re just refreshing your own site all day (which takes on average about 8 seconds to load the home page; you might want to tweak your pop-ups or realign your site’s soul). My bad…

        • Paulymath says:

          Can you give me some examples of these successful, worthwhile Blogs you are referring to which don’t use pop-ups, pop-unders, ads, ebooks and such and which teach what you would consider “proper” Internet Marketing strategies?

          Please enlighten us with how we’re supposed to be building our Blogs.

          • LeSigh says:

            Cupcake, all you idiots pumping get-rich-quick-while-you-sit-on-your-ass-eating-pie schemes (aka “Internet marketing strategists”) don’t have much worthwhile to offer the world, so of course there are very few examples of “good” blogs that use non-intrusive marketing methods.

            My point is exactly that. If the only way you can bump up your newsletter subscriber rate from ~2 to ~15 per month is by intrusive pop-up ads, then it’s pretty clear you’re doing something very, very wrong. Go train to be a professional pie eater instead.

            Teaching people how to set up intrusive sites that are monetized by get-rich-quick eBooks and personal mentoring (and just teach people to repeat the same get-rich-quick used car salesman spiel and write their own crappy eBooks) is not a noble calling, cupcake. It allows you bottom-feeders to scrape a few pennies together from desperate people in desperate financial straits but seriously, take a step back and look at what you’re putting out there.

          • Paulymath says:

            So basically what you’re saying is that what Tyler Cruz, myself and all the “Internet Marketing Strategists” out there are doing is wrong, but you don’t have any examples of successful Blogs that are doing it right.


            It’s so easy to be a pessimistic critic, bashing anything and everything anyone does, but what have you done?

            Where is YOUR Blog teaching people how to be successful the “Right” way?

            Where is YOUR Blog teaching people how to lose weight the “Right” way?

            Where is YOUR Blog teaching people how to market the “Right” way?

            Oh yes, that’s right, nobody would read a Blog written by a pessimistic critic like you who has nothing positive to say about anything, so instead you have to troll through other people’s Blog’s and spew your negativity around.

            If you hate our Blogs so much, why do you keep reading and commenting? Why don’t you do something more productive?

            You make it sound like you know all the answers to everything… if you’re so smart then why aren’t you a Billionaire yet? Why aren’t you running the most successful Blog on the Internet?

            If your sage advice is so smart, then people should be flocking and signing up in drones.

          • LeSigh says:

            And that’s exactly what you’ll never understand, Cupcake.

            You’re exactly right. I don’t have a schlocky “Internet marketing” site that preys on susceptible people with thinly veiled pitches for any affiliate program or eBook under the sun.

            I don’t offer ridiculous private mentoring at exorbitant rates. I don’t hype shit pop-up programs hoping some other idiot will click through and buy it and I’ll get a commission to buy more pie.

            But you do, Cupcake. That’s why you get trolled. That’s why the Internet would be a much better place if you bottom-feeders slunk off to a dark corner and ate pie.

            The burden isn’t on me to teach fatties like you to lose weight. The burden isn’t on me to teach people how to make money online or be successful. I’m not raising my hand nor am I trying to profit off anyone.

            YOU’RE the one putting yourself out there, Cupcake. You’re the one scraping together a few bucks here and thereby whoring yourself out to any affiliate program, eBook, or mentoring program you think you can monetize.

            The burden is all on you, Cupcake, not me. And it definitely doesn’t look like those flabby shoulders can bear it.

          • Paulymath says:

            You don’t have ANY website because you have nothing positive to say about anything.

            You don’t have ANY mentoring students because nobody would want to get mentored by someone like you.

            You have not written ANY books or eBooks because once again you have nothing positive to say about anything.

            All you can do is troll and try to insult people by calling them “cupcake”.

            Wow, you’re so original and so talented. You can call me cupcake 15 times in one comment. I’m so offended.

            If you knew anything about me you’d know that I don’t even like cupcakes. I much prefer donuts.

          • LeSigh says:

            Oh, Cupcake. Sometimes I really almost feel sorry for you.

            You do realize that out in the great wide world not every measures themselves by how many Twitter followers they gained or lost the previous day? Some of us don’t wake up in the morning and feverishly check to see if our YouTube channel gained a subscriber or not, or if another sucker paid to be a member of the Cupcake Mentoring Club (which would bring the grand total to 2, counting your Aunt Edna).

            You’re truly obsessed with all this, aren’t you Cupcake? You really think the measure of success is all about monetizing schlocky Clickbank products and getting more newsletter subscribers, don’t you?

            You’ve chosen the higher calling of pumping out a bloated website with used-car-salesman pitches (“Buy now and you get the low, low price of $24.95 and I’ll throw in the undercoating for FREE!”), not me. That’s your measure of success, Cupcake, not mine.

            Do you even look at the crap you pump out, Cupcake? Here’s a spiritual growth exercise for you. Count up all your posts (I know, math is hard; reward yourself with pie when you get to ten), then count how many contain ZERO attempts to monetize something. That’s noble work you’re doing, Cupcake, helping the masses. Oh, wait, I remember, you’re an Internet marketer”, and that’s just how you cool guys roll…

            You’re clearly unable to grasp the fact that same of us live perfectly happy, successful lives WITHOUT whoring ourselves out via embarrassingly amateurish websites that’d make even Crazy Larry the Car Guy cringe.

            So yes, Cupcake, you win the website battle; you have one and I don’t. Again, I know reading is hard, but that’s my ENTIRE point.

            If I were trying to support my pie habit by luring unsuspecting people into a worthless mentoring club (where my only advice is to be just as annoying as I am and clutter up the Internet with crap just like me) via my website, then you could criticize me for adding no value. You could hold me accountable to all the things I’m criticizing you for.

            Concentrate, Cupcake. Hang in there with me, little buddy. The problem with that is I DON’T HAVE A WEBSITE WHERE I ATTEMPT TO SELL SNAKE OIL TO THE MASSES FOR PROFIT. That’s you, my flabby friend, not me.

            So yes, I don’t have a website. You don’t have rock-hard abs. I don’t have an anti-gravity flying car. You have no self-restraint when it comes to pie. I don’t have a pet dinosaur that breathes fire. You don’t have the ability to see your feet.

            We can play that game for ages but it has nothing to do with the real point: the Internet and the world as a whole will be much better off when you and Tyler finally slink under rocks and stop trying to profit off ridiculous crap like quit-your-job-and-get-rich-quick eBooks and overpriced pop-up ad programs.

          • Paulymath says:

            “So yes, Cupcake, you win the website battle; you have one and I don’t. Again, I know reading is hard, but that’s my ENTIRE point. ”

            Thanks for clarifying your point. Tyler and I have websites and you don’t.


          • LeSigh says:

            Just in case you got distracted by pie and didn’t get to the end, Cupcake:

            “We can play that game for ages but it has nothing to do with the real point: the Internet and the world as a whole will be much better off when you and Tyler finally slink under rocks and stop trying to profit off ridiculous crap like quit-your-job-and-get-rich-quick eBooks and overpriced pop-up ad programs.”

          • Paulymath says:

            Oh no, I got your point loud and clear.

            You’re here to save the Internet and the world as a whole from the evil wrongdoings of Tyler Cruz and myself.

            And you’re going to do this by trolling our Blogs and spewing nasty negative comments, and by calling me “Cupcake” because I am overweight.

            So essentially you’re like the self-appointed Sheriff of the Interwebs.

            How noble of you.

  3. Elizbath says:

    Popup Domination is really a great plug in to Grab Subscriber. It has a lot of features including different themes…

  4. Sohail says:

    You have seen 1000% increase because your strategy to attract new email subscribers is not really good other than this new popup use. Infact, you are not doing much to get new subscribers to your list. Here is some stuff that you can do to get much more new subscribers.

    – Add an opt-in box to your blog (at sidebar or after the post etc) so people know you have an email list.
    – Create a landing page dedicated to get more subscriptions and offer a free eBook or something to get subscribers.
    – You can use this ebook in the popup and you will get more subscribers.

    I know you know all these things already but sometimes we need someone to remind us what we need to do.Looking at traffic you get, you should easily get 50+ subscribers daily (thatz minimum in my opinion).

  5. yeah says:

    Wow, all those lucky lucky new subscribers wil now have the amazing opportunity to read 58 posts full of crap about how you are doing with your little weight challenge

  6. You really could get much better results if you try a little more!

  7. Popup Domination is definitely a better alternative than some of the others available, that’s for sure.

  8. wesley says:

    Can’t this be configured with a cookie to not show again on subsequent visits? I’ve seen this every time I come to your blog (You only post like once a week so it’s a new popup every time)

    It’s quite annoying.

  9. Nice. I bought the software about a month ago and haven’t installed it on any sites to test out yet, but I plan on it. Great to see another person seeing good results with it.

  10. I took a look at Popup Domination but have been using DigiListBuilder myself instead. Rather than a popup it places a signup box automatically at the end of each post plus a “strip” advert along the bottom of my blog. In this way my signup forms are obvious but not quite as intrusive as the methods used by Popup Domination.

    Indeed there are several blogs I have personally stopped commenting on because I get sick of popups appearing every time I click through from my feed reader to leave a comment – so don’t just measure signups to your list but also incoming links and reader engagement to ensure that having a big popup isn’t leading to longer-term damage for your site.

  11. used tires says:

    While an increase in the numbers is certainly a positive thing, I personally would rather have a slow and natural increase in the subscribers number vs a forced popup box. Personally I would rather put the user experience first rather than a few gains in subscriber count. That is why I have always stayed away from Popup type programs.


  12. wow tyler that is very impressive, i think i also need to invest in this software, i think even at $150 its still worth it!

  13. George Tee says:

    Hi tyler, great post. I can see that your subscribers went up since you start using popup domination. I agree that most of big blogs that I check out is using popup domination. I don’t think it annoys the readers because we have the option to close that if we want to, it is not mandatory. The records that you have shown us tells how effective is popup domination.

  14. Thats some impressive numbers Tyler.

  15. Nice to know that popupdomination works great on your site. My first thought was it’s not that readers friendly but to my surprise it’s worth the install after seeing awesome results you got there.

  16. Jasmine says:

    Wow, the increase percentage is definitely amazing! I would love to give Popup Domination a try, but perhaps when the price has dropped to $9! Cheers, yo!

  17. Advertising is great and can lead to new customers for sure.

  18. Dheeraj says:

    But sometimes it creates problem while loading.

  19. Hi Tyler,
    Popup Traffic helps those who do not know you have a newsletter and want it, and I found it this way and want it. In the long run with a large amount of customers you will be able to offer good products to them and make good money.

  20. I think so, it works. That’s a good idea.

  21. Dude, Post some boring weightloss shits already..

    • LeSigh says:

      Dude, think of what you’re asking.

      Tyler has to put down the pie, turn on his computer, mutter about how much “work” he’s doing, reward himself with some pie for all his hard “work”, then put down the pie…

      He and Cupcake are “Internet marketers”; they don’t have time for mundane stuff like doing work or posting real content.

  22. paul says:

    I want one of these popups for a plain html website. Any suggestions people?

  23. The plugins good and I’ve seen it in a lot of great blogs as well. However, I never thought it wouldnt be free. Too bad.

  24. Popup domination definitely helps, nice looking lightbox

  25. Murray says:

    I picked up PopDom a while back and put it on one of my sites; saw a huge increase on opt-in’s, get about 20+ each day which is quite nice.

    I’ve set up a comprehensive autoresponder sequence so a lot of it gets taken care of and then I generally update people with broadcast messages when new posts hit the blog.

    For the price, PopDom was definitely worth it.

  26. Although pop-ups are irritating, but very effective to increase the number subscribers and we can exactly see the effect.

  27. Nice article about get more subscribers. it’s extremely fast and simple to both set up and customize, for both the WordPress and standalone versions. You will update your blogs it’s very helpful.

  28. Just Dial says:

    Awesome. I purchased the application about monthly ago and have not set up it on any websites to analyze out yet, but I plan on it. Great to see another person seeing great outcomes with it.


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