Introducing: Paid Blog "Plugs"

November 11, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

As many of you know, I’ve worked very hard on promoting paid reviews on my blog. I do this because I think it has a very big "potential" factor in future income, and hope to create a snowball effect where the income from paid reviews creates more readers who are interested in seeing how my blog income is growing as a result.

My plan was working great up to September, where I made nearly $600 in paid reviews alone. However, for whatever reason, October saw a great drop in paid review income at only $175.

Now, this didn’t get me down too much as obviously there will be fluctuations in income, but I must admit that it isn’t fun to hear as I work very hard paid reviews.

In my Blog Earnings: October post, I wrote:

"…In fact, a paid review that I just finished, took me around a total of 12-14 focused working hours to review and write. For the amount of work I put into my reviews and the exposure they get, I actually think they’re worth at least a couple hundred dollars, so I’m constantly perplexed why I don’t receive more offers. $80 is an absolute bargain in my eyes…"

I received a couple of good responses to my frustration:

Posted by Adrian Tapia:

"Maybe the decrease is “because” you do such detailed reviews of their sites.

Lets face it most people are paying to have their site mentioned by an authority site like yours. I wouldn’t want to pay someone to write anything negative about my site.

They want “FLUFF” and a link to their site. Its not a true review, but its good for their site.

Just my two cents, keep up the good work"

… to which Jamie responded:

Posted by Jamie:

"Good point from Adrian.

I’ve noticed in your reviews you give your honest opinion, even if this means a negative review of a product/service.

Perhaps advertisers see this and say we don’t want honesty we want you to say how great we are!

The price of integrity.
Which is why I don’t do paid reviews because I think it could undermine the integrity of my blog."

I have to agree with both Adrian and Jamie. While it’s actually far better if I personally review and endorse an advertiser’s product or service giving it a favourable and positive review, I’m sure that a lot of potential advertisers are concerned that I may say something negative.

I know that I’ve certainly turned down at least half a dozen offers because I wouldn’t just blindly promote and endorse their product, without believing in it myself.

Therefore… I’ve added a new advertising solution on my blog called…

Paid Plugs

For $80, the same price as a paid review, you can order a Paid Plug which is essentially an entire post on my blog written by you to advertise your product or service. You may insert your own affiliate links and write whatever you wish. Please note that there will be a small disclaimer at the top of the post explaining that this is a paid plug and is not necessarily endorsed by myself.

You can either e-mail me your written post, or contact me to arrange for you to have a temporary contributor account so that you can format and arrange the post to insert affiliate links, add images, etc. (recommended).

  • $80/month
  • Maximum of 1,000 words
  • Maximum of 5 images (Max. width/height 615 pixels)

To order a paid plug, send payment via PayPal to and e-mail me at with your paid plug text/information or request for a temporary contributor account.

This is essentially identical to the Advertorials system that ReviewMe launched not too long ago, but of course I’m avoiding the absolutely insane and greedy 50% cut that ReviewMe takes.

At $80, it’s certainly very cheap. With over 800 RSS readers, this equates to $0.10 per targeted reader. In fact, often all it takes is just one product or service sale to profit.

The launch of Paid Plugs on my blog now gives those advertisers who want to simply promote their product, site, or service a platform and audience in which to do so.

I’ve updated my advertising page, adding Paid Plugs as a new advertising option.

It will be interesting to see how these do, if I sell a bunch, or any at all. But one thing’s for sure. I’ll be happy for each one I sell as it means that I do not have to spend hours reviewing and writing them myself anymore.

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10 Responses to “Introducing: Paid Blog "Plugs"”

  1. I prefer to read paid posts that have the positive and the negative. Companys paying for reviews of course only want positive reviews.

    Though depending on the product controversy can be good. Especially for books. Another factor is are they looking for traffic or sales.

  2. I have tinkered with Paid reviews and will watch with keen interest how this works out for you Tyler. I also agree that Review Me and others doing the same take way too much. Consequently I have put them aside. If a review is done correctly it takes an incredible amount of time.

  3. The idea is a good one but the price for just copy and pasting an article isn’t that good. .10 cents per targeted reader? What is the click through rate? If a person gets no clicks then the your price per targeted reader is no good. Most blogs allow a guest blogger to send them articles and allow them a few links for free. Maybe lower the price to $20-$30 and it would be an okay deal. I imagine you would get a whole lot more offers also.

  4. do you ever feel concerned your audience could care less about these reviews? it could reduce your longterm readership…

  5. Gyutae Park says:

    This seems like a great idea.

    But then thinking things through, why would you keep the other service? I think it’d be best to choose one or the other. Otherwise advertisers may get confused and people may learn to just tune the reviews out altogether.

  6. I for one think the ad I have on your page works wonderfully……The best performing ad I have going.

  7. denied says:

    I think this is a terrible idea. Yeah you’ll have the disclaimer at the top of the post but your blog will suffer because you readers want to read YOUR take on things – be it one of your case studies or a paid review.

    Markting is about delivering on the promise of a brand- if this is part of your journey to wealth – then so be it. But I think your brand essense is “honest opinions on stratgies and services”

    I just think you will turn some of your readers off.


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