John Chow Launches Affiliate Network

October 10, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I was finishing the latest episode of Prison Break last night when my rich buddy John Chow messaged me on MSN, notifying me that he had just launched an affiliate network.

How this man finds the time to delve into all these projects is beyond me. I must say, however, that I’m not surprised he launched an affiliate network.

Mr.Chow, after all, commands a huge crowd; with nearly 10,000 RSS readers, a 2,300 Alexa ranking, and a top-50 Technorati ranking, the sheer amount of webmasters than John can drive to his affiliate network makes it a good idea.

His affiliate network is for TTZ Media, a sister site of, which was John Chow’s previous success before the rise of his blog empire.

His TTZ Media affiliate network is thus catered to technology and product-related websites, so if you run a dog grooming business then you probably won’t want to join, but if you run a camera review blog, you might want to consider trying it out.

As stated on Chow’s recent post:

“TTZ Media provides product based ads that are trigger by keywords. The ads show products that are based on the keywords entered and a list of online stores where the products can be purchased. A reader clicking on the product will be taken to the store offering the product for sale. Money is generated with a CPC model. A reader need only click on the banner and visit the advertiser in order for the site to make money. The reader does not have to purchase the product from the advertiser. CPC rates are based on product categories and number of clicks the affiliate can generate. Our tech/review site based affiliates realize eCPM as high as $12.”

TTZ Media Entrance Requirements

While John is looking to sign up as many new affiliates as he can muster, he is not accepting just anyone. He wants to focus on accepting only accepting websites which:

  • Consist of a domain name. No free hosted sites allowed.
  • Are English only.
  • Contain high-quality content.
  • Are updated frequently.

Here is some more useful information as stated by John:

“All sites applying are reviewed by hand to make sure it meets our guidelines. Preference is given to review and product/shopping based sites and blogs because that is what TTZ Media works best with. While we no longer have a minimum traffic requirement, we recommend your site have at least 5,000 page views per month. Our minimum payout is $25, payable by PayPal. No PayPal fee is charged to the affiliate for receiving payments. If your site or blog meets the above requirements and you want to give TTZ Media a try, the feel free to apply.”

Some people are reporting a few minor bugs with the TTZ Media affiliate program, but they seem to be very minor, basic things such as HTML form elements with a low MAXLENGTH parameter, support for other country postal and zip codes, etc. Most of these have already been fixed.

One thing that I don’t have to worry about with John Chow is that he’s always willing and interested in fixing and improving upon things. In addition, he’s always open to comments and suggestions, and will more often than not, follow up on them if he agrees with them. Most ad and affiliate networks are very slow to put things into action, which is why TTZ Media‘s affiliate program, with Chow in the driver’s seat, may prove to become of something big in the months to come.

Keep an eye on it and join if you’re interested.

John told me that since making that post last night, he’s already signed up over 100 affiliates overnight!

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7 Responses to “John Chow Launches Affiliate Network”

  1. Kanthasamy says:

    Too bad he is only accepting English only websites! I want to try this out, but most of my websites are non-English.

  2. I’m considering monetization of my blog in the future. Do you think that this would be a good first step?

    Additionally, you may want to check out the “BM Custom Login” plugin for WordPress when you launch your site with it’s new design, especially if you’re going to have users create a login to post comments. It gives your site that extra bit of branding…

  3. directandy says:

    sigh. sounds like something i would like my blog to be apart of but my traffic is far from 5000 a month.

    i have some work to do.

  4. […] Added – Looks like Tyler Cruz did his own review of the TTZ Media system already! […]

  5. ozzie says:

    I signed up and was accepted on one of my techie sites. I will let everyone know how it does, so far the only luck I have had was with adsense, anything else I try doesn’t seem to generate anything. However, I do give adsense the premium spot on the site.

    We will see what happens.

  6. The guy never fails in continuously making himself more money. Its crazy.

  7. Rajuthan says:

    john chow probably gonna hit $40k next month


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