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March 22, 2009 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Please note that is not a paid review. While I am using my referral link, I’m posting about this because I think it is a valuable tool for affiliate marketers.

When I attended BlogWorld last fall, I briefly met a few of the guys from UniqueBlogDesigns at one of the dinners. We unfortunately only got to speak briefly, however, since they were sitting at the other table.

A little over a week ago, Nate Whitehill and Josh Mullineaux contacted me about their latest project called AffiliateTheme. Affiliate Theme is an “affiliate site creation tool for WordPress” and, just like it sounds, it allows for the quick and easy creation and customization of setting up affiliate landing pages and mini-sites with WordPress.

The following video teaser gives a good quick overview of how it works:



Why I Like It

While AffiliateTheme offers a number of cool little features and widgets for creating your affiliate landing pages, at the end of the day, it’s really just a time saver.

It’s not a ground-breaking product or unveil some highly guarded secret or anything, but it sure makes launching and customizing affiliate landing pages and landing sites fast and easy.

With Affiliate Theme, you could literally create 5-6 completely custom landing sites within a couple hours.

Yes, you could get free themes for WordPress anywhere, but AffiliateTheme saves more time by letting you CUSTOMIZE the landing pages as well as catering to affiliate type sites.

Limited 15% Discount Promo Code

I was able to get my hands on a unique promo code which gives you 15% off any of the 3 price points. This promo code will only work for the first 10 purchases from my referral URL so if you want to purchase AffiliateTheme you better do so quick as the promo code will not work past the 10th purchase.

To use the promo code, simply proceed to the payment screen after clicking through my referral link by clicking here and then enter the following promo code when instructed:




There are 3 different packages to choose from: Single-Use, Multi-Use, and Super Affiliate. I would highly recommend getting either the Multi-Use or Super Affiliate packages as they allow you to use AffiliateTheme on unlimited websites as well as give you free upgrades for life.

I do not recommend the Single-Use Package as you’re stuck with the current version for life and can only use it on a single domain or website, so it’s definitely worth paying the extra $50 for one of the better packages.


Package Price With 15% Discount
Single-Use $97.00 $82.45
Multi-Use $147.00 $124.95
Super Affiliate $197.00 $167.45


Detailed Hands-On Screencast Review

There have been a number of other reviews for AffiliateTheme posted already, but none of them actually show you how it works and what it looks like when installed. My screencast below reveals just how it works and gives you a behind-the-scenes hands-on look at how it operates.

(Note: If you want to skip the introduction and overview, 7:30 is where the actual hands-on section begins)



While AffiliateTheme launched only a few days ago and is still a little wet behind the ears, it will only get better with lifetime upgrades, new themes and header graphic, and added features.

Affiliate Theme packs a number of features and allows for a ton of easy theme customization, but at the end of the day, the real value of Affiliate Theme is the time is saves you. Affiliate Marketers should be spending their time optimizing their campaigns and keywords to bring them the best ROI – not wasting it building or editing landing pages and sites. This is where Affiliate Theme shows its real power.

You need to ask yourself what your time is worth. To me, the time I’ll save with AffiliateTheme is definitely worth the $150-$200 and I think that I’ll personally be using it for my affiliate marketing efforts from now on.

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17 Responses to “Landing Pages Made Easy with AffiliateTheme”

  1. smashill says:

    You are a tan bit slow on this, already read about 5 or more reviews on other sites already 🙂 It sure looks interesting in case you plan to launch some plenty of affiliate programs and don’t have a landing page that works for you yet. Still, I am no fan of those out of the box designs, as you sales won’t probably be that high in case their are 50 different sales pages looking exactly the same with the same graphics.

  2. Brendan says:

    You need to do something with your videos, mainly make them shorter. I watched one of your long videos a while back and never watched another. I just can’t see dedicating 27 minutes to hearing about the affiliate theme.

    I would go for a nicely written summary with some screenshots. Maybe a 5 minute video at most.

  3. DotDriven says:

    I have to agree with Brendan on this. Though I actually did watch this one. That was painful to watch Tyler. It was the complete opposite of your blog post which are usually very well thought out, concise and easy to follow along with. The video was all over the place and you just sounded way out of your element. And although you said you had a list of stuff to talk about, you didn’t seem to have any kind of structure.

    Although it’s obvious you like to go into detail with your blog post, which is a good thing, you might want to do something different with the videos until you are more comfortable and able to talk better “on camera”.

    Making them much shorter and staying on a specific “script” should help a little. But also don’t be embarrassed to rehearse until you are more natural ;).

    Looks like a decent product overall but I think I’ll stick with landing pages made specifically for products I want to promote. Might cost more over time but should have much better conversions.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Yeah, I agree I tend to go a bit overkill with the length of both my videos and my posts, and need to try to cut down on them some more. I am making progress though – normally this would have been a 1 hour screencast 🙂

      Another thing that I’m going to start working on is to try to start conciously avoiding saying the filler “um”, although that will take time.

  4. Hey Tyler, We can all sit on this side of the camera/video and critique each other but when it’s you behind the camera and people are throwing out the “you should, or you shouldn’t ” I think you just take it with a grain of salt. It’s quite obvious that you’re doing something right!
    Thanks for some great ideas especially on affiliate bloggng, that is where it’s at now. JJ

  5. really great write up Tyler! Worth trying out! thanks.

  6. Debo Hobo says:

    I am a fan of Nate’s products…and if and when I decide to purchase a theme I will be going to him first.

  7. Thanks for the insights you have shared about landing pages in here Tyler. Would use some for my niche products.

  8. It’s so funny they picked to highlight the “Built-In Color Picker” on their home page…

    I mean, the instant layout changes are a way better way to convince a prospect to look into it. But, built-in color picker? Come on…


    So, it’s either they’re targeting complete noobs, but then complete noobs will not shell out $150 for a theme, or, as you said in the post, it is a little wet behind the ears… 😉


  9. Never really seen much variation on the wordpress designs. Most sites stick the the old body and windings on the side. Hoping to see something interesting come out of it though.

  10. This is the way all reviews should be written. An honest review of a worthwhile product with affiliated link. You’ve spent time writing it why shouldn’t people “give back” by buying it through your affiliate link. The only problem is when people do it the other way around – write a review so that people click on their affiliate link.

  11. Cocacolya says:

    thanx for all those codes…i know how it is useful

  12. Thanks for sharing this theme!

  13. Nice review. I have not done much with affiliate marketing in the past, but I am a father and have a great wife and kid and have been working full time while managing an online web development company, and as time and time goes on I think I want to to get into making money by blogging and affilate marketing.

    Thank you for the tips and will have to following your post to learn more.

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