Merry Christmas! Here Are 2 Free Movie Credits

December 20, 2010 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Have you been a good boy or girl this year? Tyler Santa thinks most of you have, and so he is giving away 2 free movie credits to all of his blog readers!

Over the past couple of months, has been working with Zediva on a joint partnership. Movie Vault provides movie news and reviews, and Zediva provides instant online streaming of movies, so it’s a perfect match.

Zediva is a brand new internet start-up that opened to the public earlier this month, even though it’s still officially in beta. After being mentioned on, they were then picked up by TechCrunch.


Zediva is a new online movie rental service which lets you watch the newest movies and TV shows available on DVD’s.

For only $1.99 per rental (this is a special current discount while they launch; they are normally priced at $2.99 per movie), you can rent from any movie or TV DVD from their inventory and instantly watch it online.

How Is It Different from Places such as Netflix and Redbox?

There are a few differences, but the main advantage to using Zediva over other services such as Netflix and Netflix Instant is that Zediva offers new titles far earlier than anyone else. They usually have them weeks or months faster compared to Netflix’s DVD-by-snail-mail service, and closer to 6-12 months faster than Netflix’s Instant service.

Zediva can do this because when you rent a movie from them, you are actually renting both a physical DVD and DVD player in their datacenter. Once movies (and TV shows) are released on DVD, you can expect to rent them on Zediva within 48 hours.

For example, as I write this very post, Zediva already has the movies A-Team, Despicable Me,
Inception, Shrek Forever After, Twilight Eclipse, The Expendables, and Eat Pray Love in stock.

I can’t wait to watch Inception (I haven’t seen it yet).



The best way to learn more about Zediva is to simply check them out yourself (use the free 2 movie credits I’m giving you below), but here are some of their features:

  • Rent the latest movies online far sooner than anywhere else.
  • You can easily pause, fast-forward, rewind, and jump to any specific spot .
  • You can set up and use the DVD’s subtitles and language options (including commentary on some movies) just as you can with real DVD’s.
  • In addition to movies, you can also watch TV series. Right now they only have the first season of Mad Men, but you get the bonus of watching around 4 episodes per DVD, which is close to 4 hours of entertainment for only $1.99
  • If you purchase a “bulk” package of 10 credits at once, they are half price! That means that you can currently watch 10 movies for $10!
  • PayPal accepted!
  • 100% legal.
  • All countries accepted.
  • Can watch anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Can watch on your TV (will require a little bit of technical hooking up however).
  • Watch full screen, with no ads or any UI blocking any portion of the screen.
  • Currently a collection of 75 movies and TV shows to choose from, and growing.
  • You can watch your rented movie as many times as you like for up to 14 days. This is great if you are interrupted halfway through and want to resume it later. What’s awesome is that it will even continue right where you left off.

Watch 2 Free Movies of Your Choice

The best way to learn more about Zediva is to simply try them out yourself. I’ve personally watched around a couple dozen movies on Zediva already, and plan to watch many more.

I’ve worked out a special deal with the founders of Zediva to give each of you guys 2 free movie (or TV) credits that you can use to watch the movie of your choice.

To claim your 2 free movie credits, all you have to do is create an account by clicking here.

You should automatically see 2 free DVD credits in your account.

Note: This offer is only good for the first 500 users to register through this link, so be sure to sign up while you can. If you don’t make it in the first 500, contact me and I’ll see what I can do, but I can’t promise anything.

The 2 free movies credits expire 60 days from the date of issue and the free movie giveaway ends Jan 31st 2011 (or until the first 500 users are signed up; whichever occurs first).

Remember, if you purchase a “bulk” package of 10 credits at once, they are half price! That means that you can currently watch 10 movies for $10! Since Zediva will be increasing their price back up to $2.99, it would be wise to grab a bunch of 10-credit packs while you can. I mean, for $50 you would have 50 movie credits which should last you a few months! Also, remember that PayPal is accepted (actually, it’s the only method accepted Winking smile).

Try Zediva out and let me (and them) know what you think!

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33 Responses to “Merry Christmas! Here Are 2 Free Movie Credits”

  1. Very cool partnership Tyler. Services like Zediva are sure to give NetFlix a run for their money. The only downside I could see is that some people prefer to watch movies through their dvd and on their tv. Not all computer users have their system setup to stream on their tv.

    • used tires says:

      @Aluminum that’s true but as we go further in time I think more and more people will be able to support the bandwith and have better systems to support a great experience.


    • Both are good points. With bandwidth increasing more and more, pretty soon, it might not be an issue. Then it will become all about things like how quick one can get the rights to a movie or show, or how good of a deal you can offer, and so on. Zediva definitely seems to be on the right track.

  2. Sounds good. I will check them out for sure. Also a great offer here, 2 movies 😀 nice!

    I already saw Inception in the cinema and I can really recommend watching it! It is a movie that needs your attention though, you should not miss ten minutes or you will be dazzled all over!

    Thanks again for the 2 free credits, and damn, 10 movies for just $10, might go for that too!

  3. Congratulations! As part of our Movie Vault promotion, 2 movie credits have been added to your account.


  4. Sunfrog says:

    I’m in! I logged in with my Facebook thing, but I only have 35 cents in my Paypal. Now I have to wait till the funds are added to it. :p

  5. Awesome! I joined and got my two credits! Thanks tyler 🙂

  6. Alex says:

    Wow thanks alot I am going to sign up right now for the credits.

  7. LukePeerFly says:

    Very cool. How is Movie-Vault doing?

  8. I’m in as well. Just signed up. 🙂

  9. super nice.. give me a minute… signed up! great. Thanks.. and oh I love The Expendables and (Inception.. 🙂

  10. Becky Marie says:

    Thanks! I WILL TOTALLY Give it a try! Thanks Tyler.

  11. browie says:

    Wait, you haven’t watched Inception yet? I had to see that the first night, then had to buy the Blu Ray the first day and watch it that night again and watch it again some other day.

    That movie is awesome.

  12. Paul says:

    Merry Christmas to you.

  13. Thanks Tyler for telling me about Zediva.Thanks for the movie credits too.I appreciate it.

    Bradley Nordstrom

  14. Seth says:

    Unfortunately their service does not work. I rented out Despicable Me and watched half of it. I then came back later to watch the rest of it and it says it is rented out and my credit is gone.

    I then went to the help section to leave a message to get help and it won’t let me as it won’t recognize my email.

    Good thing I used your free credit cause I would never pay for anything on that site after that. Thanks for the half a free movie though.

    • Seth says:

      I guess I didn’t understand how the system works. Once you rent it out you can rent it out for 14 days but if all of them are rented you are out of luck when you go back. The first movie I watched was not as popular so it was always available when I went back to watch the rest of the movie. No such luck for Despicable Me as you have to get lucky to get a copy as their is big demand.

  15. Jasmine says:

    This is awesome. I want to watch Shrek Forever After! Hehe.

  16. used tires says:

    Pretty cool deal, I’ll be sure to send this link to a few friends too for the free aspect of it 🙂

    Till then,


  17. Joey says:

    That’s all great and dandy, but the real question is, do they have High School Musical?

  18. Luggage Sets says:

    This new service sounds great I will definitely be looking into it. The prices are very reasonable too.

  19. Jasmine says:

    It will be so cool to watch some movies over Christmas eh… 🙂

  20. Jimmy says:

    Thanks Tyler for sharing that…….. i think i have to sign up for that…..

  21. Merry Christmas to you too Tyler.

  22. used tires says:

    Merry Christmas Tyler, hope Santa got you everything you wanted 😉


  23. Pretty cool deal, I’ll be sure to send this link to a few friends too for the free aspect of it 😉

  24. What movies is everyone going to go see with their free tickets?

  25. I checked out Zidiva and it is pretty cool. Thanks for the tip. and Happy New year!

  26. Sharat says:

    Thanks. Happy New Year 🙂

  27. I already watched some of the movies, I usually download them from torrent sites 🙂

    I am going to check your site for more movies to watch, I love movies!


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