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May 10, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I receive a lot of question via e-mail from various readers of my blog and people who read about me from various interviews and articles on other blogs and websites. On average, I must receive around 40 such e-mails a month.

Always wanting to help out as best I can, I always take the time to respond to these e-mails and answer their questions. But the e-mails keep coming in relentlessly, and often there are some interesting or unique questions, so I thought that instead of spending my time writing a reply that only one person will read, why not post all of these questions and answers on my blog so that everybody can read them?

And thus, a new post series was born. The “Ask Tyler” post series. While I’ll probably include some questions and answers from the general e-mails I receive, my intention is to answer questions specifically made for this post series.

I’ll probably answer the questions I receive once a month. Here’s your chance to ask me a question!

How to Ask Me a Question

To send me a question for this series, which will be published in one of my future posts of this series, simply use my contact form or e-mail me directly at Please put “Ask Tyler” in the subject or near the top of the e-mail/message so that I can organize them better.

Do not ask your questions in comments (unless they are in direct question to my answers or in other posts, are closely related to what I wrote about) as I will not answer them. E-mail them to me instead.

Question Guidelines

When sending me questions, please try to comply and understand the following guidelines:

  • I may not answer your question due to having already answered it a million times before (Ex. “Why did you start blogging?” so be sure to ask me a good question.
  • Please don’t send me a huge list of questions. Try to keep your list down to 3 per month (post series) so that others have a chance.
  • I may or may not answer extremely personal questions, depending on the question 😉
  • Be aware that my answers will be posted on this blog, so if you want to ask me how much I think your domain is worth, for example, I’ll be posting my answer here… even if I only think it’s worth $10 🙂

That being said, feel free to ask me pretty much anything.

Thanks guys – this will be interesting. I wonder how many questions I’ll receive.

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25 Responses to “New: Ask Tyler Post Series”

  1. Great idea to generate new blog content.

    Let me think up a good question!

    • It’s not necessarily just to build up content, a web series is useful especially when you notice certain trends and the same emails over and over again. Then Tyler can just direct them to certain posts – not only saving him time BUT also people themselves if they’ve already searched Tyler’s site!

  2. jpassmore says:

    Awesome feature. I like the attention you’re putting in to your blog. Keep it up 🙂

  3. Question e-mailed. Not sure if you’ll use it though. I thought I’d go personal. lol

  4. Michael says:

    Great series. I think I’ve bugged you enough via email so I will see what questions other people come up with and the answers you give.

    Thanks again for doing the interview!

  5. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Great idea Tyler! I’ve seen Daniel Scocco did it on his blog to answer questions from his readers in a post series. I prefer this way because you could help me out, and those who is having the same problem.

    I’ll have a question for you shortly. 😀

    Lee Ka Hoong

  6. I think I have bugged you enough with questions but one of mine is, how much time would it take for a blog to make 3-4 k per month?

  7. My questions sent. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  8. Jasmine says:

    This is interesting… question and answer. All right, I do have a few questions for Mr Tyler! 🙂

  9. Sounds like a good idea. Looking forward to what sort of questions pop up while thinking up some of my own!

  10. paul says:

    Very cool of you to take questions

  11. Thats a great way of interaction with your visitors and one of the key factors of marketing “give people what they want”

  12. One thing I’m looking forward to, is some of the questions that people have!

  13. Allan says:

    Hehe this is great, I will think about a good questions, then let you know :p see you inside hehe

  14. Thanks for introducing this new support system kinda…

    I guess it would be pretty useful for marketing newbies..

  15. Cool. This will make your blog even better as you will interact with your readers!
    I might send some questions today

  16. That is a great idea tyler and It may save you some valuable time as well as informing others.

  17. exsuit says:

    Looking forward to the series!

  18. Bus Media says:

    Sweet great dedication to your blog

  19. iPhone 5 says:

    Nice one. It’s really a great idea.

  20. Allan says:

    Thinking about those series… are they released already?


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