Only 3 Days Left to Vote and Win!

January 12, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

There are now only 3 days left (including today) to get your vote in for me before the competition between Gyutae Park and I ends. If you haven’t voted for me yet, for whatever reason, please take the time to do so now!

The current standings are: Tyler: 7 14  Gyutae: 25 30

Gyutae still has the lead, but I made up some ground since my last update so all hope is not lost. We still have a chance in this thing, so don’t give up on me just yet!

Upping the Ante

I knew this would turn into an ugly arms race; Gyutae has declared that he is now matching my 100 Entrecard credits, and so I’m now increasing my giveaway from 100 to 150.

Vote for Me and Win Guaranteed Prizes

To recap, 3 lucky winners will each receive $100 via PayPal from the loser of the contest, who we hope will be Gyutae.

In addition, for each person who votes for me, Iโ€™m giving out the following prizes:

  • 100 150 Entrecard credits
  • A plug back to each blog that votes for me

Therefore, if you vote for me, youโ€™re guaranteed 150 Entrecard credits, a plug of your blog, and 3 chances to win $100 cash!

How to Vote for Tyler

The details of the contest and competition can be found in my original post, which includes the full details and rules needed to participate.

Vote for


The contest ends on January 14th at 6:00pm Pacific (9:00pm Eastern), so make sure you get your “vote” in before then.

The Saint List

Since my last update on the competition, I’ve received 7 new votes. I’d like to thank:

  • – While I appreciate the vote, I’d have to think twice about ever purchasing a paid review from there ๐Ÿ˜‰ Read his post and you’ll see what I mean…
  • – One of the most off-topic/untargeted blogs I’ve ever read ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d highly suggest for the owner to think where they are trying to go with the blog. It is extremely difficult to grow a blog that has no apparent subject matter or topic. I’m not trying to slam the blog (I obviously appreciated the vote), but I just don’t understand its purpose.
  • – I have been recently talking to David Hong on GTalk, and discovered that he was Korean. He was very surprised that I started talking to him in Korean and couldn’t understand how I could speak and understand it, hehe. When telling David my woes of missing Korean food, he kindly offered to have his mom mail me some Korean food. I turned it down… although I’m thinking of reconsidering…
  • – Chris is currently giving away free blog reviews on his blog until the end of January, no catch. You’d be silly (stupid) if you didn’t get in queue for one. Check out his offer for more details.
  • – While I always strongly recommend investing $9 for a domain name, this time it has all the more emphasis with this particular subdomain name. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, have a read here and then think about it again…
  • – Declan Costello of has been a very long reader/follower of my blog, and so I’d like to give him a few very basic suggestions on how to improve his blog.

    – For some reason, in nearly every post there is no author listed even though there is an “Author” label.
    – He seems to post only about once a month. He may not be focused on his blog and just wrote his latest vote to help me out (thank you), but if he’s serious about his blog, he needs to post at least once a week at the very least.
    – He has way too many categories – over 2 dozen. The whole point of categories is to archive your posts easier so people can reference past related posts easily. The problem with having a lot of categories is that it makes it far too difficult for people to find what they’re looking for, also, unless you have thousands of posts, there will only be a small amount of posts under each category. I recommend between 5-10 categories.
    – The “StumbleUpon It!” button is broken on the single-post template.

  • – Another kind long-time reader who voted for me and has me on his blogroll, Jack Morrison of very recently got a blog makeover. However, I’m not sure if Jack is aware of this which is why I’m writing this, but the blog has several rendering errors in MSIE (Yes, I still use and prefer Internet Explorer :). I’m running v7.0 and the most notable error is the navigation bar wrapping to two lines, resulting in a very ugly line piercing through the center of all the links. Secondly, there is a mysterious “N” next to the top “Contact” link. Hopefully Jack can get the blog designer he hired, Adii, to fix these bugs ๐Ÿ™‚

Vote for Me, I Need Your Help!

There are still three days left, so lets turn this into the Tortoise and the Hare. With 3 chances of winning $100, a guaranteed 150 Entrecard credits, and a guaranteed plug of your blog, how could you refuse? Vote for me… please.

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29 Responses to “Only 3 Days Left to Vote and Win!”

  1. Good Luck.

    BTW…it looks like pagerank doesn’t like you…pr0 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  2. Ethan Christ says:

    My reviews, or as I like to call them, “Slams”, are free right now Tyler, but the blog is growing faster than I expected. I hope everyone enjoys the free links while they’re still free. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have you read my latest EntreCard post?

  3. Ethan Christ says:

    I’m going to go one further Tyler, send me a 125×125 graphic to promote your contest for these last 3 days and I’ll place it in rotation on my site. I don’t want Gyutae winning. His name’s too hard to spell…

  4. David Chew says:

    Looks like your contest have been attracting a lot of readers even johnchow has post about it. I was actually going to post it to but it seems that john has posted it so i post another topic on my blog.

  5. Ruchir says:

    Since I’m a little evil, I’ll vote on the very last day ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  6. ShY Guy says:

    I vote for you.. ANd you left behind..
    Oh I can’t win that $100..

  7. Desmond says:

    Tyler, at least your votes just double! Gyutae’s just increase by 5!

  8. hellcola says:

    thanks for the review, I intend to make some changes soon!
    hope I’ll win :}

  9. conrad says:

    can we do a video blog to vote?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      As long as you have 300 words to accompany it as well ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m not trying to be greedy – it’s so Gyutae can’t say it doesn’t count…

      • Alan Johnson says:

        Tyler, the review on John’s blog only contains a little over 200 words so that it doesn’t count as a vote but anyway, it doesn’t matter, since the amount of votes he could be sending your way is more important than just one which doesn’t count.

        Alan Johnson

        • Tyler Cruz says:

          It’s actually 246 and Gyutae has his own votes such as which have even less.

          The 300 minimum requirement was meant as a guideline so that bloggers wouldn’t simply write “I vote for X”, so I’m not sure how strict G and I will be when it comes to the final tally…

        • Alan Johnson says:

          I see that he has updated the blog post and it has crossed the 300 mark but, if the two of you were to analyze every little detail, there might be a debate about the “if you’ve enjoyed my post, subscribe via RSS” message being considered a part of the post or an advertisement (since it appears after all posts and, if it were to be considered an advertisement, the blog post would contain under 300 words again) ๐Ÿ™‚

          I’m sure that it is not the case though since you have probably introduced the minimum post length in order to avoid votes which only contain a couple of words.

          Alan Johnson

  10. Mr. Tang says:

    Hey Tyler. I’ve been visiting your blog since last year, so to show my support here’s my vote!

  11. Jack says:

    Haha Thanks for the plug Tyler.

    Curse IE and Microsoft! (I’ll try to get that sorted out ASAP)

    Hopefully you have a late comeback hidden up your sleeve!

  12. Ethan Christ says:

    For anybody who hasn’t decided yet, I got a decent amount of traffic today from the plug. Thanks Tyler.

    Voting for Tyler is the smart thing to do. How is a T Shirt and only 100 EC credits going to help you promote your blog?

    Maybe Tyler should give away a T-Shirt too….All of these retards voting for Park…

  13. Wow, you are even calling people who vote for you, saints. That’s better than 150 Entrecard credits. lol

  14. Will says:

    I saw that you got a mention on john chow. pretty slick. If you don’t win from that I don’t know what will.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      To me there is not much difference between PR3 and PR0. One Google dropped me to PR3 I lost all respect I had for PageRank.

      It’s meaningless, but not importantless since ad networks and other sources still use it as a metric.

      • Alan Johnson says:

        Indeed, as little as one backlink can get you to a PR3 so that there’s not that much of a difference. PR is nothing compared to what it used to represent but since, as you’ve stated, a lot of ad networks use it in order to determine the value of an ad placed on your website, it can’t be totally neglected either.

        Alan Johnson

  15. […] for Tyler Cruz now gets you a free plug, 150 EC credits, and 3 chances to win the $100 that the contest was originally […]

  16. krazl says:

    Here my updated vote for Gyutae.

    Added more steamy comment. Have a view


  17. You are making a great blog so of course vote for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Man, I can’t believe I lost this contest ๐Ÿ™
    Tell me… do you think there will be another one?


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