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October 14, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I haven’t received many offers for paid reviews lately and so I decided to beg for some. After all, I need to try to beat September’s blog earnings.

What is a paid review?

Simply put, for a price of $75, I review your site, service, or product on my blog.

Here are some of the past reviews I’ve written:

(View the full list of past reviews)

I cannot guarantee a positive or favourable review as I wish to remain completely honest and objective as possible. However, if I think that I’ll completely hate your your site, I’ll let you know before accepting the review so that you don’t pay for bad press.

What exactly do I get?

Purchasing a paid review from my blog is a lot different from purchasing one on other blogs.

First, I exhaustively review the site in question before starting to write the review. I then write a very lengthy and comprehensive review of the site, which is usually at least 1,000 words.  Compare this to most other blogs who will only write a few hundred.

I typically spend at least 2-3 hours to review and write a review, but spend sometimes as much as 6-8 depending on the site.

Your review will also remain as the latest and top post on my blog for at least one day, to give maximum exposure.

Take a look at some of the sample reviews linked above to get an idea of what you’d receive.

What are the benefits of a paid review?

Traffic & Exposure

First, you’ll be getting a lengthy review of your site, service, or product on a blog with the stats of:

Monthly Unique Visitors: 15,000
Google Pagerank: 5
RSS Readership: 800
Alexa Ranking: 36,611

Targeted Traffic

In addition, this traffic has added valuable as it is comprised of highly targeted traffic.

The vast majority of readers are entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, developers, businessmen, and technology enthusiasts. Since this blog revolves around earning an income online, readers are often interested in trying out new products and services related to web development or entrepreneurialism.  


Paid reviews are especially beneficial for advertisers wanting to sell something (as opposed to just getting site traffic). Since the cost of a paid review on my blog is only $75, often it only takes one sale to make your money back, depending on what you’re selling.

For example, let’s say that Advertiser Joe orders a paid review for a nice PHP script he sells. The script is some type of advertisement management program like OpenAds, but even better and offers support and lifetime upgrades. The script sells for $150.

All he needs to do is sell just one from my paid review and he’s made a nice profit.

Let’s say that only 25% of my 800 targeted webmaster-related RSS readers read the paid review closely, which is 200. And out of those 200 webmasters who read it, 1% were interested in the script and decided to buy it, that’s 2 conversions, or $300, netting Advertiser Joe a $225 profit.


Another benefit to paid reviews are the SEO perks. You’re receiving quality links back to your site on a PR5 webmaster-oriented blog, and within a content-relevant article, making those backlinks valuable.

Branding & Awareness

Lastly, a paid review is very beneficial in terms of branding and awareness. In fact, paid reviews originally stemmed to generate buzz for advertisers throughout the blogosphere.

Even if you do not get direct conversions from the review, you’re still getting your companies name out there, and in the future one of those readers might remember your site or logo and return to your site, or might happen across it again in the future and say “I remember this site… maybe I’ll check it out closer now…”

How do I order a paid review?

Purchasing a paid review from me is easy. I currently accept reviews through PayPerPost Direct, which is an intermediary between blogger and advertiser. Simply click on the Hire Me! button on the top left of my blog and fill out the form.

They will charge you an additional 10% for their service fee, and they only accept credit cards.

If you do not have a credit card, you can order a paid review through me directly by contacting me and paying through PayPal. However, I charge $90 if done directly as I prefer to go through PayPerPost.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase a paid review from me now!

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9 Responses to “Order a Paid Review From Me”

  1. dam 6-8 hours sometimes on a review. wow

  2. I don’t understand why anyone uses ReviewMe anymore. His ReviewMe price would be double the PayPerPost price, and he would still be making the same amount of money.

    Any chance you can review two of my sites in one review?

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  4. xracerx says:

    Maybe you’re not getting any action because your site now shows up as a PR 4 in the google toolbar on Firefox and also at URLTrends. Just a guess.

  5. I saw that too. He must have got dinged for his Text Link Ads.

    I think Google may be targeting only people running TLA because I have seen other blogs/sites with paid links that were not TLA, but that did not have their PR lowered.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      A lot of people are reporting drops in PR… but this update isn’t confirmed yet… although it seems to be true. Two of my PR5 sites dropped to PR4.

      JohnChow dropped to PR5 when he was expected to be PR7… so this theory could indeed be true.

  6. nusuni says:

    I’d get a paid review but sadly I’m broke.


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