PhraseRank: The Next Big Thing?

February 7, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz
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PhraseRank: The Next Big Thing?

I was browsing through the other day when I saw a thread a member had made titled Google’s Phrase Rank.

The actual article he referred to goes on to explain PhraseRank, Google’s newest patent, as “a new way to evaluate relevancy of a web document based on its content which might prove itself to be immune to manipulation attempts such as adjusting the keyword density or the automated generation of keyword-rich web pages.”

He goes on to say “The new indexing and ranking system is based on the use of phrases. From a user’s point of view search queries in most cases are phrases or ‘concepts’, rather than sets of keywords. Despite this, conventional indexing systems still rely on individual terms.”

“…This problem is solved in the new system, which identifies phrases that are sufficiently frequent and distinguished in the crawled documents. By detecting phrases and indicating that they are ‘valid’ the system can identify multiple word phrases. This eliminates the need to index all the possible combinations of words in phrases that vary in length.”

“…Another important feature is the ability of phrases to predict the presence of other phrases in a webpage. For example a phrase ‘President of the United States’ indicates that the document most likely contains the phrase ‘White House’. For every phrase the system creates a corresponding list of related phrases ordered according to their significance. This enables the system to detect spam pages based on the excessive appearance of related phrases.”

The full article can be found here.

It’s a very interesting read and concept. If Google does implement PhraseRank, it would definitely stir things up for SEO’s out there. For the general webmaster audience, I think it will have both good and bad effects. Actual quality and relative content will be awarded while scraper sites and such will be penalized. It will also essentially kill the entire textlink industry… although you know it’s only a matter of time before SEO’s will adapt.

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Condo Updates

Two days and counting!

I’ve been unbelievably busy the past few days between running around between notaries and making a ton of phone calls. Things were extra convoluted since my parents are on the mortgage as guarantors, which meant a lot more running around and more legal mumbo jumbo.

Today I met with my notary (lawyer) and she went over everything with me and I signed a bajillion papers. I’ve got to tell you – that was insane. There was SO much legal mumbo jumbo and crap that I doubt anyone who purchases a home truely understands everything. It’s hard for me because I like to completely understand everything and not be in the dark about stuff.

I did ask my usual barrage of questions though and had my biggest questions answered.

Man. The government and all it’s bureaucratic crap is utterly insane. There are so many rules and forms I have to fill out which make no sense. For example, I have to fill out one form, which my notary says will 90% likely be sent back several weeks later saying I was declined, HOWEVER if I filled out another sheet and sent it back, then they’d approve it. Just stupid stuff like that.

Here are four big crappy surprises I learned today:

1. I had to pay $6,000 to my notary today; it included a bunch of fees as well as GST tax. I had no idea I was going to need to pay this money.

2. I had to pay my GST all up front, and will be eligible for a partial return after I pay it. And yes, it involves a crapload of paperwork to undertake. The GST total was around $14,000.

3. My notary fee, which in basic terms, has my notary transfer the title in my name, cost around $700.

4. I’ll have to pay my municipal property taxes myself, once a year, and should hopefully receive a bill for them before June. If not, then I have to haul my ass over to the city hall (or wherever the corresponding place is) and fill out more forms and hopefully have it paid on time.

Man. I knew buying a place would involve a lot of intricate and convoluted paperwork and legalities, but I didn’t know it’d be this hard. Buying a car is so simple, renting a place is so simple.. buying a place is completely crazy. The bank mortgage stuff is a million-times simpler than going to the notary.

However, I should note that since this is my first place, that I’m only exempt of the 1% Property purchase tax once. Once I buy this place I’ll never be eligible for that again, ever. It’ll cost more in the future, but at least it will be slightly less paperwork.

Secondly, my parents are on as guarantors which made scheduling stuff and the timing of stuff more complicated; my parents had to sign my mortgage stuff, and the legal notary stuff.. it just slows things down.I won’t be needing guarantors in the future; in fact, I’ll be taking my parents off as guarantors ASAP, probably in about a year or so.

So, with those things in mind, buying a place would be a bit simpler. Especially if I allowed more time than just a day or two trying to legalize all this before I’m set to move!

Anyhow, thats all for now. You may get another blog post by me in 2-3 days but don’t be surprised if it’s a week or longer. If everything transfers and settles fine and goes according to plan, I should start to be moving some of my smaller stuff in just two days!

Good luck and good earnings.

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  2. ssway says:

    Tyler…whatever became of Last fall you made a big splash of a post that it was 100% sold but alas the whois for the dom shows you are still the owner. Did it fall through?


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