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April 12, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Ugh, what a day.

I didn’t get much work done today. Partly because my programmer wasn’t on very long today and didn’t finish the updates on PublisherSpot, and partly because I spent too much time dilly dallying around town with my girlfriend.

I bought Guitar Hero II for the XBox 360 and played that for quite a while too. It’s pretty fun! After a while your eyes go a bit crazy, but I think it will provide a lot of fun. For $112ish after tax it better!

Anyhow, yesterday I promised a great update for this post. Unfortunately I will only be able to half deliver on that, since the update to PublisherSpot hasn’t been finished, as already stated.

I’m very excited and gung-ho about PublisherSpot. It’s a feeling that had I’ve far too infrequently lately. It’s been helping to drive me lately and keeps me excited. This is a good thing.

Here are some updates on PublisherSpot:


It started with 2 referrals and $0.17. A couple weeks later and I’m now at 11 referrals and $1.72! Now obviously this is still petty cash and won’t even buy me a Happy Meal, but 11 referrals? I’m astonished. I haven’t even begun to advertise or market the site and 11 people have actually signed up through the site! Wow.

The image above is from AuctionAds. Four referrals but no income yet. Boo, come on guys, get your ads up and running 😉

Casale Media. Five reviews but I’m pretty sure all the money is from one person as it’s been pretty steady. So far he has made $16.40. I wish the other guys would add their code…

ValueClickMedia. I only get 5% from them for the first 12 months whereas I get 5% for life from Casale.

So, obviously I’m making peanuts (Can I even afford peanuts yet?), but this motivates me nonetheless. If I can get 11 referrals with a site still being developed and not having been advertised or marketed yet, how much can I make when I do?


Already, with absolutely no advertising or link exchanges or anything, I’m already:

#4 on Google for “casalemedia review”
#6 on Google for “casale media review”
#5 on Google for “tribal fusion review”
#4 on Google for “tribalfusion review”
#15 on Google for “casale media” (wow!)
#14 on Google for “tribalfusion” (wow!)
#11 on Google for “casalemedia” (wow!)
#20 on Google for “value click media” (wow!)

I can only imagine how well the SERPS will do once the site is established…

Contact Page

The contact page has been completed. Uses human logic to prevent spambots, as well as Javascript and server backend to make sure all the fields are complete and then sends to a confirmation page. Simple, and nothing new… *shrug*… but finished and done perfectly.

More Reviews

There are four reviews forthcoming. Three are already done and are just waiting for a new feature on the site to be finished programmed before being added.

New Feature

I have a simple but extremely useful feature just about finished for the site. When done I’ll make another PublisherSpot Update post about it. I’m eagerly awaiting the completion of it so I can add more reviews to the site and start advertising it.


I’ve already received a couple of advertisers inquire about advertising on the site. I’ve always been determined to keep advertising to an absolute minimum on the site, but may sell a slot for “Featured Network” which I will price pretty expensively. After all, we’ve signed up 11 people so far, and signups are extremely valuable.

Thanks to any of you out there who were gracious enough to go to PublisherSpot and sign up through me, I definitely appreciate it.

And that’s all for now. Again, I’m mainly just waiting on the new feature to be finished, and then PublisherSpot will hopefully really start to get cracking!


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4 Responses to “PublisherSpot Updates”

  1. Erik Karey says:

    Just went to take a look at PublisherSpot, things are looking good. Just went over the AuctionAds review as well, might give it a try on a few sites. Good work, enjoy Guitar Hero 2…it’s a lot of fun.

  2. Tob says:


    Did you get my proposal?


  3. I’m looking forward to seeing this (Publisher’s Spot) built out, Tyler. It’s a darn good idea, because if one searches from Internet guru to Internet guru one sees all sorts of programs … but pretty soon one loses track … John recommends this, Freddy recommends that, Mary swears by another program. To have a comprehensive collection of programs, details and ratings in one place is a great service … and providing a genuine service is one highly recommended way to get traffic. If you monetize that traffic, so much the better.

  4. Cam says:

    Very nice. When the site is fully marketed im sure you’ll be recieving a huge profit on your investment.


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