Search Engine Optimisation Consultant Firm that Charges Based on Rank Only

February 28, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I’ve been alluding to this SEO company in my SEO Case Study post series lately, but haven’t revealed who they are until now because I wanted to use them for a while longer in order to give you a more accurate overview of their results.

However, many of you have been very curious about what this mysterious “SEO Firm” is, and so I decided to finally reveal them today.

RankPay is an SEO service company that only charges after they have ranked you for your keywords, find different other services at The pricing is set beforehand, and there are no set up fees. You only have to pay once you are ranked in the top 30 for Google or Bing/Yahoo, and pricing is then billed monthly.14

Even if RankPay gets you up to the 31th spot on Google for your keyword(s), you will not be charged a cent. Only once you are in the top 30 will you have to pay.

There are then 5 pricing tiers that you will pay based on your rank: 30-21, 11-20, 10-7, 6-4, and 1-3. Obviously, the higher your rank, the higher you will pay, but the pricing does not increase by very much.

What’s nice is that if you’re already ranked in the top 30 and want to get to the top 3, for example, you’ll only be charged for improvement.

For example, check out the screenshot below:


The image above is RankPay’s price (estimation) for 3 keywords to rank on You’ll notice that for “internet entrepreneur” that it shows N/A up to the 6-4 pricing tier on Google. That’s because I am already ranked #5 for it, and so therefore don’t have to pay for anything below my current rank.

It does, however, show that I have to pay for the 6-4 tier, but I think that’s just their pricing estimation tool in play… I believe that if you contact support, they will tell you that they’ll only charge if they rank you to 4th spot or higher, but you’ll need to inquire in such a scenario.

I’ve found RankPay’s pricing to be a bargain in most cases. Some keywords are priced very expensively ($3,000 for top 3), but if you try a bunch, you’ll find some absolute steals.

I’ve been using RankPay since December 1st, 2010 (3 months), and have already seen some results.

The image below shows some of the recent SEO activities that RankPay did to improve my rank:

16As you can see, they do a good mix of various link building efforts with Social Networking sites, blog posts, directory submission, forum links, Tweets, etc. I even saw them get me an .edu link once.

They aren’t high quality backlinks on high PR authority sites, but I wouldn’t expect that for their prices either, and I do like how they have a very good mix of sources.

They do not give the exact links except for Tweets, but they could be found out by using various SEO “spy” tools.

So as I say, I’ve been using RankPay for 3 months now, and gave them 2 keywords on my movie site to target.

The keywords are EXTREMELY competitive, with a combined total of nearly 6 million exact searches on Google each month, and 101 million and 61 million websites returned for each term.

I should also mention that the page I was targeting (as it wasn’t my home page) was a brand new page that wasn’t linked anywhere (not even on my site!) and had a PR of 0 (obviously).

A week ago, I was ranked #119 and #270 for these keywords on Google, which is pretty good after 3 months considering just how competitive the keywords are. I’ve since dropped out of the top 1,000 for both keywords, but that’s not to be unexpected with SEO.

I’m curious what kind of results I’ll see in the next couple of months. With both keywords being so high in traffic, I think I’ll only need to get to page 3 before I’ll start seeing traffic.

Below are some screenshots of my rank improvement over time for those keywords:


RankPay was introduced to me by a friend whose keyword is now ranked #21 on Google and #13 on Bing/Yahoo (wasn’t ranked previously). In turn, I recommended it to a friend who ranked in the top 10 after only 2-3 months (although I hear it wasn’t that competitive a keyword).

It’s still too early for me to give a complete endorsement of this service, but so far I am satisfied with the results. After all, I haven’t paid a single penny to them yet, and I won’t until I’m ranked in the top 30+.

So, if you’re looking to improve your rankings in the search engines but don’t want to “gamble” with hiring a SEO freelancer with no guarantee of results, then RankPay is probably your best choice. You can also rely on the expertise of professionals on to help you in your business ventures.

Instant $50 Credit

Sign up with RankPay and use the bonus promo code “TYLERCRUZ” to get an instant $50 credit in your account 🙂

If you sign up, please be sure to share your results with me as I’d love to hear about them!

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42 Responses to “Search Engine Optimisation Consultant Firm that Charges Based on Rank Only”

  1. I have heard of them before but have not tried them. Thanks for the review Tyler. Will definitely give it a try soon.

  2. Roseli says:

    Never heard of them before, good of you to do the review. Thinking of giving them a try. Thanks for the info.

  3. Seems like RankPay is worth a try. Thank you for the $50 credit!

  4. Dino Vedo says:

    Their prices seem too good to be true honestly… like i remember searching make money online and it was only like a few thousand bucks…

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      The price will vary depending on what site you are attaching the keywords to, and their pricing tool is only an estimation. Sometimes they adjust the price before starting your campaign. For example, that happened to me once on a keyword… it was an absolute steal according to the price estimator but before initiating my campaign they told me that it would be more, so I didn’t go ahead with that keyword. 95% of the time though, the price is the same.

      BTW, remember that this isn’t a one-time price but a monthly price, so a few thousand dollars even for “make money online” isn’t THAT cheap…

  5. Book Selling says:

    I have to say, when I see a company that does not charge any upfront fees and only charges for performance I am quite intrigued. It really looks like a great service. Thanks for pointing me towards RankPay Tyler 🙂 The $50 credit doesn’t hurt either 😛

  6. Tom says:

    So, to play Devil’s Advocate… who is to stop you (or at least what is in the contract) – to keep you paying… for how long?

    I would find it unethical to rank top 5 and then ‘quit’ the service. I am sure they have some minimum payment contingency, right?

  7. Well Tyler, I was thinking of choosing RankPay , but still not sure.

  8. I’m struggling with seo too, the prices suggested above are quite reasonable, I need to give it a shot !

  9. Its good that you only have to pay when you have results! More companies should work like this.

  10. That is awesome. I know many people who could benefit from this. Many of them are paying too much for a whole lot of nothing. Thanks for the info Tyler.

  11. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the review Tyler. I may give them a try for an upcoming project – am interested in hearing more feedback as you continue.

  12. browie says:

    I don’t know it still seems like a lot to pay for. I guess if you’re going after some keywords that are really going to make you money then it would help in the long term.

  13. Anyone who charges for results will usually charge a premium, but if they get you there, then why not!

  14. paul says:

    This sounds like a great thing to try.

  15. Great stuff, I think this is the best way to give a good service to clients. What is the point of paying them if they can’t rank you? Money thrown in the garbage.

  16. Looks like a company that believes in delivering what was promised. And the costs seem quite reasonable too in that respect.

  17. Just contacted them, and will be starting a campaign with them shortly.

  18. Jasmine says:

    The $50 save is a great one! Thanks.

  19. Hi Tyler thanks for your article! I’ll try this service because of base on the result. We pay it when we get the result. Awesome service! Thanks for your review!

  20. wow im interested in this campaign, if you dont rank you dont pay, thats a good method i will be trying to very soon.

  21. I like how they list their backlinking activities. Not the URLs of course, but you get a nice picture of their backlinking efforts.

    Backlink building is something I try to do on my own, it’s not really that hard once you know where to get the links. But it sure takes a lot of your time when you have to do it manually.

  22. Laura says:

    I would be careful with this company.

    I used them because everything looks sweet and amazing. I mean who can complain when you don’t have to pay until you rank.

    The problem comes when you want to leave.

    As you know, there’s a 6 month contract your locked into. Which, when I first used them they didn’t even tell you about. Not sure if they changed that or not.

    If you leave/stop using there service they threaten you with removing all the backlinks they made for you.

    That’s the one way links, blog posts on there own controlled sites etc.

    They threaten you that if you leave your rankings are going to drop and most probably banned from Google because you will lose so many backlinks overnight Google will know your were up to something.

    It was very close to blackmail in my opinion.

    I don’t have a problem with them removing my links but to threaten me and blackmail me is a whole different matter.

    The only way to keep the links is to pay that 50% monthly fee.

    If it turns out the keyword you ranked high for doesn’t bring in sales, what do you do?

    Keep paying $100 a month to keep your backlinks up or stop paying and have google see you lose hundreds of backlinks overnight?

    As a side note, a lot of there backlinks are blackhat methods so you do have to be careful of that.

    Plus the links are in places that are so obviously a link builder, it’s a bit risky.

    They do tweets of your URL to make the link building natural, which is good, but the twitter account used is ONLY tweets of all there customers URL’s.

    I was basically shown all the websites that this company is doing seo for. The footprint was really bad.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Thanks for the cautionary tale Laura. The 6-month contract disclosure was fairly evident from what I remember, but the unprofessional “threatening” does worry me (although I haven’t seen that firsthand). I’m hoping that was just an isolated case, but we’ll see.

      As for Google banning… I would think that to be rather an empty threat, because what is stopping me from linkbuilding to my competitor and then just suddenly removing all those links to get them banned? This is one reason why I think it’s difficult for search engines to stop SEO… because they can’t be sure who is buying the links. Just my theory.

    • Whoa!
      thanks for that warning friend, looks like we need to look before we step.

    • Ok, now you are giving me a scare and definitely something to think about. I have started my campaign with them, and so far they were very professional. I have started seeing minimal improvements, and I was aware of the 6 month contract. I hope everything goes well.

      Thank you very much for your comment, will keep it in mind!

  23. This is brilliant. There’s too many SEO companies out there that claim they’ll get your site to the top ‘somehow’ haha, it’s great to see a company that actually prove their results before taking any money

  24. jasmine says:

    but some of them firms giving assurity for the keyword ranking.

  25. There are lots of SEO companies with good reputation but they do not use this tool. They are getting good results from online business.

  26. Does hitting the top 30 really make a big difference?

    I was always taught that it was top 3 that makes all the money?

  27. I was looking for the cheap SEO companies for the last few monthes. And you have listed them here. Thanks for these. otherwise I was going to try the freelancer websites for this work.

  28. that is pretty impressive. Are they still around and do you still use them. I would love to check them out.


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