Sitepoint Kit Update, Domain Brokering update, & More!

December 19, 2005 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Hey all,

I’ve been extremely busy with social things; busy in a good way though. Good for my social life, bad for my work life 🙂 One of the big things is that I wasn’t used to being so busy; always having something to do.. I used to always be so bored. Now I always have something that I could be doing, whether it be social-related or work-related. I’m just beginning to get used to this and get my energy level up to deal with everything and how to organize a bit better.

But I WILL get back to my ’empire’. It needs a bit of dusting, as I’ve been neglecting it as of late.

Sitepoint Kit Update

Simon, the managing editor at Sitepoint, sent me an e-mail this morning. I sent my proposal a few weeks ago, and since then the editors and such at Sitepoint were going over several authors’ proposals for lead author. Here is a small piece of that e-mail:

“Unfortunately, despite your proposal being pretty good, we’ve decided to go with a different lead author on this project — however, there may still be opportunties for you to contribute at some stage.”

Now, now. Don’t cry for me Argentina. I’m fine. In fact, I’m somewhat relieved. I had referred Jon to Simon to write as well, but after Jon saw the requirements and how big of an undertaking it was, he declined. I was somewhat surprised and didn’t know why he’d turn down such a grand opportunity, but once I sat down to prepare my proposal, I understood quite quickly 🙂

Being accepted would have been great – get my name out there, improve my resume, make some cash, but writing as lead author would also be very stressful and require an enormous amount of time from me. However, I’d definitely be up for taking a chapter or two of the kit. Something more directly up my alley, such as brainstorming or ad placement/maximizing revenue.

Domain Brokering Update

I ran into John yesterday and we talking about my e-mail I sent him requesting server stats for type-in traffic and such. From the numbers he told me, if they stand up, are very good IMHO for type-in traffic. If/once I get that information, I can contact Internet REIT again… (they haven’t returned my e-mail yet).


Unfortunately Jon and Matt (Who is to blame here? :P) have been busy with other projects and Jon and my secret project has never really started development yet further than initial breaking-in stages. I’d really like to get this started and developed…

As you can see I registered and; was taken, and I tried to buy it out, but the owner apparantly owns 2000 domains and is a regular at DNF and doesn’t want to sell it (he didn’t even hear my offering price…odd, no?). But that’s okay… I can try to pull a PFO with MFO 🙂 MMA, btw is Mixed Martial Arts.. sort of a no holds barred type of fighting.. like UFC/Pride. I’ve always been in love with MMA, and in fact I start my MMA training tonight!

Anyhow, I’m going to probably develop these into a forum. It should do half-decent since it’s another site I’m starting which is a passion/hobby of mine, much like movies and poker are. I already have a bunch of people who I can get to start using it too, which is good. There are other MMA forums out there, notibly the most awesome being – however I’m new to participating in the sport, and I’ve just been flamed like you cannot believe. That is the different approach I will take with MMAForums (hereby called MFO) – it will not stand for blatant disregard to respect, and will keep a firm hand to any flamers. This could be a nice change in the online community of MMA.

I’ll be purchasing another license of vB, and look for a skinner for it soon.

I will also be setting up to be the domain of this blog – I’ll try to get that up and running as well. (I want the PR! lol..)

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  1. Robert says:

    Now, This was a nice post.

  2. Sharif says:

    Tyler’s doing big things! I can do vb skinning 🙂

  3. guk6kk says:

    nice and long post…nice


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