Skin skin skin

October 24, 2005 Posted by Tyler Cruz

A dude hooked me up with a URL of a vb skinner dude.. and he looks to have some decent stuff in his portfolio.. nothing too great, but enough that I’m interested. E-mailed him and hope to get in touch with him soon..

The Internet lacks vbskinners, designers, and coders… it’s amazing..

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Posted: October 24th, 2005 under My Websites  

2 Responses to “Skin skin skin”

  1. Dave Starr says:

    Tyler, what’s up guy? Most valuable thing you can do for the focus problem is to write something. Short, on topic/off topic, it doesn’t matter but you pointed hundreds of people at the blog some days back and you aren’t writing .. let us know the latest and greatest.

    Best regards

  2. Bas! says:

    Hey Tyler, you must have missed SleekSkins! (


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