Stop Reading… Start Doing!

March 3, 2008 Posted by The University Kid

If you have another blog to go onto after you read this post, you are not going to make it online.

I’m not joking… in fact, that problem is one that is faced by a lot of us out there, myself included.

You see, a lot of us want to make money online… few of us actually do enough so that we can quit our regular job. Making money online, from home with working your own hours and calling yourself your boss is something that is a happy dream for most of us… that is all it will remain though if you do not heed my advice.

Weekly, if not daily we are hit with advice… some of them coming from friends, some of them coming from the blogs we read and some of them coming from various other sources like eBooks. The problem is, most of us keep reading, and only few of us start doing. It’s known by everyone that those who take action surge ahead… so why aren’t we doing so?

That latest interesting way you read to make money, the latest eBook you bought… stop the information from just sitting at the back of your mind/hard drive and start using it. In fact, start today, don’t put it off till tomorrow – set yourself a goal that you will work at least an hour daily on projects of your own, and stop procrastinating.

You see, I love blogs, and I read quite a few… I eventually realized that although reading blogs will give me some great tips, they alone will not make me money – I’d have to actually put those tips in action to start profiting. Rather than spend hours wasting time poring over the latest thing my favourite bloggers had to say, I skim through these days and use the rest of the time to work on my projects.

I do read the posts I find useful, and drop a comment as well, however there are those of you that make a habit of just reading and commenting – you are not going to get rich that way, so stop wasting time and get running; in the time you spent daily to comment you could quite easily set up your own blog/website, add content to it and even market it a little bit.

I hope that you will start putting the ideas you have read into action immediately… here’s one to get you started. Good luck!

I’m sure you all love to hear real life examples – sure, I can spout off for ages about how it’s better to start working rather than reading, but do I have any knowledge that it works? I’ll give you my own personal story. 🙂

I used to be a member of a few webmaster forums – if you’ve ever been around one of them, you’ll have seen the vast amount of eBooks and ‘coaching sessions’ on sale – all of them promising the next money making method that was going to make you a millionaire. Being an internet newbie at the beginning, I went after these like they were candy – buying eBook after eBook, week after week. Sound familiar? The thing is, sure – a lot of them were worthless, but I did get some good gems… I never tried out the methods though, and went in search of my next product to read over.

A lot of us are how like I was – we’re constantly looking for the next thing that will send us to the big time, but even when we come across something that might make us better off financially, a lot of us will pass it up, and keep looking for the next method rather than trying it out. I’m challenging you guys – the next way of making money online that you read, even if it looks half decent – try it out; the maximum you can lose is the cost for a domain (and hosting if you don’t have it) and a little bit of time.

Anyways, my personal example. I kept on buying those products, until one day when I came across a guide to creating your own eBook product – it was filled with decent information, and it was then that I decided to try it out myself. The guide spoke about writing on a topic you knew about, and were moderately good at; it promised that if you had the ability to carry out a certain method yourself, you’d have the ability to explain it well to others. At the time, I was pretty good at flipping PLR eBook websites – it brought in a few hundred a week, and I decided that rather than reading, I’d start doing, and write a report of my own.

I did not expect much from the production of the report, but even if it hadn’t sold much it would have been a decent learning experience and refined my writing skills; the report ended up selling more than 250 copies and eventually fetched $4,000 in profit over the course of three weeks – far more that I’d ever made before in my relatively short internet marketing career and the most I’ve ever made, even till this date. Having a go with that report thought me that going at things yourself could definitely make you money, and stamped in the point that there certainly was money to be made in this internet marketing game, even for relatively inexperienced people. 🙂

Remember, even if you fail at something, it’s not a complete waste of time – this gives you experience so that you know how to improve in the future. And if you hit it off, well… your financial statements will speak for themselves. If you’re finding something profitable, don’t forget to scale it!

If you’d really like to start your latest project, but are unsure about how it will go, remember that nothing prevents you from asking for help – your fellow internet marketers are usually happy to answer questions (as long as you’re polite) and should they not be, Google is your friend. Should the search engine giant not be of much use, drop me an email and I’ll answer your questions to the best of my ability 🙂

I did mention not reading blogs too much, but there’s just one more you can visit… my own, at The University Kid :P. I’m currently running a contest with $150.00 in prizes… all you have to do is subscribe to the feed 🙂

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26 Responses to “Stop Reading… Start Doing!”

  1. Good advice, I agree with you and blogged about this a couple months ago actually 😉

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  3. Robert says:

    did you set up a sales page on yourself or did you sell this ebook on some external platform?? how many pages did this book contain?

  4. Hey Robert,

    I sold the eBook through forums, however when I got up the sales page I wrote it myself (see or as examples, note I don’t own them anymore 🙂

    The first one contained 15 or so pages (given in the example in the post above), the last one I wrote contained 25.

  5. Robert says:

    Oh, 15 pages is not that much, so the book costs about 16 dollars as i assume. Because i also think about selling an ebook in germany. Wish me luck 🙂

  6. Mike Huang says:

    Mr. University kid is going crazy with all these great guest posts 😀


  7. Tom Beaton says:

    Great tips. We all need to work harder and reduce the amount of “busy work” we do. Increasing your true productivity is something that takes time and a concerted effort!

  8. Toki Tover says:

    No doubt that many people, including me, do this all the time. i know it takes focus and a game plan to get things moving, yet i dont do it… why?

  9. egk says:

    Great post Jason. I know the subject of this post is my exact problem!

  10. Nice motivational post to get people off their butts and start making money online. 😛

  11. Excellent post! I myself am guilty of this as well.. I have a folder full of ebooks I haven’t read, and a bunch of unused domains.. Sometimes, I’m just spread too thin, but you make an excellent point. Just today, I started doing something that I’ve been putting off for months. I’m sure the payout will be great, and I’ll be kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I know what you mean dude, I have had that problem in the past. But I dont have any on my machine now adays 😀

  13. Nice post Tyler, I have a lot of ideas some times and I just don’t fulfill them. I should do, it may help!

    Carl –

  14. I have a few databases and ebooks and methods that are collecting dust. Guess I decide to use them because of this post 🙂 .

    Great motivational speech.

  15. Tom Ross says:

    Interesting post, and definitely something that I can relate to. If I look back and consider if I’d really gone for every idea I’ve ever had I’m sure that I’d be rich by now. All failed attempts will be a huge learning experience anyway, so you’re essentially paying the cost of a domain to learn a lot (seems like good value to me)

  16. Start doing is the best advice I have heard in a while. I feel reading something then trying it is the best. Just reading isnt going to do anything if you dont put it into effect.

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  18. Flimjo says:

    The “start doing” advice is something the majority of people never put into action. Everyone always talks about how “some day” they’ll start a blog or a business, but they never follow through.

  19. Mohamed says:

    Hi Tyler,

    Found your website through Winning The Web whom I found through John Chow — great to see so many Canadians and in particular British Columbians making it big!

    There is definately a lot of good advice on your site — and this is by far the best. ACTION.

    You can read all you want, but until you take action nothing will happen.



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  21. Hi,

    Read your post a second time – and this is the story of my foray into Internet Marketing. In fact I hated to admit it — but I found that until I admitted what I had done, it was tough to get on with other projects. So I actually posted what I’d done on my about page. Yup. I spent A LOT of money on the latest *everything* — and unfortunately have fallen for the odd get-rich-quick-scheme — but NO MORE! I do my best to unsubscribe to all the “guru” sites I subscribed to (there are LOTS) and no matter HOW tempting a product looks becuase of the slick marketing and sales letter/pitch — I AM NOT BUYING!

    Step 1 – STOP THE INSANITY, stop falling for the gurus pitches; ditch ’em!

    Step 2 – READ and FOLLOW blogs where the owners are not forcing you to buy $10,000/seat seminars to learn how to make money. There is no secret!!! There are many sites that offer good, FREE information (like mine). 😉

    Step 3 – ACTION – like Nike says – JUST DO IT! …er, I think that’s what they say???

    Take care,


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  23. I have to agree 100%. A lot of the time I catch myself reading other people’s blogs for three or four hours when I only planned on reading a couple of articles.

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  25. Great post and something I am horribly guilty of myself…wasting time on the internet. The funny thing is that I have had a lot of success but the urge to waste time on forums or blogs still seems to trump creating content.


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