The Whistley Man: Captured

April 10, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

So I awoke from my late afternoon nap, put my contacts in and headed over to my computer. I felt really hot from my nap so I went to open my balcony door a bit to let some nice fresh air in.

About 5 minutes later, while checking e-mails and whatnot, he came.

He is him. The Whistley Man.

The Whistley Man usually comes out only early in the morning or late at night. And he’s not alone. Oh no. He brings along his little white dog, and takes it out to go for a little walk and to go to the bathroom. The Whistley Man is a rather large man and uses arm crutches to help him walk, and he walks very slow. While he walks, he whistles. He whistles loud. Very loud.

I most often am aware of The Whistley Man when he wakes me up early in the morning from this insanely loud whistling, or else later at night when I’m on the computer doing work. The fact that he walks around (so spookily, I may add) in the parking lot, which has the apartments on one side, and a large forest on the other, only magnifys the volume.

I’ve run into him, down there, in the parking lot, a few times. He could be considered a type of Parking Lot Troll, as he won’t let you pass without greeting you with a bit of friendly conversation. He’s a nice enough man, but he’s spooky. And whistley.

Anyhow, I decided to grab my camera and shoot a tiny little clip of him, to show anyone who may be interested.

Update: I’ve since removed this video from my server, sorry!

In other news, MMAForums’s skin is just about done. Terrorist #1 put the skin up today, finally, but it’s not gone ‘public’ yet; only admins can see it. Also, tomorrow he needs to put the last finishing touches on it, integrating it a bit more, and adding forum status icons, etc. New skin should be live late tomorrow.

I also sold all of my domains. I sold them to a guy, all of them for 50% off my asking price, for $340. From all the little $10-$20 domains I bought here and there over the past 3 months or so, I bought around 40, for around $500, and sold them for around $1500. While it’s easy money, it isn’t good money, so I won’t be doing that anymore. I did it before just for some easy no-brain extra income to put into projects, and while it did do that, it wasn’t worth my time to make that amount of money.

However, this is just for cheap domains. Even though I consider myself to have a very high level of expectation for domains in terms of quality, I will only purchase domains now that are in the upper echelon; so around $50 and up in purchase price. So really, I’ll be buying very few domains in the future, with the intention of reselling.

American Labourer #1 has been plugging along for and I send him another grand to keep on going.

Project AA is also making good progress.

Still haven’t decided what to do with

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10 Responses to “The Whistley Man: Captured”

  1. guk6kk says:

    i think it’s illegal to take a video of someone secretly…

  2. Uzzz says:

    Ah, it’s actually kinda soothing…i was expecting annoying…but then again…i just heard it once..hmm…reminds me of kill bill for some reason…

    Oh, quick question about domains…lets take for example….did u also get singular (gymnasticsforum,gymnasticforums etc) n plural versions as well as .com .net .org etc…How many domains did you actually get to protect your own domain?


  3. Admin says:

    Dude I’m all with guk9kk, why are you even videotaping some guy just because he whistles. That really is kind of invasive.. and very weird..

  4. PigsnieLite says:

    I just wanted to see the dog but your movie wuz mostly damp parking lot. The cat is cute. Whose is it? Your hand held camera is very shaky. I felt like I had the bends. Yar.

  5. Tyler says:

    What’s invasive is whistling at 6 in the morning so loud it’s impossible to sleep through. Anyhow, you may want to lighten up – I thought it was hilarious.

    uzzz – If I’m buying the .com, then I’m usually buying the .net and .org as well, unless it’s not that great of a domain. If I’m buying a .net or .org, it’s because I can’t buy the .com/.net/.org

    As far as plurals go, again, if there was a real premium forum domain.. say.. – i’d buy,,,, – but otherwise, if it’s just a ‘decent’ forum domain, im just getting the .com and maybe .net and .org’s.

  6. Uzzz says:

    cool, thanks.

    Using your example, would you also get etc?…Just want to know if that would boost your seo greatly because of the added keyword value (movies instead of movie)?

    And which would be your main domain, movieforums or moviesforums (first one obviously sounds better)

    Thanks for your time Tyler…you gotta start charging soon;)

  7. Tyler says:

    Well, it’s not all about SEO – In fact, I do little-to-no SEO on any of my sites, just the very basics.

    The domain should have decent SEO awareness in mind, but the most important part would be branding; is it easy to remember? Easy to spell,type,etc.? If domains were all about SEO, people be going on those mad dash domains everyone was so “sure” about a couple years ago with rich keywords (ex. “”, “”.

    Thus I’d definitely get but not I wouldn’t even register it for reg fee!

  8. Is your forum designer still in business? I’ve tried contacting him but received no response and his domain expired too.

  9. brandon says:

    I have to say that I kind of find his whistling soothing. You may actually miss it if he ever stops walking by your apartment. He’s just expressing his happiness to be alive =). It’s all good.


  10. Tyler says:

    onlinemoneymakers – No I haven’t. I managed to track down his phone number, but haven’t phoned him yet, as the time differences haven’t really allowed me to yet.

    When is the last time you’ve heard from him?


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