Tyler’s 2007 Goals

December 24, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz
  • Tyler’s 2007 Goals
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Tyler’s 2007 Goals

Justin Chelf tagged me to list my goals for 2007.

I will assume they are professional/business based.

Here then, are my work goals for 2007.

1. Get PublisherSpot established with content and making $100+ a month
2. Do extensive SEO and reprograming of Movie-Vault
3. Average $75+ a month from MMAForums
4. Grow PublisherForums’s traffic and forum activity dramatically; average $300+ a month
5. Establish a good work ethic, hopefully working an average of 3+ hours per day
6. Finish Replayer
7. And last but not least: Earn more than 2006!

Okay, so they aren’t the most interesting or motivating goals for 2007… what can I say?

I’ve in turn tagged Jon.

Condo Update

Remember those photos I posted of that condo in my last update? Well I made an offer on it a couple days ago! The next day I got the counter-offer. Granted, my offer was pretty low compared to their listing price, but their counter was a drop of only $5,000 and was stated as final. Still a decent price for the place.. I quite liked that place, but it’s just slightly out of my pricerange without putting myself too far out financially so I let it drop.

I then spent the majority of the other day deciding on two other places I had also looked at. I was going to make an offer on one of them yesterday but when I phoned my realtor, he said somebody else just placed an offer on it! It was countered and the counter was quite high, so that’s out of the picture now too.

So there is one last place I’m interested in. See, I’m not thrilled or jumping for joy for the place, but I want to buy something quick as I only have a certain window of time as it’s still a buyer’s market now, and I can’t wait a year as real-estate is skyrocketing here at a strong and steady pace.

The place I’m going to make an offer on is a townhouse.

I made a request to get a second viewing of it, and should hopefully be going out today to see it again. It is already listed at an affordable rate, so it’s definitely affordable by me, but I’d still like to see a reduction on it.

The kitchen could use a new fridge and stove… they are pretty dated. But that’s an affordable thing I could do in the future, it’s really just aesthetics anyhow.

It’s just over 1000 square feet, with two floors. I’d have my office upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Hopefully my desk isn’t a huge pain moving upstairs, if it fits at all…

From what I remember from the view viewing, the townhouse is pretty decent. I love the paint and colour of the place, and it has great African art which melds with the colour scheme perfectly. I wonder if they’d be willing to leave those with the place…

However, I still need a second viewing before committing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Partly for seeing if and how all my stuff would fit in.

It’s a townhouse so it’s different than a condo in many ways, a few being:

1. It’s like a mini-house. There’s nobody above or below you, only neighbours to either side. You get your own mailbox out front, your own little mini-yard, etc.

2. There’s no elevator or long flight of stairs to carry groceries to.

3. Parking spot is right outside your door, just a few steps away. Condos parking isn’t a whole lot farther, but I still view this as a plus; imagine parking and being inside your home 9 seconds later…

4. One less door to lock/unlock. In a condo you have to first unlock the front door, then your unit door…

5. You get two floors instead of one (some condos have two but you’re paying around a million dollars for it :P)

Anyhow, wish me luck on things. I’ll keep you guys posted.

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6 Responses to “Tyler’s 2007 Goals”

  1. Have you examined the demographics of the area? I’d look at the crime rate, quality of schools, foreclosures, etc. Have you thought about going into your local public records office and find out who is late on their payments? Then, contact the homeowner and make them an offer to buy the place outright? A friend of mine does this and makes a fortune!

    By the way, I’d definitely ask the owner to replace the stove and the fridge. Or, you can always buy it off of Craigslist.


  2. justin chelf says:

    Goal 5 is one I think I need to add to my list! I think the condo looks will be fine just needs a tyler special touch added.

    Also, about mma forum I am going to register now but if you have any kind of things to hand out I would be willing to pass them out as I am a chief instructor at a karate studio 🙂


  3. wesley says:

    $100 a month? Oh wow how will you ever manage that??? What kind of pussy goals are these? Change all “per month” to “per day” and then we’re talking!

    Merry christmas

  4. beepblip says:

    hey tyler,

    like your blog, openness, and attitude. hang in there.

    on the movie-vault.com SEO. I thought you sold that domain?

    take it easy…

  5. Jane says:


    I like the condo/ townhouse piece. I recently wrote about my first condo purchase and areas to watch out for when purchasing, financing and especially remodeling. Part I of the article starts with the rationale of buying my first place and the challenges that came with it. Hopefully this helps…



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