Winner of PublisherChallenge Shares Secret

September 22, 2009 Posted by Tyler Cruz

A few weeks ago, PeerFly’s Summer Challenge on PublisherChallenge came to a finish.

Paul Piotrowski, IMM on PublisherChallenge, ended up winning the top prize of the Main Category. Shortly after winning, he made a very detailed blog post revealing how he won and more importantly, how he planned to win.

Paul is an occasional guest poster here and runs the blog He is a huge believer and follower in personal development, self-improvement, and self-reflection (think Tony Robbins). Paul used various visualization techniques before he even started to compete in the competition, and in the end his visualizations came true.

Paul’s detailed post is titled How I Manifested a Mac Book Pro For Free and I recommend reading since this post is really just a summary of his.

The PeerFly Summer Challenge ran for 2 months, but Paul kept procrastinating and hadn’t committed to joining and participating until there were only 2 weeks left. This meant that everyone else had a 6-week head start on him. He took the following screenshot at that time, showing that he was in 90th place with only 19 days remaining.


As you know, in the end he managed to secure first place. It wasn’t easy though, and he had to work hard to push himself past his rival, 2114. But in the end he did it.


The following snippet from his post sums it up well:

“Things come up.  Life gets in the way.  You get busy with “stuff” and that’s exactly what I did for two weeks!  I kept thinking about the competition but I wasn’t taking any action towards winning.

Finally on Aug 14th I knew I had to make a decision.  Commit to winning this laptop and do whatever is necessary to win it, or stop thinking about it.

I decided to commit myself to winning, and I began to take action.“

As a reward for his efforts, determination, and perseverance, Paul won a brand new MacBook Pro Package.

1st place was actually a 52-Inch Samsung 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV, but Paul already had a big screen TV so he asked PeerFly if he could have the cash value in the form of a Macbook Pro instead. I’m only mentioning this because I wanted Paul to get the big screen TV so that I could have delivered it to his door and made a Tyler McMahon appearance.

Here is Paul with his brand new Macbook Pro. If you touch it, he will slice you open with his samurai swords behind him.


Now that Paul has a Macbook Pro, he can finally edit videos like a pro since iMovie rocks. He made his first video shortly after winning. Since it was his first video, he didn’t realize quite how long it was so it’s a VERY long video at half-an-hour, but he goes into detail how he won the competition through visualization techniques.

If you have any questions for Paul, feel free to post them at his original post, or ask them directly here, I’m sure he will respond to you in detail.

Congrats Paul!

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51 Responses to “Winner of PublisherChallenge Shares Secret”

  1. Greg Ellison says:

    Congrats to Paul for winning the prize. It was cool that he saw the first prize in his mind. He went the distance and won it. Greg Ellison

  2. Roz says:

    Good on him for winning it.

    But a bit over the top with his “strategy”. “Visualizing the win”. Cut the crap.

    You win by buying traffic, and making money.

    You could even run at a loss to win this competition and make it worth your while.

    • Briefcases says:

      Good point Roz. With a prize like that, it would’ve been a great time to test a bunch of offers even if it meant losing money on some of them. I don’t like how he is taking a financial win and turning it around and crediting it all to visualization.

    • Here’s a list of a few people who highly recommend the use of visualization techniques and have used them to increase their success.

      – Frank Kern – Amongst other things, made 18 Million in a 24h period of time
      – Anthony Robbins – Makes somewhere around 300 Mill / year
      – Jim Carrey
      – Andre Agassi
      – Michael Jordan
      – Bruce Lee
      – Napoleon Hill
      – Deepak Chopra
      – Wayne Dyer
      – etc.

      You can pretty much add almost every professional athlete to that list too.

      Trust me, 15 years ago I used to think all this stuff is “hokey”, but then I decided to give it a try anyways and it works.

      • Briefcases says:

        You’re still spouting your bs? I don’t care about some random list of rich people who may or may not have claimed they use visualization. Don’t flatter yourself and compare yourself to such great people. You happened to win a laptop through some contest. Get over yourself.

        • – Frank Kern – Core Influence DVD & Mind Movies Launch. Frank talks about in detail how he used the “Perfect Day” exercise and Visualization to attract the life he has

          – Anthony Robbins – Personal Power 2 & Pretty much every other product he created, he talks about Visualization. In Personal Power 2 he even has a visualization exercise he teaches.

          – Jim Carrey – Wrote himself a check for $10M when he was broke and used to drive up to rich people’s houses in Hollywood to visualize himself living up there. He then landed his role in “The Mask” which paid him $10M just a few days prior to the date he wrote on the check.

          – Andre Agassi – Coached by Tony Robbins after losing his touch. Tony Robbins taught him certain Visualization and State Management exercises. Agassi went on to win Wimbledon.

          – Bruce Lee – Wrote himself a “Visualization” check as well, just like Jim Carrey. It’s publicly viewable in a restaurant in Manhatten. I can’t remember the exact one, but I could look it up.

          Also, if you read any of Bruce Lee’s books, his “Philosophy” goes way beyond just visualization.

          – Napoleon Hill – Read “Think and Grow Rich”, it’s in there.

          – Wayne Dyer – “The Power of Intention”, it’s in there.

          I have over 1,000 books in my library. I could list hundreds of authors that talk about visualization.

          But, it really doesn’t matter. You can choose to believe what you wish.

          I just shared what I did to win the laptop. If you think my visualizations had nothing to do with winning, that’s up to you to believe.

          • Briefcases says:

            Say what you want about visualization, but you won this laptop by out marketing people. Visualization may have given you the motivation to enter the contest, but it was better marketing that won the laptop. Visualizing things doesn’t make them true. It is hard work and dedication that does. So cut the BS.

        • I don’t understand why you insist on put his methods of acheiving success down. If it works… why not try it.

  3. Andrew says:

    If he’s so good at motivational stuff, why did it take him six weeks to join in the first place?

    • In the video I explain why I didn’t enter the competition until late in the game.

      • Andrew says:

        I know, but surely if this visualization stuff works, you coulda just ‘visualized’ yourself into the competition earlier, right?

        Kinda seems you get people saying these things ‘work’ only if they’ve succeeded with it. Which means it’s down to luck, skill and effort just like everything else in life.

        Yeah, you might put more effort in if you ‘visualize’ it, but it’s still all about the effort, not the visualization stuff itself.

        It sounds hokey and you thought it was hokey because it IS hokey. But then it worked once or twice for you by chance and you fell for it. I’ll show you why you fell for it…

        Let me give you a link to Positivity effect.

        It basically states that if something good happens, you tend to take credit for it. When you win (while visualizing), you say it’s because visualization works. You try and give yourself credit for it.

        But if bad stuff happens it’s because of external influences. When you lose (while visualizing), you say it’s not because visualization doesn’t work, it’s because of other stuff going on.

        Couple that up with fading affect bias (“in which the emotion associated with unpleasant memories fades more quickly than the emotion associated with positive events”), and you’ve set yourself up to believe that good things will always happen when you visualize and actually totally forget about the countless other times when it doesn’t work (which happens farrr more often).

        Motivational swindlers make a good deal of money from stuff like this.

        • You’re free to believe whatever you wish.

          I’ve tested all this “hokey visualization” stuff in my life for many years and it works for me.

          This isn’t the place to discuss it, but I have taken into account and tested positive bias and such.

          At the very minimum, science has proven that visualization activates the brain’s Reticular Activating System.

          As I said though, you’re welcome to believe whatever you wish. I just shared my story and told people what I did. If they believe visualization had nothing to do with it, that’s their choice.

  4. Well, this is the very reason why I’m a subscriber of Pauls… but damn man, you gave up a big screen tv for a Macbook instead?! I know you have one already but damn, look at you with the options options option! lol


  5. that was a great read…thanks for the link Tyler. Personally, I would have taken the TV, you can never have too many of those! But regardless, the winner got what he wanted/needed and fought hard for it. Great story!

  6. Congrats to Paul. He had a great story and I think he deserves the price. Good for him to win.

  7. Diabetis says:

    Did he tell you how he manage to do it?

  8. Sean says:

    Cool vid, very Frank Kern-like.

  9. Congratulations to Paul. This confirms my belief that the only thing that prohibits people from reaching their goals is the limitations that they put on themselves via their thoughts and fears.

  10. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Congratulation to Paul who won a MacBook! I admire his attitude and effort that he put on the challenge, I’m curious how can he did that to get into 1st place in short period, effort paid off.


  11. Melvin says:

    Wow, this is just inspiring. Quite amazing to actually jump from nowhere to the first place.

    I remember the old times when Paul was just getting started with (and had a seperate blog on it). But now it seems he has come a loooong way!


  12. EarningStep says:

    that was amazing … really amazed with this….

  13. Thanks guys. It was fun to compete. I actually learned a lot about myself in those few weeks. I realized that I’m way more motivated by friendly competition and “goals” than I am about making money.

  14. Rob says:

    Oh my god, come on, leave out all these bullshit phrases like “i learned a lot about my self” and so on – by the way, maybe you should spend a little more money on the celebration, taking your wife to an all you can eat restaurant isn´t that special, dude.

  15. Joe says:

    I understand your method Paul, but the way you make it sound makes it look like some tony robbins rah rah nonsense crap.

    You could go further if you didn’t make it sound like some “floating above the ground” zen bs.

  16. Hey I am happy for you, congrats I am sure you have invested a lot of time and work into online marketing, if you haven’t then kudos anyway you deserve it.

  17. Congrats Paul!
    I think that the visualization techniques are definitely effective to produce results.

  18. How do I get a chance to win?

  19. Congrats, thanks for the video 🙂 Enjoyed the post, as always!

  20. […] an interesting thing happened when Tyler Cruz posted a Blog post on his site which talked about me winning this laptop and he put a direct link from his site to my article and […]

  21. […] an interesting thing happened when Tyler Cruz posted a Blog post on his site which talked about me winning this laptop and he put a direct link from his site to my article and […]

  22. that is a lucky guy! hey when did this contest started? i never heard about this.

  23. ATV Auction says:

    Sorry but this guy sounds like a big douche after reading this post and some of the replies. I don’t know why he has to spout all the bs about visualization. Does he really expect people to be impressed or something? Get over it dude.

  24. Congrats to the winner! That’s exactly what I did when I used to do GPT sites. I would just crawl out when there are only a few days left!


  25. Buy Generic says:

    It was refreshing to see a new perspective, from a new vantage point. Thank you.

  26. All I can say is Wow. There are some amazing people out there who really know their stuff. I’ve been doing bits and bobs on the net for around a year and haven’t got nywhere near a fraction of the success he has. I’d love to be so confident about my abilities too!

  27. thats cool he win! a big congrats to the winner!am sure you have invested a lot of time and work into online marketing. im happy for the dude wahehe

    Network Marketing

  28. Turkey says:

    Options I think is very nice:)

  29. that is a lucky guy! hey when did this contest started? i never heard about this.

  30. This was a sweet challenge, and its better that he actually shares his story.

  31. Great man!! Really inspiring.

  32. Congrats to the winner! That’s cool.


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