It’s Time to Do Another 180

April 12, 2014 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I better get another blog post up before I let it get too far away from me again. This post will still not be the "Where the hell have I been?" post that I plan to publish soon, but is somewhat related to it. Many years ago, I used to be super-focused when I worked. […]

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Why I’m Not a Baller at $40,000 Profit a Month

June 7, 2013 Posted by Tyler Cruz

In my affiliate marketing income report from a few days ago, I touched on the fact that despite my recent success in affiliate marketing, that I actually live a very middle-class lifestyle. In fact, I would argue that I may even currently live slightly below the average middle-class lifestyle. This may seem a bit odd. […]

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Tying Up Loose Ends

April 28, 2013 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I apologize for not posting in a while. I’ve been working during this whole time, just not on my blog. A month ago, I published a post called Getting To The Next Level in Affiliate Marketing in which I outline and describe the various roadblocks that are stopping me from getting to the next level […]

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Getting To The Next Level in Affiliate Marketing

March 11, 2013 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Warning: long post. Ugh. I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated lately. March is not going nearly as well as February, although it’s going a bit better than I expected. But that’s not why I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated because I know that I can reach the "next level" in affiliate marketing if I just focus and […]

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