I’m Making $86,000 a Year From TRUE Passive Income

September 21, 2017 Posted by Tyler Cruz

First off, a warning that this title is somewhat of a clickbait, although not entirely. In fact, it’s mostly accurate. Keep reading. In a recent blog post, I gave an update on everything that happened to my first income property during its first two years. I also shared my numbers in regards to rental income […]

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My Income Property: Two Years Later

August 25, 2017 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Two years ago, I received the keys to my first income property. It has also been exactly 2 years since my last update on it. This post will get you caught up to speed with what went on during those 2 years since my last post and also on Arizona Air BNB Company. First off, […]

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Setting Up Property Management, The Smell of Marijuana, and a Scare

July 18, 2015 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s been a week since my last post and since I’ve been getting slightly better with the post frequency over the past 2-3 months, I thought I’d better throw a new post up. There hasn’t been a whole lot that happened over the past week. I guess I took it a little bit easy once […]

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I Have The Keys To My First Income Property!

July 11, 2015 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Nearly one year ago exactly, I announced how I was interested in investing (or rather, having the company of which I am the sole shareholder – gotta keep the lawyers happy) in buy-and-hold real estate property for “passive income” generation. And to ensure a smooth and legally sound process, I engaged the services of a […]

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