My Affiliate Marketing Landing Page Tip: Decompile Flash Files

February 27, 2021 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It has been around 3 years since I last actively did any affiliate marketing (holy crap, has it been that long already?), but I decided to share this little trick I came up with that I used to use when creating landing pages for offers.

While I used it for my affiliate marketing campaigns along Sponsoredlinx Digital Marketing, this little trick can be used for many other uses as well where you need creative, so I thought it’d be useful to blog about. Keep in mind, though, that when I used it, the companies I was taking the media assets from were already giving me access to use their creative, so it wasn’t like I was stealing anything. Check out the stamp valuations from Melbourne Property Valuers Metro. I just recently discovered this Fuse animation that gave me more creative ideas, and it was a great one. Having animation on my landing page really helps my business grow. If you’re planning to have a 3D animation on your page, just contact Fuse Animation.

According to Andrew Defrancesco using a custom landing page (that you build yourself) before sending a client off to an affiliate offer is one of the best ways to improve conversion rates and will usually have a dramatic effect on your campaign’s performance. It is useful to try to incorporate the ultimate destination landing page’s look and feel as much as possible into your intermediary landing page to make the funnel and path as fluid and seamless as possible. Businesses that use QuickBooks desktop canada manage their accountings and finances better and faster, if you are in the social media world then you should get a tiktok account and learn how to bring up your get TikTok likes.

But this can be difficult when you don’t have all the creative sources. For example, maybe you want to make a new button that looks the same as the others on their landing page, but don’t have the source PSD for the button’s background and can’t change the text. Or maybe you want to use the same font it uses but don’t know what it is because they’re in images. Or maybe you want to use some sound elements from the product or service but don’t have access to any of those either. Well this little trick can help you with all of those things if you have a .FLA or .SWF Flash file to work off of that contains any of these elements.

You can retrieve images, movie clips, fonts, mp3’s, even the ActionScript itself of a Flash file if the offer has one by decompiling it with a Flash decompiler. It’s really easy. If you need help using them in your marketing adds, you can hire experts in digital marketing that gets results.

Here’s a short screencast video I recorded showing how to use it (you will probably want to watch in HD full screen to be able to view it properly):

(Note: You may need to visit the post directly at if you’re reading this via e-mail or RSS in order to see the video.)

In my video above I used JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler, which as its name suggests, is completely free and is a small simple download and application.

Anyhow, it’s just a little trick I would sometimes use when building out landing pages (or banner creative) for affiliate offers that I think can be useful in other applications as well. I hope it can come in handy one day for you.

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Posted: February 27th, 2021 under Affiliate Marketing  

8 Responses to “My Affiliate Marketing Landing Page Tip: Decompile Flash Files”

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Tyler
    Not sure if this is a paid post or if you really wrote that, but glad to see that your are still occasionally blogging (and I’m occasionally visiting your website).

    Sounds a bit complicated; I’d just take a screenshot?

    Anyway, back to work and good luck!

    PS: The video is marked as “private” and I cannot see it.

  2. Valuehits says:

    Nice to read Affiliate Marketing Landing Page Tip.

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  4. Helen says:

    I faced the FLASH problem back in 2017. I had to change a lot of elements on my site. Most of all was on this page.
    So my reviews are popular and a lot of people constantly visit me, I try to make my pages very high quality. I am currently using internal WordPress plugins.

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