5 Things I Learned From My First Kickstarter Campaign

February 1, 2016 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Five weeks ago, I published a blog post announcing that I had created a Kickstarter project. I’m sure you’ll remember it. Unfortunately, it finished as a total flop and I only ended up “raising” around $264 USD of my $50,000 USD goal. Since it wasn’t met, none of the backers will be charged though. Now, […]

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My Case Study on TwitterCounter Follower Advertising

November 29, 2015 Posted by Tyler Cruz

A few years ago, I posted a couple of case studies when I used the service Twiends in an effort to boost the number of followers I had on Twitter. Fast forward to today, and I’ve managed to keep a very high retention rate from those followers. In fact, I currently have 92,500 followers. Unfortunately, […]

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How I Gained 25,000 Real Twitter Followers

April 17, 2012 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Close to 5 months ago, I published a blog post titled How I Gained 10,000 Real Twitter Followers. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you do, as I am not going to repeat what I already wrote there in this post. At the time I published that post, nearly 5 months ago, […]

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A Quick Overview of IDN and Punycode

September 7, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

About a week ago, I was approving a new publisher to 1upAds.com when I noticed that his submitted website domains were very suspicious. He had entered half a dozen domains that looked like the following: xn—k2j02n2alsdkf0d.com, xn—a0j0n323kflkjd.com, xn—pqopwpqgjbk2jblka.com, etc. My initial thought was that these sites were garbage – very low quality sites that were […]

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