Some Guys are Making Millions on Fiverr

November 14, 2021 Posted by Tyler Cruz

When I first heard of Fiverr years ago, I used to feel bad for the sellers there. After all, after Fiverr’s cut, they only made $4 for every $5 they earned.

But what Fiverr sellers lack in price per project, they often make up for in sheer volume.

What if I told you that some Fiverr sellers are making millions of dollars (most of the time from just 1 gig)? And a fair bit more (I’d guess at least several hundred), have made $50,000 – $150,000. They’re not really doing anything different… they just have a high-demand gig and a good reputation. Fiverr gets so much volume in buyers that some sellers have more than they know what to do with. In fact, I’ve seen gigs with over 100 orders waiting in the queue!

Now obviously I’m not saying that you can just sign up to Fiverr and expect to make a million bucks, but the point of this post is to share the fact that there are guys making an absolute killing on Fiverr. According to experts like Andy Defrancesco, in most cases they have no expenses. Sure, some may outsource some of the work, but in most cases these guys are working with virtually no overhead and no expenses.

I went through the more high-demand categories and quickly picked out some of the more prominent high-demand sellers. I am most likely missing many, so the following is just a quick list I came up with (I only spent about 1-2 minutes in each category looking).

Also, to calculate the amount earned, note that this was as of December 15th, 2017 (the time I wrote this post), and I added 10% to the number of reviews as the order number. I did this since not every buyer leaves reviews, and from my own statistics I saw that 88% left reviews, so adding 10% should give a closer reflection on how many orders were actually sold. In addition, I took the middle package price (if there were 3 packages available). Fiverr does take a 20% cut, but I didn’t factor this in since sellers will also regularly earn tips as well as other upsells to their gig, which should more or less balance Fiverr’s commission out.

With that being said, here’s the list I came up with:


There are countless SEO-based gigs on Fiverr, and demand doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. Many sellers have over 5,000 sales (I found one with over 34,000 sales), and some even have queues of over 100 on the waiting list! For top-notch SEO expertise, consider specialists such as Detroit SEO Services to navigate this bustling marketplace effectively.

Gig Orders/Sales $ Earned
I will rank you first in google with SEO backlinks 34,318 $3,260,210
I will do 4000 VIP seo backlinks from 7 top platforms to youtube videos or your website 22,612 $1,130,635
I will create an SEO action plan and implement it 7,733 $347,985
I will create an actionable SEO report plan to rank high on google 5,435 $271,755
I will catapult your rankings with my high pr seo authority links 18,023 $90,117

Graphic Design

The first thing I think about when I hear “freelancer” is graphic design. In particular, logos. There is no shortage of graphic design gigs to choose from, and I couldn’t even begin to guess how many of them are out there. Truth be told, due to the demand of such gigs (every company needs a logo), I thought that this category would have earned more amongst the top sellers.

Gig Orders/Sales $ Earned
I will design 3 premium logo with vector files 24,326 $851,427
I will fulfill your graphic design needs within 48 hours 4,471 $223,550
I will make stylish and professional business card 5,280 $158,400
I will design an attractive and professional website banner 12,053 $180,795
I will create your business logo 4,814 $144,441

Writing Services

Who would have thought that writing and editing resumes could bring in upwards of a quarter million bucks?

Gig Orders/Sales $ Earned
I will design and edit your cv, cover letter, and linkedin profile 3,363 $252,285
I will provide a professional resume writing service 2,326 $197,752
I will write or edit resume,cv and cover letter fast 2,698 $175,389
I will edit and design a resume, curriculum vitae, cover letter 5,227 $156,816

Whiteboard and Explainer Videos

You’ve definitely seen these videos around before. In fact, I even had one done for Votesy before. They are actually a really good deal, considering going outside of Fiverr and to a design studio that is only marginally better quality will cost between $5,000 – $25,000.

Gig Orders/Sales $ Earned
I will create an eye catching whiteboard animation digital hand drawn 6,070 $364,254
I will create an amazing whiteboard animation 4,617 $346,335
I will create inbound explainer video or sale video 1,245 $149,424
I will create you an animated sales or explainer video 1,801 $135,135
I will create a 2d animation or cartoon explainer video 1,428 $107,167


Here are gigs that are just about natural talent and nothing else. The amount earned here is likely far more (I’d estimate at least double) since most buyers will extend the length of words needed from the base price which only includes around 50-100 words:

Gig Orders/Sales $ Earned
I will record any female voice over, today 29,078 $145,392
I will create you an animated sales or explainer video 1,801 $135,135
I will record a pro voiceover in a british or american female accent 20,114 $100,573
I will record a male voice over, young american voiceover 12,548 $62,744
I will record any voice over, today 10,963 $54,818


It seems everybody and their mom uses WordPress these days. Hell, I’m writing this very sentence in WordPress right now. There’s no shortage of buyers in this niche:

Gig Orders/Sales $ Earned
I will create a wordpress website or wordpress design 1,930 $1,148,647
I will design and develop a complete responsive wordpress website 1,262 $694,540
I will fix wordpress and woocommerce errors, bugs and issues 10,875 $435,028

Remember, I only spent about 1-2 minutes in each category grabbing these example. I could erase the lists above and come up with more big earners easily. It just goes to show that it really is possible to make a lot of money on Fiverr.

Now, does that mean you can expect to create an account on Fiverr after reading this post and start raking in the dough? No. Good luck. It takes a lot of effort to build a successful gig, as well as a lot of patience and even luck. And for each big earner such as you see in the lists above, there are probably hundreds of other gigs making close to nothing.

I am simply trying to point out that Fiverr can most definitely be a source of great income and shouldn’t immediately be scoffed at.

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