$11,000+ in 20 Days

July 20, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Hi again. Miss me? I missed you…

Today’s workload:

  • PFO: $11,000+ in 20 Days
  • Charity Plug
  • Apartment Photos and Videos

PFO: $11,000+ in 20 Days

Last week I had posted how PFO had beat it’s best-month record by climbing into the 5-digit field. So far, 20 days into July, the site has made $11,000. That’s an average of $550 a day this month so far! There is even more money from advertisers that has been received, but I haven’t received their creatives yet, so I haven’t started their campaign nor run them through the “system”. But I should be getting those soon, and July should end having made $12,000 – an average of $400 a day for the month.

But we all know we can’t calculate real average earnings like that, don’t we 🙂 However, it will indeed help when I recalculate my average earnings on August 1st. Let’s pray that I beat $167 a day!

I have some more good news. Remember that advertiser that ordered a large aggressive campaign a couple weeks back? Well, it isn’t confirmed yet but it looks like they are going to renew for next month! That’s another $4,500! Hey, I’ll take it.. I need it! Luckily my members took well to their campaigns and enjoy the site so it’s a win-win situation, which always makes me feel good. Cross your fingers and hope they do indeed to go through.

My advertising waiting list for my 468×60’s is a mile long, so I went and increased the prices again. The top and top middle 468×60 ads I’ve increased from $375 to $400 and the 125×125 I’ve increased from $275 to $300.

I won’t say that the increase doesn’t make me a bit apprehensive – a $25 increase is afterall 7% more, but I can justify I think by having more than a couple advertisers on the waiting list for them and not having any long periods of time without them being sold. Also, I’m trying to gradually do a bit more and more affiliating myself.

I’ll finish off this section on PokerForums by addressing the statement than many people make about me: “Oh, he’s making all his money off of his poker site”. Well, that’s true. The majority of my income is indeed from PFO. However, let’s not forget that I’ve built or bought and sold a large number of sites in the past, and I have three other sites producing income right now. But my real rebuttle is that I’m spending the majority of my time working on PFO. It’s not like I’m spending all of my time building new sites and trying desperately to monetize them – sure, I’m working on many other projects right now to diversify and provide a more stable economic ground underneath myself, but part of why I’m making money from PFO is because I spend a lot of time on it.

Charity Plug

I had somebody e-mail me asking:

Massive favour alert, so please ignore it’s too big. I’ve just spent the last eight months developing a community website that is trying to raise $6 million for five international charities. The project is an attempt to make the largest artistic collaboration of all time, officially breaking a world record.

Crux is that we have to get 1 million people to join in, so I’m using every means that I possibly can to publicise it.

Ah well, I don’t mind doing a bit of goodwill here and there 😉 So here’s a plug for his charity fundraising endeavour:

“Ever wanted to become a world record breaker? Well here’s your chance!Join the One Million Masterpiece and take part in the World’s largestever artistic collaboration. All you need to do is complete one sectionof a giant picture – drawing what ever you want directly online.

The complete picture will be printed on an 80 meter canvas and unveiled onWorld Population Day 2007 as a symbol of global unity. The projecthopes to capture a unique visual snapshot of global society, and willraise over $6 million for global humanitarian and environmental causes.”


Apartment Photos and Videos

I spent between 2-4 hours everyday for the past 3 weeks cleaning my apartment in every nook and craney including the ceiling and behind the stove. So, this is what my place looks like having lived here for a year and 3 weeks now.

Please note that I’m not posting these in any attempt to ‘show off’; I don’t believe that this is anything to brag about – it’s a small apartment! However, I still can’t believe that all of this comfort is paid for through website income.

My place is usually very cluttered with dishes, mail, and other crap, but since I’ve cleaned it I think I’ve been more productive! For one, I find that if I go and do a whole apartment cleaning everyday and put everything back to ‘perfect’, that cleaning isn’t as time consuming since things are just simpler to clean when there’s less to do. For example, cleaning one hour a day for a week is not equal to letting things pile up and then clearning for 7 hours at the end of the week; the latter takes longer because you are not as organized.

Anyhow, I think I may give an earnest attempt to keep my place clean now. As I said, I’ve noticed myself being more productive. There’s two things I’ve noticed.

First, just taking a break from writing a blog entry or taking care of some e-mails by putting something in the oven or microwave really quick and getting a drink is much quicker than before. Before, I was lucky if I could find clean dishes. Then I’d have to weave my way through the jungle of dishes and clutter to find my microwave.. and even just walking through my apartment is easier, not having to jump over things, lol!

Secondly, being in a clean environment seems to have a bit of an influence in how your brain is organized as well. It’s as though being in a clean environment helps you be more oganized in your brain as well, and things are easier to deal with.

Below are 3 videos I made which give you a walking tour by yours truely through my apartment. I get a bit strange at the end asking readers of this blog carpet questions…

Note that there is a 3-second audio delay due to a conflict with my digital camera and YouTube.

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12 Responses to “$11,000+ in 20 Days”

  1. Bob Schmuck says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  2. Bob Schmuck says:

    Hi Tyler

    I just finished watching your 3rd video. I found the carpet question funny because I’ve been a professional carpet cleaner for my father for about 3 years now and he has been cleaning carpets professionally since 1990.

    1st Question:
    The Piano Bench indents would come out in time and are no big deal. In fact, you could remove them very easily by placing a wet solid white towel without any print on the indent and then placing an iron over the wet towel for about ten seconds. The steam raises the indent out. However I do not recommend doing this because the chance of the iron dropping and burning the carpet is too risky. You shouldn’t even worry about the indent. The cigarette burns require a little more work. If needed the professional carpet cleaning can use a piece of carpet from the closet to patch up the burns, which normally would be decided by the property manager. This process wouldn’t cost anymore than $100 extra and your deposit should cover that. With professional carpet cleaning, your carpet should come out very clean. You shouldn’t even worry about the price of replacing.

    2nd Question:
    I don’t think you need to worry about it but I will tell you anyways. Replacing that size of carpet would cost no more than $5,000.

    I hope this helps.

    Have a good one,
    Bob Schmuck

  3. Tyler says:

    Haha awesome, thanks a lot Bob. I’ve really been worried and paranoid about it.

    Cigarette burns – wow.. how’d you know? I didn’t even consider that but the previous owner was a horrible chain smoker (To date I’m still finding tar on my rags when I wash the windows, walls, etc.) so that’s definitely a possibility.

    As for the indents, yeah you’re right again – they somehow came up like 75% back to normal on their own already.. that’s so weird.. how does it do that?

  4. Admin says:

    tyler im no professional but i dont understand why you have all these forums but don’t seem to be advertising any of them.. Why don’t you do some major marketing for cooking-MMA-and some others?

  5. Bob Schmuck says:

    No problem, Tyler.

    Finally, my carpet knowledge has helped someone on the Internet. 🙂

    After seeing cigarette burns for the past 3 years cleaning carpets, you kind of get an eye for them. The size of the burns is typically caused by dumb-hand disease, which is when the hand falls asleep and the cigarette drops to the carpet and burns. Joking… I am not a smoker so I make fun of cigarette burns.

    The weight of the piano bench just compressed the carpet and after moving the bench it allowed the indents to expand to its normal size.

    Tyler, Keep up the good work.

  6. Tyler says:

    admin – I plan to eventually. The truth is that I’ve done very little actual work for the past year. I’m still working on finding my groove and trying to get energy, and such.

    If only I had the focus and energy I did a few years ago..

  7. Ryan Kusaba says:

    Awesome post Tyler. I am totally with you on that quarter thing because I live in a condo myself and always find myself running out of them.


  8. Tyler says:

    Haha yeah, it seems like overkill but I swear it’s saved me so much time and hassle. The bank clerk lady always looks at me funny and always wonders why I need it but they never have a problem cashing out in those denominations.

    Why my apartment doensn’t have a change machine beats me..

  9. Darron says:

    Dude, I wish I could make the kind of money you are making from your sites. Not looking for an apprentice are you 😉

  10. Dave Starr says:

    i really get a kick out of the nay-sayers you attract, Tyler … “Oh he’s just making all his money off his poker sitre” … well, doesn’t Mr. Green Eyes wish he was too.

    Poker is very hot right now, you were smart enough to get in on the ground floor and know how to tkae advantage of what you have … personally wish I had any venture that was bringing in $12K a month … let the wannabees and the ‘won’t doers” make all the comments they want, you just hang on to your deposit slips.

  11. I get a kick out of them too


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