15 Free Marketing Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss

March 6, 2011 Posted by James Adams

The following is a guest post by James Adams.

Millions of people are gradually turning to the Internet as their number one news, social, and entertainment medium of choice. And this shift is made possible because digital media in all of its shapes and forms is more accessible than ever before. People are simply more connected than they were five years ago in ways previously unimagined.

Along those lines, podcasting is an often under-appreciated, under-utilised way to connect people with the information they want. And this fact is especially true in the world of business and marketing strategies. Some marketing gurus compare regular podcasting to other forms of engaging, audience-centered social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Engaging a wide audience is certainly the name of the game when it comes to marketing and podcasting. And the beauty of it all is that anyone can create a podcast – just as anyone can start their own blog or website. All it takes is a simple download, the right computer hardware, and ideas that simply have to be shared with the world.

According to the most recent estimates, there are tens of thousands of podcasts uploaded daily to the Internet. Podcasters come from all walks of life and come with differing intentions too. You can find news podcasts alongside music specials and comedy acts all using the same platform. Check out https://cloudcovermusic.com/music-for-business/streaming-services-retail/ or other streaming sites to know more about music streaming.

Marketing and entrepreneur podcasts in particular hold a wealth of information for those interested in marketing news, business advice, and the latest upfront ideas. And the best part about these podcasts is that they are free of charge too. For additional info, below is a list of 15 podcasts you simply cannot afford to miss if you are in the marketing industry:

1. I Love Marketing – Dean Jackson and Joe Polish give marketing talk their own spin of comedy and substance. Not only is this podcast informative, it is an absolute pleasure to listen to as well. Dean and Joe have been discussing new marketing ideas, lead generation, and even marketing psychology for more than 15 years and have recently taken their act online.

2. Marketing over Coffee – Hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher Penn, the podcast Marketing Over Coffee is among the best marketing podcasts on the Internet. You might even describe it as charming since the show takes place every Wednesday at a donuts shop outside of Boston, MA. But don’t let the fun tone fool you, John and Christopher are marketing gurus in their own right and have a wealth of information to share with their loyal audience.

3. Managing the Gray – Users rave about the content of C.C. Chapman’s podcast Managing the Gray. C.C. has worked with some of the heavy hitters in the marketing industry. And he takes that expertise and applies it to his podcasts, which aim to educate listeners on the latest trends in social media and the Internet in general.

4. The Hobson and Holtz Report – Twice a week, Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz host their podcast dedicated to business-related content with a particular emphasis on communications. The show also covers PR matters and often reviews the latest business literature available.

5. Telephone Tuesday Internet Marketing – Charles KnNell operates the successful marketing blog Ethical Marketing and works as an Internet marketing consultant. His podcast Telephone Tuesday Internet Marketing is hosted via http://www.blogtalkradio.com.

6. Internet Marketing Tools – Hosted by Steven Hill, the podcast Internet Marketing Tools covers the do’s and don’ts of purchasing Internet marketing products. Steven aims to tell you what works and what is a waste of your investment dollars.

7. Tech in Twenty – Tech in Twenty gives it to you short and sweet. This podcast is less about strategy and more about the marketing implications of the increasing pace of technological advancement. This podcast is for you if you are into the “geeky” side of Internet marketing.

8. Market Edge – Market Edge falls into the category of tech related marketing podcasts. But nonetheless, Larry Weber delivers the goods on social media marketing and analysis on the future prospects of Internet marketing.

9. Marketing Nirvana – Also hosted via webmasterradio.fm, Marketing Nirvana’s host Brad Geddes dedicates his show to engaging, informative interviews with some of the leaders in the marketing industry. Brad’s podcasts seek to help fledgling business owners maximise their revenue streams by giving real-time, real-world marketing tips.

10. Weapons of Mass Marketing – Jon Henshaw and Taylor Pratt deliver their own brand of do-it-yourself Internet marketing advice. This podcast has a particular emphasis on SEO strategies and domain monetization tools.

11. Duct Tape Marketing – John Jantsch’s podcast Duct Tape Marketing covers pretty much all the bases. Specifically, John holds his audience’s attention with practical advice for the small business owner and well-coordinated interviews and specials.

12. The Bean Cast – The Bean Cast is hosted by Bob Knorpp provides the latest perspective on marketing trends in the United States and abroad too. Bob himself describes his program as a weekly roundtable with notable guests from the marketing community.

13. Geekcast – This website is indispensable for those interested in social media and Internet marketing. The makers of Geekcast keep their platform open to newcomers and add fresh, up-to-date content regularly.

14. E-marketing Talk Show – The hosts of the e-marketing talk show Cindy Turrietta, Brooke Schumacher, and Todd Sarouhan bring a bit of traditional radio flair to the online world. The shows run every week and reach a small yet fiercely loyal audience.

15. The Marketing Edge – The Marketing Edge, hosted by Albert Maruggi, claims to be one of the longest running marketing podcasts on the Internet. And this claim holds water. Maruggi gives listeners a unique blend of professional insight and personal commentary which is unparalleled.

James Adams is employed as a blogger, writer and editor at CartridgeSave, an online shop where consumers can shop for discount printer ink cartridges in the United Kingdom.

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30 Responses to “15 Free Marketing Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss”

  1. Thanks for the selection of podcasts. Many of these I am not familiar with, but surely will need to check them out. I used to listen to regular podcasts in the past, but some got boring.

  2. Alexis says:

    You’ve just opened my mind more about podcasting. I’ll be following some of them. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Tyler, I have a pretty long road trip coming up and these will be great for the long ride.

  4. p90x says:

    Great list of free podcasts James. Looks like I could learn a lot from listen to even a few of these. Thank you.

    – Robert

  5. anitha says:

    Nice sharing podcast which will be more useful to try out

  6. Tech in Twenty and Marketing Nirvana have been two of my favorites, particulay Tech in Twenty for the ‘techgeek-oriented marketing’ it caters to.

  7. Alec says:

    Good List! Marketing Podcast – simple and cost effective ways to market your business.

  8. Steve says:

    Excellent list James. Thanks for the great list.

  9. Some good resources! Thanks for the big list

  10. pretty good list, although I would add a few of my own:

    internet business mastery (sterling and jay)
    lifestyle business podcast
    smart passive income

    those are three that I have listened to since they began and get a lot out of each of them.


  11. paul says:

    I didn’t know about any marketing podcasts, thanks for the info.

  12. Jasmine says:

    Good list of podcasts! Will take a while for me to go through all of them… but my favorite is Marketing over Coffee. 🙂

  13. Hmm nope, I don’t like podcasts. I really prefer reading content rather than listening to it.

    • I am the complete opposite as I cannot read for too long as it hurts my eyes and head especially if the fonts are too small and cramped together like in many cases, so I prefer to listen instead. Also, it lets me get some other work done alongside so it acts as background entertainment.

  14. I just love podcasts.
    They are the best and the easiest resources to learn.
    Thanks for the compilation, you’re the man!

  15. Thanks to James for this list. Podcasts are a great way to keep up with any industry, especially if you spend a couple hours a day in traffic jams.

  16. Podcasts are great, its so easy to learn for them as they are very simple. Great guest post James.

  17. I’ve just download one of thous podcasting and add the rss, thank you very much James

  18. Thanks for the heads up James I will check out a couple of these


  19. I’ve been listening to a few of these already, but will deffo check some of the others out. Nice post James

  20. Charleston says:

    I prefer reading though, only listen to podcast a little. Thanks James for the write.

  21. Thanks for the compilation buddy.

  22. Nice list of podcasts. Thanks a lot for sharing these. Really not to be missed.

  23. Great list of marketing podcasts. I see a few I’d never heard of. I will definitely be listening to those and may review the ones I like on my internet marketing podcasts website. Thanks for the suggestions.

  24. Great list of podcasts I will certainly listen as much as I can from those thanks for sharing…

  25. Aaron says:

    Awesome list James! I would add 10X Talk, new one with Dab Sullivan and Joe Polish (saw you mentioned ILM). Checking out marketing over coffee now!



  26. Pam says:


    Thank you for sharing. Do you have a updated list?

    I currently listen to Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner.


  27. Marketing is one of those easy to overlook aspects to any business. It’s tempting to get so caught up in making the next mousetrap that you forget to focus on finding the right market for your product. When we started doing our podcast, Comcastro, we just focused on the production and interviews for the talk show. It took us a few months of struggling with the downloads before we put 2 + 2 together and placed marketing on par with production.

    Our story isn’t unique. If your team consists of accountants and engineers, it’s easy to forget promotion, sales, and public relations.

  28. Appinfusion says:

    Great List. Thanks for sharing such stuff.


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