40-Hour Week Challenge: Day 2

March 30, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s now the second day of my challenge and so far I’ve only worked a total of 4 hours. Yesterday I worked a total of 3 hours, but I expect to do a decent amount today to make up for yesterday’s poor performance.

Suit Yourself

I received news yesterday that my grandma had died, and that I’m supposed to be one of the pallbearers at the funeral. I have dress pants, dress shirt, and tie of course, but I haven’t really worn them since my stage band days. I also have an upcoming wedding I have to attend (girlfriend’s brother), so I thought I might as well hit two birds with one stone and get myself a suit.

Today I went and bought one. I’m picking it up tomorrow, once the tailor has made the alterations to it. It cost me $500… the salesman tried to sell me a trenchcoat to go with it, and while it looked smoking, I didn’t feel a great desire to spend another $170 on a trenchcoat, especially since I almost never dress up.

I also bought a nice dress shirt and tie (burgandy and burgandy/black respectively), belt, and shoes ($100 for a pair of shoes? I’ve never paid even half that much for a pair in my life!).

Anyhow, I’ll post some pictures tomorrow (I have to remember how the hell to tie a tie again…)

Commenting System Changed

Due to STRONG demand, I’ve modified my blog so that visitors don’t need to register to comment. Once I took a look on how it was set up, I realized that I had set that option up absent-mindedly (is that a word?). I originally chagned the system so that members COULD log in, to fulfill requests that some people had because they didn’t want to keep having to enter their name and other details in each time.

When I set it up so people could register and do this, I also checked the box below that feature, which FORCED people to register. Thus, people previously had to either register to post, or couldn’t post at all.

And, as I said, I received a lot of critical response from people who did not like this, and that it would greatly reduce the amount of commenters. I still think it’s rather silly though, as it really does only take several seconds to sign up.

*Shrug* Anyhow, there you have it. You can either register and not have to keep filling out the name field each time, or you can not register and fill it out, it’s up to you. Personally I’d suggest registering though since it takes 10 seconds at the most.

I also edited the comment area so that there’s a message encouraging people to register so they don’t have to keep filling out the the added textboxes. Logged in members won’t see this message, nor the text boxes. I also fixed a glitch that made the textarea box overlap on Firefox, and appear way down the screen on my MSIE7 (I sincerely hope it wasn’t doing that the entire time for everyone and nobody told me!).

Sooooo….. enjoy folks. We’ll see if this change really does bring in more comments…

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20 Responses to “40-Hour Week Challenge: Day 2”

  1. Sorry to hear about your Grandma.

    It shouldn’t be too hard to make up the missed hours – we work 48+ hours a week on our internet projects (just starting out), AND have a baby ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I also think it was a good decision to drop the ‘forced’ registration – I guess it takes time to check emails for log-in details and that’s what puts off new commenters.

  2. BO EK says:

    You should stop being lazy (or at least talking about it), since it sends a bad image about you.

    No one (at least the hard-working folks) wants to team up with someone who doesn’t want to work for more than 3-4 hours/day.

    You could easily double your income if you worked a few extra hours.

    I don’t know about you, but I would wake up fired up every morning.

    Sorry for the poor writting skills, but english isn’t my natural language.

    Take care.

  3. Cam says:

    Oh thank god you removed the reg option, only reson i havn’t been commenting, sorry to hear about your loss.

  4. Dan says:

    Glad you removed the registration thing. I have a different opinion from some others. Do what you want. You’ve earned enough money to live and smart investing will keep you up in rough times.

    Do fun things; sometimes people (including myself) spend too much time working for the future and not enough living now. I’m glad you have the ability to live now.

  5. tke71709 says:


    Any serious businessperson couldn’t care less how many hours a week their partners work.

    All you should care about is whether the person you’re teamed up with can deliver on their promises. I, for one, pay for results, not for hours worked.

    I’d recommend you do the same.

  6. tke71709 says:

    No one (at least the hard-working folks) wants to team up with someone who doesnโ€™t want to work for more than 3-4 hours/day.

    Any serious businessperson couldn’t care less how many hours a week their partners work.

    All you should care about is whether the person you’re teamed up with can deliver on their promises. I, for one, pay for results, not for hours worked.

    I’d recommend you do the same.

  7. How awesome. There have been a lot of posts I had hoped to comment on but I never wanted to register (pure laziness) so its great to comment finally.

  8. Paul Fisher says:

    Hurray, you’ve finally opened up commenting. Most browsers will remember form information so I won’t be retyping every time I comment – which will probably be quite often from now on.

  9. Paul Fisher says:

    Oh and another thing – why not install the top commentators plugin now you’ve opened things up. I guarantee you’ll double the number or comments you receive in a month or less.

  10. Mourad says:

    I never wanted to register too

  11. Small Potato says:

    Quick and decisive. Way to go on comments Tyler.

  12. Regular viewer says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I am also glad you removed the required registration. I actually did register once, but have long since forgotten who I registered as, and didn’t want to reregister so…

    Sorry to hear about your loss.

    I did notice that there were times when the text appeared way down, but I thought it was because I have the text set on largest. (Obviously I don’t know a whole lot about this stuff!)

  13. steve l says:

    Hours worked isn’t as important as results, I definitely agree. With the internet you get paid for the work you put in last year or before and what you do now is your future.

    Tyler’s results are pretty bad if all he does is answer emails. Hopefully, he can do more…

  14. ToddW says:

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother hang in there dude.

  15. Nomar says:

    Good we can post replies now !!

  16. ROI_Guy says:

    As a fully certified curmudgeon and a verifiably old fuddy-duddy I could easily make a comment about, “you lazy guys not wanting to register, yada, yada, yads …”, but I absolutely won’t.

    There are some good thoughts behind the registration option but they are also some very dumb ones. It seems like a ton of the useful things on the ‘Net are just great and as enticing as a candy store with free samples and then they “stub their toe” just as people start to use them. Sure, registration is easy, but people don’t like it … so guess what, if they don’t like it, _they_ rule. So great move on losing the registration.

    As far as those with negative comments about hours of work … if you think everyone should work 40 hour weeks or else they are “slackers” well, welcome to Wal*Mart … they have plenty of time card punching jobs. The main object in life should be to work smarter, not harder. Very short-sighted to make a direct connection between hours worked and success/dedication to success.

    Surprised no one commented much on the suit. You may well find out it’s a good business investment in the future. I like some of the advice Brendon Sinclair gives on his business/marketing site and in the free chapters of his Web Design business course. Being well dressed isn’t just a pride or a look-good thing, there’s significant psychological proof that people trust (and there fore buy from) those who appear “higher up the chain” than themselves … call it dumb, call it vain, doesn’t matter, it is the way life works.

    @ Bo EK (and others who don’t have English as a first language). Since most North American natives like me are barely fluent in one language I have a great respect for those who have learned and make use of several. Don’t be self-conscious and draw attention to what you feel are your short-comings, it clutters your writing and detracts from the value of your work. Your English has nothing to be apologetic about … most of the biggest boners I see in English usage are from careless native speakers like me who might or might not know better, but just don’t take the time … do you really think ShoeMoney doesn’t know the difference between there, their and they’re?

    Sorry to hear of your loss, Tyler.

  17. tylercruz says:

    Thanks for the condolences guys. Here’s my response on a few comments:

    BO EK: That’s the beauty of working for yourself, I don’t have to worry what people think of me. I don’t partner with anyone, and I don’t work for anyone but myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dan: Yeah, that’s a point that many people are missing. I’m RELAXED. I’m trying to work a bit more as I’m a bit too relaxed, but the whole point of working for yourself is to be able to not work 8 hours a day and slave your life away!

    ROI_Guy: Regarding your comment towards BO EK, I just wanted to add that I’ve always respected non-native English speakers MORE, even if their English was very poor. How many people can speak two languages? I’m envious if anything. What I do hate, though, is people who can barely speak English, but English is their only language!

  18. Innovaciones says:

    I really like your site Tyler, i have 1 question, your second name is “Cruz” are you latin? Iยดm from Mexico, keep up the good work!

  19. tylercruz says:

    Nope, I’m half Filipino ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Bertus says:

    Ah now i can finally comment ๐Ÿ™‚


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