40-Hour Week Challenge II Results

April 15, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s already been a week and the results are in: I didn’t make it.

Sigh. I was off to such a great start too. Here are the results:

Timeline: April 7th 11am – April 14th 11am

April 7th: 4 Hours
April 8th: 8 Hours
April 9th: 4 Hours
April 10th: 5 Hours
April 11th: 4 Hours
April 12th: 0 Hours
April 13th: 6 Hours
April 14th: 0 Hours

Total: 31 Hours

April 14th didn’t really count since the deadline was at 11am and I didn’t even wake up until noon. But April 12th? What was that? There’s no excuse. You can see I tried to make up the rest of the hours the next day, but could only manage 6 hours.

So, after my second attempt at working 40 hours in a week, I failed again. However I did manage 10 more hours than the first attempt where I only managed 21 hours. Should I try again? I think I will. I know it’s getting a bit old for you poor readers out there to have to keep reading (or not read) but give me one more chance. Third time’s the charm…

Halflife.org Sold

In other news, I sold Halflife.org. You’ll note that I posted it as sold a few days ago, but the buyer backed out at the last moment. Fortunately this turned out to be a good thing as a couple days later I sold it for $250 more, at $2,250.

Not bad for a domain I got for $200 and a trade-in of the domain PageDump.com.

I’ve bought and sold a many domains in my day, and while I’ve already made a number of domain posts, I’m thinking of writing a couple soon on domain flipping and buying existing websites. I’m no domain expert, but I’ve never lost a penny on a domain buy; I’ve only gained. I personally find domain flipping to be the easiest ROI business anyone can do, with no real knowledge needed. Anyone off the street could learn do do this in an hour or two, as far as I’m concerned.

Anyhow, that’s it for now.

Good luck and good earnings!

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11 Responses to “40-Hour Week Challenge II Results”

  1. krillz says:

    Well you just have your own lazy ass to blame 😛
    Step up and do it, whining and blaming laziness is just childish in my opinion.

  2. yeah, I’m not sure that sleeping until noon is much of an excuse either.

    You can do it. There’s no trick–you just have to do it.

  3. ROI_Guy says:

    Frankly if I had to work at this screen for 40 hours I’d rather drive a truck … but I don’t really care how much anyone works. I would, though, love to know about some of your successes, tips, and “aw sh*ts” with simple domaining. Anyone I find on line who does much domaining is very techo oriented and seems to give out very little info … or wants to make the game so expensive I’m scared to jump in.

  4. Sunfrog says:

    Yeah, do a domain flipping thing. I need something I can do in 1 hour because that’s the length of my attention span. Lol.

  5. Tob says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I’d be very interested in reading domain posts here!


  6. DR says:

    You do realize that a 40-hour work week is defined in terms of 5 days, not 7. It’s no surprise that you make pennies online when you don’t do any work.

    “I personally find domain flipping to be the easiest ROI business anyone can do, with no real knowledge needed.”

    No wonder you only make money by flipping sites. You can’t make money doing anything else because you lack the knowledge.

  7. krillz says:

    Hmm been checking in @ this blog for a month, and have to say that the quality of posts has gotten worse and worse.

    Here I thought you’d be covering interesting things about money earning + new tech to do so…
    And you did in the beginning, but now? I mean seriously what are you doing, the content has went from average to below all standards!

    Step up and do something about this or I’m afraid you’ll loose a huge chunk from you’re reading base..

  8. Joshimitsu says:

    I’m starting to agree with krillz. Your older posts were much, much better.

  9. Jake says:

    Your new posts suck. Go in depth with your daily day, but about your websites only like you used to. If you worked 6 hours one day, tell us what you did in those six hours.

    Come on Tyler…you’re better than this!

  10. Marc says:

    Ok I think some of these guys are a bit harsh, but I agree with focussing on the earnings and websites.

  11. WallStreetJournal says:

    If Tyler Cruz were a stock I would be shorting him right now.


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