45-Hour Week Challenge: The Results

July 30, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Here are the final results from my 45-Hour Week Challenge: 

July 21st: 1 hour
July 22nd: 8 hours
July 23rd: 9 hours
July 24th: 8 hours
July 25th: 7 hours
July 26th: 7 hours
July 27th: 2 hours
July 28th: 3 hours

Total: 45 hours

I apologize to those people who were hoping that I wouldn’t make it, so they’d receive the cash I put up. I had started the week very strong, averaging 8 hours a day, but by the end I had suddenly grew very tired of working so “hard”. In fact, I was actually really struggling those past two days. Now, it could have been because of the poor sleep I had those two nights, but I think I was just simply tired and bored of working so many hours, and needed a break.

So, obviously, working a 40 or 45-hour week is not something that I want to do regularly. But it’s nice to know that I can ‘inflict’ these week challanges upon myself when I find myself slacking with work. The amount of work that I do during these ‘work weeks’ definitely helps make up for all the slacking.

It’s strange though, only two days after the end of the challenge, I’m already back to my old routine of working only around 2-hours a day. Part of me wants to work more – I certainly have plenty to do – but the other part wants to play. Two days ago I reinstalled World of Warcraft, which is usurpring a lot of my time. It’s also not just a matter of playing, but over the past few days my attention span and concentration have been horrible. Just writing this post right now is very difficult.

Sigh. It’s not that I’m tired of web publishing or anything, far from it. It’s just… I don’t know. Maybe I need a break. A nice break to refresh myself and give me energy.

My girlfriend and I are planning to take a little trip from the island to the RiverRock casino and resort, which was built a few years ago. It will be my first time ever playing poker in real life, let alone a nice casino! And maybe I’ll go visit John Chow while there. Yes… a little vacation could be just the ticket…

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2 Responses to “45-Hour Week Challenge: The Results”

  1. ChrisGuthrie says:

    Congrats on reaching the goal though. I definetely believe that it’d be hard for me to push myself to work if I didn’t really “have” to. I find I get some of my best work done on my breaks while I’m at the 9 – 5 job as opposed to when I get home.

    I find myself easily distracted.

  2. Well done on achieving a goal… I do think that 45 hour week’s are somewhat overrated…

    I used to do that, and spend 10 hours taking transport, not to mention other time wasted … a 45 hour week becomes 60 hours easily.

    Doing that is way overrated… If you can work smart and efficiently in less, why not?



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