46-Hour Week Challenge: Day 3

September 14, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It will actually be Day 4 when I post this, but I’m writing a couple of blog posts right now to have a couple backlogged for later.

It’s currently 11:27am, and here’s the progress so far:

Deadline: September 18th, 9:30am

Sept 11th: 6 hours
Sept 12th: 6 hours
Sept 13th: 1 hour

Total: 13 hours

That leaves me with 5 more days (although really only 4 since the deadline is 9:30am) to clock another 33 hours, meaning that I’ll need to average 6.6 hours a day.

This will definitely be hard. Right now I’m cranky and groggy, and just grabbed my second cup of coffee. It’s absolutely beautiful out and I’d like to go outside, but am chained to my desk here. Hopefully it will still be nice out 6 days from now.

I have been getting some work done though. I’ve been keeping notes of what I’ve been doing, as I know some readers are interested in what I do during these work challenges:

  • Answered/read e-mails (I get around 75 non-spam ones daily)
  • Managed advertisers (accounting, renewals, etc.)
  • Wrote blog entries like this one 😉
  • Bought a page on the MillionDollarWiki (Rakeback) for $100
  • Installed the “Who Visited Today” plugin on MMAForums.net
  • Upgraded vBulletin from 3.6.1 to 3.6.8 on MMAforums.net
  • Did some minor templating improvements on MMAforums.net
  • Registered WinRAR ($29). I’ve been using it for years, but finally registered it to remove the pop-up trial notification window. I figure the extra 2-seconds I’ll save whenever I unzip a file from now on will pay off the $29 soon enough.
  • Modified every review on PublisherSpot by adding several links in each review to link to my referral URL. Hopefully this will help with the CTR. I also made a few small updates on the reviews (updated facts, fixed formatting, etc.). This took a while since there are 21 reviews on the site.
  • Installed the “Who Visited Today” plugin on CookingForums.net
  • Installed the “NoSpam!” plugin on CookingForums.net
  • Installed the “NoSpam!” plugin on MMAForums.net
  • Created a favicon and added it to MovieForums.org
  • Upgraded vBulletin from 3.6.1 to 3.6.8 on MovieForums.org
  • Worked a bit on an undisclosed project (Will be revealed if it goes through).

I think that’s a decent amount of work to get done in 13 hours. It will be interesting to see what I get done next batch, because the stuff on my ‘todo’ list is all very different and varied.

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5 Responses to “46-Hour Week Challenge: Day 3”

  1. Click Input says:

    Things are looking good for me to get paid 😀

  2. jimmy says:

    Pretty sure sept 13 was casino day, right? hahah

  3. muller2 says:

    These type of posts are the reason I read your blog, its motivation for myself. Please increase the amount of these posts.

    Tyler, had you ever thought of doing a normal working month as a challenge? 40hrs a week for 4 weeks straight. I think that would be interesting!!

  4. Proxy says:

    Wow you actually bought winrar.


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