711 RSS Subscribers!

August 1, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Yesterday I had hit 701 RSS subscribers, making me a new record from my previous 683. I was planning on making a post to mark the milestone, when I saw my feed increase the next day to 711!


I had set my little RSS goal not too long ago, which was to average 700… it’s too soon to see if I’ll stay in the 700’s as it’s only been 2 days, but boy.. will I be happy if it does.

It’s not a bit change… after all, I was averaging 650 for several months, but in my opinion, increasing by an average of even 50 RSS subscribers is quite an accomplishment. It helps to mark visually the progress and success of a blog. It’s also fantastic for advertising opportunities, considering networks such as ReviewMe and PPP factor in RSS when rating a blog.


The above chart is taken from Feedburner, and charts my RSS feed count from when I added Feedburner to my blog. The jump you see in February is, I believe, from when Google publicized their RSS aggregator stats, allowing Feedburner to factor them in.

Again, I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, but hopefully my new average can stay around 700. If it does, then my new goal will be to average 750.  

Things are looking up…

The past few days have been pretty good for me workwise. A couple days ago I received a $3,000 renewal from an advertiser, my RSS feed climbed a little, and best of all: my programmer finally finished all the updates and improvements on PublisherSpot.

I’m now only waiting for him to log back on so that he can send me all the modified and added files for backup, and then to pay him. After that, I’ll have to go through all the reviews and update all the information, which will take a little while as it’s pure research. I’ll also then be adding several new reviews of ad networks. After that, I’m sending out an official press release for the site, followed by a “follow-up” paid review on John Chow and several other blogs.

Don’t bother looking at PublisherSpot yet though, as I’ll describe all the changes in detail either tommorrow or the day after. I’ll also give an update as to the site’s earnings 🙂

 Anyhow, yay for 711!

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21 Responses to “711 RSS Subscribers!”

  1. zigire says:

    How have your visitors per day changed in that period of time?

  2. fumbler says:

    congrats on the 711 Tyler!

    Now if only you were handing out free 7.11oz slushies….. ;o)

  3. ahartley says:


    How ’bout a post on how you started your forums… I’m getting ready to start a couple, and I was eondering how you initially got people to come and register and be active on the sites!

    Congrats on the new milestone for your blog!

  4. Norrad says:

    Congrats on getting so many RSS subscribers. I’m still trying to get past 10 on my site.

  5. […] for blogs, that really depends on what you are trying to achieve. I quite like reading Tyler Cruz’s blog for the odd tip or interesting piece of information, same with John Chow’s blog. If you […]

  6. Great blog here, congrats on 711, looking forward to reading more posts by you.

  7. TDave says:


    I notice that you outsource alot of web design/coding. I am working with a couple of website designers/coders right now on a couple of projects that I am starting. Do you have any advice about working with a designer/coder, or could you point me to a couple of posts that might help? This is the first time I have had to hire someone else to do this and I just want to make sure I don’t get burned.

    I have one solid quote right now from a reputable local firm.
    1) A basic website in php that downloads the users data from another site’s API and displays information in chart & graph form – $1700.
    2) Desktop software (installed on users computer) that downloads data from a site the user has an account with and then uploads the data back to my database to be presented in chart and graph form – $1000.
    3) Per additional site added to desktop software – $250.

    Does that sound reasonable?

    I am also meeting with another designer/coder on Sunday to get another price. Do you have any suggestions?


    • TDave,

      As a designer/developer, that sounds pretty reasonable. I would, however, require the desktop software to allow you to add new site’s on your own. It is worth paying more short-term to make sure you aren’t trying to find someone constantly to add new sites.

      Also, who is going to retain copyright? Are you allowed to sell/redistribute the software?


      • TDave says:

        I thought it was reasonable as well.

        As far as adding new sites on my own, I would have to know how to code that. These sites require you to log in and navigate to a page where the .csv file is located. The navigation is of course different on each site. I guess it’s sort of like a https webcrawler, but only for sites that the user has a username/password at.

        I am going to retain copyright and all source code. I am sure this can be redistributed as that is the purpose of the software. I am not sure about reselling it, but if I own it and retain all rights to it I guess I could.

        Thanks for the input.

  8. Simon says:

    Congratulations on your achievement, Building a large RSS reader base is one of my goals at the moment, so I like to read about other bloggers success stories. Keep it up


  9. Congrats, Tyler! It’s nice to see someone put some time in, and be rewarded. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you originally find your advertiser?


  10. cooliojones says:

    What happened in February for you to make that huge jump? That’s awesome man! Congrats!

  11. I have tried to build my reader base, but I just don’t have as much time to work on it these days.


  12. rajuthan says:

    Dam Tyler you should do something quick the reader base is now at 666

  13. study guide says:

    Congrats Tyler! I personally have less than 10% of your subscriber count. I believe I need to work on that. Having that said, I am sure looking forward to read more stuff from here.

    In short, very nice done of you.


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