A Trip to the Emergency Room and Another Property on Contract

June 23, 2015 Posted by Tyler Cruz

In my post from a few days ago, I wrote about how I was 98% done to completion on a duplex I had on contract but ultimately had to walk away after a really bad inspection report. In that same post I mentioned that I had already placed an offer on another property.

Well, fast forward 3 days and that property is now under contract! It is now pending subject removal again – I’ve already taken care of a few of them including insurance – the major one to wait for is once again the inspection which will take place early next week.

As I wrote in my other post though, I do not expect any major surprises during the inspection. This particular property is actually 5 years older than the duplex, having been built in 1970, but it was completely renovated down the studs with new windows and everything, and the renovation was done professionally – not the amateur job that the homeowner obviously did himself on the duplex.

This is the 3rd time I’ve used this inspection company and I got a discount for using them again which is nice Smile.

It’s also going to be extremely helpful that the existing tenants both want to renew their leases. I plan on adding a privacy fence in the back, a dishwasher to the bottom unit, and over-the-range microwaves in both should they fit and be to code. That will be a nice first impression I can leave to my tenants to show that I’ll be a good landlord Smile

The Emergency Room Visit

What’s funny is that I actually signed the final contact from the hospital emergency waiting room via my phone (man I love my Galaxy Note 4) yesterday.

It was my first time ever in an ER. Here’s what happened:

Yesterday morning I woke up with some numbness and tingling down my right arm, from the very top of my arm to my fingers, and affecting the ring and pinkie fingers. At first I figured it was probably just asleep and that I probably just slept on it funny, but the sensation wouldn’t go away and even started to feel a little bit worse.

Normally I wouldn’t be so concerned, and again, I’ve never been to the ER before, but I definitely knew that this exact thing was an indicator of a stroke or heart attack, and with all my heart and other health issues arising recently, I didn’t want to take a chance.


After arriving to the waiting room, I was seen by a doctor within 7 minutes (Thanks Canada healthcare!) and was taken very good care of. They ran a bunch of tests and 4 hours later I was sent back home.

I continued to have the numbing and tingling pain when I went to bed, but upon waking up most of it was gone and I am happy to report that it is now 95% back to normal Smile

So what was it? There are a few possibilities that we deduced it could be: from my dog (we playfight really hard – he’ll bite deep into my wrists and forearms), from starting the guitar again after a couple years of not playing (unlikely), or from my dumbbell curls that I do every 2nd day.

So hopefully it was just some temporary nerve damage and not some other serious thing.

After returning home I immediately went to the insurance company and got my quote for the new property approved Smile with tongue out

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