A Weird Little “Google-Friendly” Trick For Easily Boosting Affiliate Conversion Rates And Traffic

April 12, 2012 Posted by Direct response copywriter Jeremy Reeves

As an affiliate, you have two ways to increase your income. The first is by getting more traffic.

Assuming that traffic is of the same quality, if you double your traffic, you double your income.

The second way is by increasing your conversions.

This is an area of affiliate marketing that MANY affiliate marketers forget about. And it’s unfortunate because if you’re not putting any effort into increasing conversions, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

In this article, I’m going to show you a weird little “google-friendly” way to do both, simultaneously. Learn more tips from this lawyer Google ads management company.

So What Is This Little Secret Of Mine?

In a word, it’s to create a “pre-sell” page.

A pre-sell page is a page put in FRONT of your website that visitors will hit before hitting your affiliate link.

And here’s why they’re so crucially important to increasing your affiliate income.

People love information. They devour it like a starving cat in a field of mice. And if you can give them information, pre-selling them on the product they’re about to see, they’re more likely to buy it.

Let me give you an example.

Review sites, when done properly, can be incredibly profitable. The reason for this is because nearly every page on a review site pre-sells the visitor and warms them up to the product they’re about to go look at.

Think about it. If you have a page talking about how a brand-new weight loss product has gone through 4 different clinical studies and proved to increase fat loss by 47% more than the top three competitors, don’t you think that visitor is more likely to buy that product than if they went straight to the sales page selling it?

Now, one question I get a lot is “won’t I lose enough people on the pre-sell page that it ends up lowering my overall conversions?”

That’s a great question, and a valid concern. So let me tell you my experience.

One of the main things I do for my clients is split-testing. As a result, I’ve split-tested this exact process many times. And what I’ve found is that, when done PROPERLY, adding this pre-sell page actually INCREASES overall conversions.

That means if you send 100 people to your pre-sell page… and 100 people straight to the affiliate product you’re promoting… many times you’ll see an increase of 10% – 20%+ conversions by sending them to the pre-selling page.

(10% – 20% might not sound like much, but you’ll see why it can lead to dramatic increases in revenue in a second)

The Pre-Sell Page Increases Conversions By Following One Of The Most Important Direct Response Principles Of All Time…

One of the foundational principles of direct marketing is giving the right message, at the right time, to the right person.

In other words… your ultimate goal is to weed out people who won’t buy anyway, and focus on those who will.

The pre-sell page does just that.

People who weren’t going to buy your product will end up clicking X anyway. So you’re really not “losing” anything. Plus, it gives the product you’re promoting an extra layer of credibility and reputation, which of course increases your conversions.

So How Can This Strategy Increase Your Traffic?

There are actually several ways.

Traffic-Booster #1: You’ll now have a page you can get ranked in the search engines. And since it’s mainly a content-based page… it shouldn’t be too hard.

Traffic-Booster #2: If you’re driving paid traffic to your affiliate sites, you can easily increase the amount of visitors you’re getting to those pages. Think about it. Google doesn’t allow direct linking, and Facebook users love content. But both will accept a content-based page.

And what about banners? Well, don’t you think you’ll get more clicks on your banners if you’re promoting free content (ex: 3 super foods that blast belly fat), rather than an actual product?

Traffic-Booster #3: Add some social media sharing buttons on the page. People will share content-based pages, but typically don’t share pages selling a product. Not as often, at least.

Look this isn’t some type of magic button you can stick in your website and double your profits in 10 minutes. It’s a technique I test very, very regularly. Sometimes it works like gangbusters and does everything I described above. Sometimes it doesn’t, or it breaks even.

The point is, it’s a great test for you to do. Try it out… it just might be the next “breakthrough” you have in your affiliate business 🙂

About The Author

Jeremy Reeves is direct response copywriter who applies a unique combination of human psychology, sales-increasing copy and strategic marketing techniques to make you more sales without increasing your expenses.

Download his FREE report – “The 3×3 Formula For Realistically Doubling Your Profits In 60 Days Or Less” – at www.3x3Formula.com

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19 Responses to “A Weird Little “Google-Friendly” Trick For Easily Boosting Affiliate Conversion Rates And Traffic”

  1. Jason says:

    It’s very common to see affiliates fail to presell the product. In reality, this does so much for an affiliate site. As long as the content is original and useful it can help increase rankings as well as conversions.

  2. Oh god, he has a formula. I hope you got paid for this infomercial, Tyler.

    • You might consider actually implementing and testing my suggested “formula” 🙂

      (Even though it’s not a formula at all… nor an infomercial)


      • “Download his FREE report – “The 3×3 Formula For Realistically Doubling Your Profits In 60 Days Or Less” – at http://www.3x3Formula.com

        I clearly misread.

        • Yes, that’s called a “bio” 🙂 There’s a bio on every single guest blog post you’ll ever see online.

          • I don’t understand what we’re arguing about? I know what a bio is. Your bio contains a “formula” which makes you a piece of shit snake oil salesman. That’s what I was pointing out.

            You’re worth nothing. And nothing you ever say will have any value to anyone.

            Hence why I was hoping Tyler got paid for this. I hope to god that even though Tyler is extremely lazy he wouldn’t let someone like you take up real estate on his website without proper compensation.

    • Matt, I see the issue now. You probably got scammed or screwed by someone and are now generalizing it to everyone.

      Word of advice: Don’t do that. That belief is blocking you from A LOT of very good information you could use to run a better business.

      Just b/c it’s a “formula” means nothing. Of course it’s a formula… you get more customers, increase average order size, and increase frequency. Then there are 3 ways to do each of those. I’ve had DOZENS of people write to me and say it gave them more value than $97 courses… and the report is free.

      But I don’t have to try and prove my value. I work with 7-8 figure businesses all day who know what kind of value I bring. What you see on my website is just a partial list of what I’ve done for them.

      I genuinely hope for your sake you take a look at your belief system, b/c it’s pretty screwed up man. It’s ok to have your guard up a little, but not that much.

      I’m done w/ this bickering back n forth as it’s draining my energy, but I honestly hope you take a good luck at your belief system… you’ll be a much happier and more successful kid.

      http://www.RandyGage.com has good stuff on that. And his blog is free.

      Hope that helps

  3. Joseph says:

    Not really a trick, since Google doesn’t allow you to link directly to the affiliate offer page.

    • Joseph, that’s the entire point. Since they don’t allow you to link directly to an affiliate’s website, you create a pre-sell page to send them to… and then send them to the affiliate site from there.

  4. Dana says:

    Jeremy, with all due respect… if your trick works so well, why aren’t you using it to make money, instead of selling the “Conversion Cheat Sheet”? I am assuming you’re selling something, but I admit that I only played the first few minutes of your video.
    I’m not faulting you for wanting to make money. But if your methods work so well, why aren’t you using your time on them, instead of posting on a blog?

    • Dana,

      That’s actually a good question. My answer is…

      There are two reasons I do guest blog posting.

      1) To get backlinks which increase my rankings for my SERVICES (which go into 5-figures so well worth the time to get ranked high).

      2) To get customers for the product… and then use the product to show that I’m an expert, turning customers into clients for my services. Works like a charm.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Welcometo2006 says:

    Woah no way a pre sale page? this is ground breaking stuff! Who would of thought that a pre sale page would work!

  6. Affiliate programs are an excellent way of making money online. They are easy, inexpensive and can be used in a broad range of niches.

  7. benice says:

    I don’t know what you people are up in arms about. Tyler’s blog is primarily geared toward people who are new to IM, and may not know about using an effective pre-sales page.

    This post is more solid than his vacation/t-shirt posts.

  8. dwayne says:

    This is really great for affiliate programs, this is some amazing stuff.

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