Affiliate Marketing Plunge: Day 14

May 7, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I know many people are probably interested in reading about my latest updates: “Has Tyler improved his ROI yet?”, “I can’t wait to see how much more money he loses…”. Unfortunately I’ve done zero affiliate marketing work since my last update.

My friend Shawn and his fiancé were in town visiting from Northern BC so I invited them over, and that was one day gone. Then the next day I liked the break so I decided to spend it eating and playing poker. Then today I decided to re-install and play some Starcraft. And… well…. I just took a little break from work over the past few days.

That being said, I decided to write a bit about a couple affiliate networks. You’ve probably heard me mention AzoogleAds as well as a couple other affiliate networks lately, and so I thought I’d write a review of it. I wrote it for PublisherSpot, here is an excerpt:

One of AzoogleAds’s shining points is their commitment to providing fantastic customer support. Each publisher at AzoogleAds is provided with their own personal affiliate manager. Many other networks provide this option as well, however where AzoogleAds stands out is that these private affiliate managers really are there to help you and are very available.

Most affiliate managers are available all week from 9-5 Monday to Friday, and many are even available on the weekends as well from their homes! They allow you to contact them via e-mail, phone, or even instant messenger. Adding your affiliate manager to AIM can be extremely valuable as you can get any questions answered nearly instantly.

Affiliate managers aren’t there just to answer basic questions, they are more like personal assistants. They will help publishers find the best possible campaigns for their needs and find offers not publicly available. In addition, depending on the volume the publisher has, affiliate managers are even able to increase payouts and payment times!

AzoogleAds’s affiliate managers are truly there for publishers and is one of the reasons they’ve taken off so well.

Read the full review of AzoogleAds, or go to AzoogleAds directly (aff).

In addition, we’ve also added a review of the up-and-coming affiliate network Millnic Media. Here is an excerpt of the review:

As mentioned, the main site for Millnic Media is written with a sense of humor, boasting of its virtues and jokingly calling people who don’t believe in the site’s superiority “assclowns.” If publishers don’t mind this laid-back approach, however, they can navigate the site fairly easily to find out about the opportunities the company offers, especially after creating an account. Through this one account, publishers can manage multiple sites and all of their campaigns.

Millnic Media mainly offers CPA and CPS campaigns, although it does have some CPC and co-registration opportunities. Some ad campaigns require publishers to download additional tools in order to run them, such as support for pop-ups and pop-unders, which are available through the affiliate network’s site. The ad types and offers vary widely by campaign, each of which has its own set of rules and rewards. Some ads are banners, while others let you create your own text links to offers, and still others are embedded in emailed newsletters.

There are also a variety of tools available to make managing an ad campaign easier; for example, Millnic Media allows its users to enable an optimized rotator so that their most successful ads will be shown the most frequently. This can help cut down on the time that publishers must spend selecting their campaigns and ad spaces. Additionally, new offers are displayed on a user’s homepage, so publishers don’t need to search to find out what’s new on the site.

Millnic Media offers a performance rewards program for well-performing affiliates, with prizes including jet skis and plasma televisions. Publishers also have the option of putting a referral link to the affiliate network on their site, and they receive 6% of the revenue of anyone they refer. This offer never expires.

Read the full review of Millnic Media, or go to Millnic Media directly (aff).

Those two reviews mark our first reviews of affiliate networks on PublisherSpot, and more will come soon.

Anyhow, that’s all for now.

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9 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Plunge: Day 14”

  1. IMgiver says:

    Hey Tyler,

    Don’t let the haters get you down. Not every campaign can be a winner. You can laugh when you hit a big one.

    To your success.

  2. I wouldn’t sign up with Millnic in a million years. Their site is full of basic grammatical and spelling errors – hardly something to inspire confidence.

    – Martin Reed

  3. wesley says:

    Why would you pause it? Are you loosing too much money? 😀

    Anyway, seems like all the extra work you did last week evened out this week..

  4. Sharap says:

    I agree with Community Building Blog, that Millnic crap sends me emails that seem to be written by a teenager.

    And I guess I win the bet.. I knew tyler would soon be back to wasting his time playing games and working an hour a day.

  5. James says:

    Ah Tyler don’t give up, I see a lot of things you could easily improve on in your sites, and I know you have it in you. Just keep at it, and I know you will be successful.

    Make Money Online Blog
    Make Money Online Forum

  6. JD Arney says:

    Who cares about grammatical errors on a CPA company website? The only issue that should matter is if the company makes you money, and I personally know tons of people who make bank with Millnic (and I’ve done fairly well with them myself in the past).

    The owners and affiliate managers bust their asses for their affiliates more than any other company I’ve ever dealt with. That matters more to anyone with half a brain than a few typos.

  7. I disagree. If a company cannot be bothered to get their basic spelling and grammar right it hard instils confidence that they will ‘bust their asses’ for their affiliates.

    First impressions count, and Millnic creates a bad one.

    – Martin Reed

  8. robert says:

    There is nothing worse then “professional” company’s making basic errors.


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