Affiliate Marketing Plunge: Day 2

April 24, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

So today is my second day at affiliate marketing. Only… I haven’t really started yet.

While I have been logging a decent amount of hours as of late, and while most of it has been focused on affiliate marketing, it has also been spent reading, learning, and getting ready.

I was going to do the Adword Professional training and try to become certified, but after learning what it actually granted, which was mainly the ability to manage multiple AdWords accounts (and thus useful for a professional SEO dude and the like), I decided to just go through all the tutorials at the AdWords Learning Centre. They offer them in both video and text mode, and I’ve been going through the video ones one by one from the very beginning and then doing the quiz’s afterwards.

Now, it was a bit difficult going through the very basic ones as they are brutally self-explanatory, and especially since I’ve used AdWords several times in the past. However, I feel that if I want to really try this affiliate marketing thing out, that I better learn AdWords inside and out. Also a bit of obsessive-compulsiveness makes me want to do every single lesson from the beginning 🙂

Fortunately the video tutorials are done well, and while the information is painfully obvious in most cases, I have learned a bunch of stuff already.

I took the liberty of counting the total minutes of all the video lessons and they add up to 609 minutes, or 10.15 hours. Is that correct? Man.. when you first go there you wouldn’t think there was that many videos! But they sure add up. So that’s 10 hours of AdWords lessons available, and I’m close to 10% done. Fortunately I’ve finished all the very basic videos and am starting to get into some more interesting stuff, such as:

Where Google is explaining how ad listings are ranked and the formula for them. It’s pretty interesting as it really shows, in just one example, just how important, or valuable, Quality Score is. I had heard that before opting for landing pages, but I figure I can always ‘add on’ to the landing pages in the future and improve my quality score.

Other than the video lessons, I kept having to talk to support at the Planet to sort out some DNS issues with my new domains. Fortunately that has been resolved and all my sites are ready to be uploaded. In fact, one of them is already up and running with the landing page completely done. One down and three to go.

I plan on actually starting some campaigns with AdWords very soon. First I have to get some campaigns from CJ or AzoogleAds up and running on the sites though, and my AzoogleAds affiliate manager contacted me today and I’ll be having another chat with her tomorrow so maybe I can get something going here.

Anyhow, I’ll keep you guys posted.

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Posted: April 24th, 2007 under Affiliate Marketing  

6 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Plunge: Day 2”

  1. Matt says:

    How is the ability to manage multiple Adwords accounts beneficial to a ‘professional SEO dude’? They are two completely seperate things, and Adwords doesn’t involve SEO in any format.

    The best way to learn it, is to use it.

  2. DB says:

    You’re dumb.

  3. Tim says:

    Matt, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies often manage PPC campaigns on the behalf of their clients and this obviously means they look over multiple accounts.

  4. DMOZ says:

    The #1 tip I have for you is to be fearless when it comes to bidding. Don’t be a bitch and say o, 6 place is good. Get that bitch to #1-3 and see which Keywords convert ASAP. That way you don’t dick around wasting money and TIME.

  5. Marc says:

    DB you are a complete twat. You prove it every time you comment.

  6. Matt says:

    My point was, that SEO and PPC are two very different disciplines that only rely on each other when you understand the relationship between SEO conversions and PPC conversions, ie: does being in position 1 in natural search effect conversion data if you are in position 1 in PPC and vice versa. As far as I can see there are no useful practicalities to manage multiple adwords accounts when it comes to search engine optimisation.

    Furthermore, the ability to manage multiple adwords accounts bears no relevance to an ‘professional SEO dude’ unless they are armed with the conversion data, and more often than not, they aren’t.


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