Affiliate Marketing Updates: January 2010

January 13, 2010 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s been close to 2-months since my last update on my PPC affiliate marketing efforts, so here’s an update on how things have been going.

After my last update, since my main campaign was doing well, I just left it alone and continue to run for a while so that I could make some money before trying something new. I did a bit of tweaking and tried a couple things during the first week of December, but by December 12th I was only averaging a daily profit of $15 for the month.

My main campaign was making me money, but not very much, so I decided it was time again to try a new campaign. I ran the new campaign on Yahoo only (later porting it to Bing), which got some leads but put me into the red for the next week. During the last week of December I tried a ton of stuff, including trying Facebook again, which turned out horribly (spent $440 to make $4, haha I’m so bad with Facebook).

On December 30th I thought I found a bit of a goldmine keyword for my new campaign that was running on Bing. I eventually increased the bid to as high as $4 (yes, really!) which is insane, but it really was converting really well with an EPC of $10 which made my high bid justified.

But in the end, December was a really bad month for me, putting me far in the red for the month. It was a real blow when November had been so good, and I thought December would have been good due to Christmas shopping, but I guess more people do their Christmas shopping in November than in December which would make sense due to shipping times. I tried a lot of new stuff in December which didn’t work out such as the Facebook campaigns which were a total bust, which didn’t help matters.

I continued to try new campaigns and tactics in the beginning of January, and was optimizing all of my campaign’s keywords across the big 3 networks daily. On January 5th, that new campaign I had been working on (the one with the $4 keywords) completely stopped converting at all and was really starting to tank so I had to abandon it after all that hard work and money put into it.

That same day I tried adding UK and Australia-only campaigns to my main campaign on Google to see how those countries fared individually (since Tracking202 Pro doesn’t give any demographic information). Those 2 countries didn’t convert at all (I only got 1 lead) so I paused then on January 11th.

Since December and the first week of January were so bad, by January 6th I went back to running only my main campaign so that I could let it do its thing and make back the money I had lost from all my escapades.

While things didn’t go as planned, I know I have to take those risks and keep trying new things otherwise I’ll never grow my working campaigns. It’s a shame because I almost had that new campaign (the one with the $4 bids) working… I may try it again in the future with some changes to the landing page.

New Daily Gross Record: $397

Fortunately, after going back to my main campaign and having optimized it a lot during January, things finally picked up this past week.

During the past 6 days, I’ve netted a total profit of $427.16 which works out to $70 a day. If I can sustain that average, that works out to over $2,000 profit a month, which is some nice extra revenue to have.

Yesterday, on January 12th, I had my highest grossing day in affiliate marketing, bringing in $397 (beating my previous best of $369.75)! I thought for sure that it was going to also be a new daily net record as well, but it fell just a bit short, bringing in $226.66 profit for the day when my actual best was $233.39 from Nov 22nd, 2009. I was only $6.74 short from beating it!


Today (January 13th) is also shaping up to be very good. It might even break yesterday’s record, since it’s already at $176 at only noon with a 324.51% ROI…

As I did in late November, I’m going to let my main campaign run by itself for a bit in order to make back those losses from December and give me the confidence to try some new campaigns again.

I should also mention that late on January 11th I tried changing my main landing page, making it slightly less useful and informational, and a bit more spammy. We’ll have to wait and see if that change contributed to yesterday’s new record, or if it was just a coincidence.

I’ve also had somebody helping me and giving me tips the past few days. I might try to get him to tutor me if I can work up the Tyler charm.

Join PeerFly!

I’ve been running my campaigns on PeerFly for about half a year now and absolutely love them.

I’m currently doing around $7,000 a month with them and am now on weekly payments. I will list in short form some of their many features in a second, but there is really only one thing you need to know: they can match or beat any payout you’re currently getting.

This is the main reason I use them. PeerFly takes such miniscule margins on their offers that they can give crazy high payouts. PeerFly can also get most offers direct which eliminates the network middleman. I’m personally getting about a 10% higher payout at PeerFly than other networks can give. This may not seem like much, but if you do any kind of volume then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So, if you’re running at another network, it’s a simple change to PeerFly as they can almost always get the exact same offer you’re running and match or beat the payout you’re currently getting.

That’s the main reason I use them, but here are the other reasons:

  • Custom Software (with constant improvements and new features)
  • Awesome Support (always available and super-responsive nearly 24/7)
  • Can get you any offer you want
  • Publisher Rewards (just added last week!)
  • Can get paid via PayPal with no fees
  • Weekly payments (based on $1k/week)

I personally highly recommend them and can pretty much guarantee that you’ll love them if you try them out and talk to them.

I’m on the road to be doing $15,000 a month soon, and am very happy to be doing that with PeerFly.

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53 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Updates: January 2010”

  1. Good to hear you are starting to get Affiliate marketing working for you! That is a nice profit for just one day. BTW, when is the next contest on publisher challenge going to happen?

  2. Congrats on the new daily record. It sounds like you are really starting to get a grasp on affiliate marketing. If you combine that with the income from your big websites, you should be doing quite well. Keep it up man.

  3. For your bing campaign that stopped converting, did you try a different offer? Possibly even with a different network?

    Certainly with rebills/high ticket items. Ive found i can convert extremely well at first, and then it all seems to go down hill (Mostly from the advertisers end, not the networks). Switching or rotating offers definitely seemed to work.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I didn’t, but I was thinking about it. The thing is, I build each of my landing sites custom to the particular offer, so it takes quite a while to do. All my ads are also custom targeted to each particular offer/product as well, so it’s really no faster for me to try a new similar campaign.

      The offer I was running was the highest paying offer in that niche though, and was a pretty good product so I didn’t try other ones. However, I may resurrect that offer and try a different main landing page for it though…

  4. Wow, you are doing really good! Good luck

  5. used tires says:

    Thats pretty awesome Tyler, keep going my friend I am sure you will reach new levels for sure 😀 looking forward to future updates.

    Till then,


  6. austin schwab says:

    Hey Tyler, do you think you could share us one of your affiliate websites? or do some blog posts on how to set this up from step 1.

    • Paul B says:

      How about I show you one of mine? Or would you just prefer my bank account details instead – why not cut out the middle man and take money direct from my account?

      There are donzens of guides to PPC affiliate marketing, it requires some initial funding, hard work and a willingness to right of loses in the name of “learning” until you can match the right offer to the right keywords. All copying somebody else will do is damage their campaign.

    • LukePeerFly says:

      You should check out LPDesigner ( Tyler has featured them and they have very nice landing pages.

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  8. Link Wheels says:

    Congratulation on the New Daily Gross Record of $397, you are certainly on your way to becoming a very profitable Affiliate Marketer.
    I have also had a lack of success using facebook for advertising.

    I have a question for you Tyler if you don mind answering?

    I am in the midst of setting up my own PPC affiliate marketing campaign. I signed up with peerfly under your account. My question is as a PPC marketer do you use direct linking or setup your own landing page. I am guessing you setup your own landing page and if so how do you avoid creating a landing page (your own), that simply points to the landing page of another site?
    Do you use any methods to get your landing page “call to action button” directly linking to a payment page? So the customer does not see that it is an obvious affiliate page.

    Any help would be great, Dave

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I pretty much never direct link. I’ve tried it a couple times mainly to quickly test the traffic and conversion levels for an offer, but that’s it.

      For my landing sites, they are actually much more informative and useful than the offer’s landing page. I try to presell the customers so when they click to order or on any link, they are not as repelled by the affiliate offer as they might have been. Most offer landing pages throw the order form right in their face anyway, so I usually refer to them as the order page.

  9. Gina says:

    That’s excellent. You’ve been working really hard at this. I’ve never heard of peerfly, but maybe I’ll take a look at what they have to offer. This is good information.

  10. Dave Starr says:

    Taylor, thanks again for another honest and straight from thr shoulder post. It’s easy to talk about successes, but we learn much more from failure than success.

  11. poorblogger says:

    Sound cool for peerfly..
    Is it available for non US resident??

  12. Bidet says:

    Congratz, on the new daily record, those are always good to get. Lets hope you get more of those. Peerfly sounds like a great program, thanks for sharing it.

  13. Greg says:

    Hey Tyler,

    Thanks for share successes as well as failures. I have signed up for PeerFly because of this post (so you know what is working). Integrity in a network is most important to me; have you found everything to be above board with them? Sometimes I worry about lead shaving when payouts are so high compared to other networks.



    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Good question Greg. I have personally only had good experiences with PeerFly. I’ve never had a single lead scrubbed before, but then again that isn’t the best determining factor as it really depends on the quality of traffic you’re sending. I do know of a guy who had some leads scrubbed, but the advertiser said he was sending in fraudulent e-mail submits, so that’s to be expected.

      I actually had a case with PeerFly about 6 weeks ago or so when I noticed that the redirect tracking URL was down for about half the day. I notified them about it which they fixed promptly, and I asked that I be given a credit for that day based on the average daily volume I was doing at the time, and I immediately got a PayPal payment for it. So yeah, you can trust them for sure. As long as you’re a legitimate affiliate and aren’t running any type of fraud of course 🙂

  14. Free iSlate says:

    Wow – you are doing incredibly well – I maxed out at about $25/day and kind of gave up, but will check out PeerFly now.

  15. I am already with peerfly and yes it is a good network and has some good make money online products.

  16. It would be nice to hold onto that 397 a day for a couple of months wouldn’t it Paul

  17. Link Wheels says:

    Thanks for the answer Tyler, I have another quick question:
    What software do you use to produce those graphs which include date, total income, all the spending you have done on PPC and total profit or loss?
    Can’t find anything like it around, Thanks for the help Dave

  18. That’s excellent. You’ve been working really hard at this. I’ve never heard of peerfly, but maybe I’ll take a look at what they have to offer. This is good information.

  19. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Seems that Peerfly brought you a lot of money. I’ve registered Peerfly for quite some times but have yet to really get into it, also I’m not really good in affiliate marketing, I’ll need to learn more from you before I can move further.


  20. Link Wheels says:

    “Hell, I’m an international publisher”, Where abouts in the world are you Tyler?

  21. Wow inspirational as always. Reading this stuff gives me hope that I may be able to do it one day too, I’m off to read some PPC ebooks!

  22. lol you are such a lousy spammer ‘video’. Who is Paul?? I do agree that it would nice to be bringing in that kind of money consistently.

  23. Ann says:

    Thanks for the detailed information. I am always afraid of spending money to make money, but after reading about your repeated efforts and successes, I am quite a few steps closer to taking the affiliate marketing plunge.

  24. evdeneve says:

    The offer I was running was the highest paying offer in that niche though, and was a pretty good product so I didn’t try other ones. However, I may resurrect that offer and try a different main landing page for it though…
    thanks for sharing

  25. congratz on the new daily record… Impressive, the best part is its a 7 day week instead of a 5 day week.

  26. Kristina says:

    Congrats on the new daily record. It sounds like you are really starting to get a grasp on affiliate marketing.

  27. VHS to DVD says:

    Over the last 6 months of running PPC campaigns on all three major networks, we’ve noticed that our leads from Bing are converting at a much higher rate over both Yahoo and Google – whether they originate through organic or PPC clicks. The quality of the lead is just that much higher – Bing searchers seem to be purchase-oriented, whereas Google & Yahoo bring more research-oriented visitors.

    I’d be interested to know if you’ve seen similar results across your PPC campaigns?

  28. tattoo kits says:

    I picked up a great ebook called “facebook domination” and that really helped me with my Fb campaigns – you should check it out – its well wroth the purchase price


  29. Im surprised Facebook was a bust , btw congrats on the daily record , thats not bad at all!

  30. Email Backup says:

    Haha, gotta love that big giant cow advertisement you have popping up on your sites. I couldnt help but click him. Do those ads come from PeerFly?

  31. So Tyler… What software do you use to produce those cool graphs which include the date, total income, all the spending you have done on PPC and total profit or loss?

  32. vektör says:

    Reading this stuff gives me hope that I may be able to do it one day too, I’m off to read some PPC ebooks

  33. I;ve never heard of peerfly. Will check them out

  34. It’s cool how you keep track of everything in a spreadsheet. I just use the affiliate program stats to keep track of my earnings

  35. Its unfortunate you have such a bad time with facebook, some ppl I know have had alot of success with it, look up the viral technique.

  36. pen tablet says:

    400 $ of daily gross? That seems for me like a dream that will never happen to me. Almost unbelievable that it is possible to get that much in just one day.

  37. Im surprised Facebook was a bust , btw congrats on the daily record , thats not bad at all!

  38. Affiliate marketing can reap great rewards only if the person has the required marketing skills.And you have those.Gud luck

  39. This is interesting info. January is the biggest month at our site (even the first week), and I’m sure a lot of other businesses are the same.

  40. ppv forums says:

    Good work sharing this, in terms of CPV MARKETINGF not many affiliate marketers know whats happening.


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