Arbitrage, Here I Come!

November 6, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Boy, am I eager to go…

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  • Arbitrage, Here I Come!

The Driving Force

With the recent monster cash I’ve recently acquired, I think I’ve decided what I’m going to do with it. Instead of buying an existing site or using it to grow my existing sites like I had considered, I’m going to store the tax portion of it away for when tax season comes, then spend the rest on my down payment for my condo.

I’ve still be hunting for one… not a lot of new ones are put on the market during this time of year, but that makes the prices slow down as well. Now that I have quite a lot more of a down payment available, I’ll also be increasing the pricerange of what I’m going to get as well. This makes me happy 🙂

Anyhow, I’ve decided to do this not only as a real-estate investment, but mainly to help drive myself. You see, just a little over a year ago I was still living at home with my parents! I was making only around $1500-2000 a month, but needed to move out bad. I also wanted to push myself and put myself in a situation where I’d literally be forced to work harder, as I’d have much greater expenses, mainly rent. The result? 16 months later and I’m averaging close to $7000 a month, over triple what I used to be earning! Now, obviously not all of this was attributed to having moved out, but I’m sure a lot of it was. I had purposely forced myself into a situation where I had to work/earn more to survive.

I’ve made over $100,000 so far this year but have found myself working less and less, which really bugs me. By selling my second biggest site and not putting the money back into my network, and instead putting it into the purchase of a condominum – which brings forth mortgage costs over double of what my current rent is, I’ll again be forcing myself into a situation where I need to work again. If I don’t, and God forbid something happens bad to my current sites, I’ll be forced to get a job!

It will be very interesting to see how moving out again, this time into a purchased condo, will affect my work and earnings. But I need to push myself if I want to strive further.

Arbitrage, Here I Come!

My leap into the world of arbitrage is finally starting to occur. I hadn’t heard from Bryan in 4-5 days, which didn’t bode well for my impatient tendancies. I hunted around for his phone number, asking around online, when I found out that his MSN was broken but had AIM. His computer had fried a couple days before to top if off.

So I was glad to hear that something had stopped him from getting in contact with me and that he wasn’t just bumming around. I’m very serious about partnering and wanted to make sure he was too. We then started up a Ventrilo session and talked for about 90 minutes or so, getting a good amount of groundwork done.

I came out of the voice session extremely motivated and pumped up. I had so much energy that I was dancing around the kitchen while making a late-evening snack. This could be dangerous, creating so much excitement, which could result in severe disappointment, but we had just gone over so many things that had inspired and motivated us. I say us because I’m sure he was just as excited.

Part of the wonderful thing of arbitrage (I imagine) is that results are pretty much always instant. You don’t have to wait months or a year to see results… they literally are instant (or 24 hours). I only hope that I can push myself to work and focus more than I do. I browse and dilly dally too much online. I watch too much TV and DVD’s. I play too much XBox360 and computer games…. I need to find a way to focus more.

Anyhow, as you can tell I’m extremely excited about arbitrage. I don’t want to make any predictions because I think that can be dangerous, but I have this feeling.. a very strong feeling.. that something big may come out of this.. big money… but don’t let me get ahead of myself here.. I haven’t even started yet, have I? 🙂

Good luck and good earnings!

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7 Responses to “Arbitrage, Here I Come!”

  1. So what exactly is arbitrage? In your own words.

  2. Ted says:

    I posted a little about Arbitrage here

    I spent 4 hours on the weekend reading about it and it looks like it has great potential.

    Now all I need to do is to free up some time to experiment with it.

  3. […] I was reading this post over at which is another young blogger like myself.  He is fixing to enter the Arbritrage market and really can’t help but think to myself of what value does this really bring to any advertiser and would any affiliate program want this type of traffic? […]

  4. micsaund says:

    “I only hope that I can push myself to work and focus more than I do. I browse and dilly dally too much online. I watch too much TV and DVD’s. I play too much XBox360 and computer games…. I need to find a way to focus more.”

    Please be sure to post when you figure this out. Similar to you, I’ve gotten lazy about working on my independant projects thanks to an OK job (similar to your living at home). I have spent the past couple of weekends farting around the web, reading this and that, rather than working totally 100% on my personal projects (which will hopefully let me quit working at a job for someone else!)

  5. crunchi says:

    Google is doing some actions against arbitragers..
    I’ve seen this on Shoemoney blog

  6. tylercruz says:

    Brian – arbitrage to me is pretty close to the dictionary definition:

    “The purchase of securities on one market for immediate resale on another market in order to profit from a price discrepancy.”

    Basically buying keywords in exchange for a bigger profit off of contentual or CPA ads.

    crunchi – According to Shoemoney’s post though, he writes “that means if your running a landing page and directly linking with your affiliate link or running a scraper with nothing but Yahoo/Google ads then YOUR IN TROUBLE!”

    This is definitely NOT what Bryan and I are doing. We will actually be making decent sites. Stay tuned for our Arbitrage blog to launch.

  7. PocketRockets says:

    …..”We will actually be making decent sites.”

    Then you probably aren’t doing arbitrage 😉


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