October 28, 2005 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I hired a few people recently to update DF… unfortunately, it didn’t go nearly as perfect as I had wanted it to..

First off, the revamped ‘skin’ is poor. There are javascript errors, and the guy missed a lot of things I had told him to do, such as add the “Mark all forums as read”, etc. Also, I don’t notice much of a colour change regarding text…

Turns out that two mods installed do not work on 3.5.0 and they have been temporarily removed from the site. I have to wait until/if they are upgraded to 3.5.0 before I can reinstate them.

An unexpected result from the skin, the latest threads list from the left side will not work on 3.5.0 unless you get a custom hack for it.. but it’s not a huge loss. I may fill that space with more ads, or a little bit of an add to domain portfolio or something.

On the plus side, I’m sure that Aros the skinner, will make the necessary changes. And the hacks should come out, at least for uShop, as it’s a very popular vB hack. When is another question.

On a side note, I’ve modified my blog here a little bit on the right side.

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Posted: October 28th, 2005 under My Websites  

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