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November 16, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Literally minutes ago I just thought of a great idea for a blog post: I’m going to showcase and compare a bunch of “make money online” blogs, list their advertising prices and try to compare them.

I will be including large, medium, and small blogs here. Traffic is measured by unique hits per month. PageRank was excluded as a result of its recent irrelevance.





Alexa 14,071 200,000 41 2,394
The self-proclaimed “Evil” one himself, the one who made over $23,000 last month from his blog, John Chow’s unsurprisingly offers a number of advertising slots.

468×60 Premium Ad Sponsorship – Sitewide and with only one banner in rotation, it is priced at $1,000/month.

300×250 Embedded Ad Sponsorship – Appears within the top 2 posts, including the RSS feed. Has a rotation of 9 banners. Price per rotation is $500 per month.

125×125 Button Sponsorship – Sitewide, total of 8 buttons. Pricing is $500 per month per button

Feature Site Sponsorship – Sitewide text links, priced at $240 per month per link.

Paid Review – Using ReviewMe, a paid review price is $400.





Alexa 13,169 600,000 48 2,461
Another man without the need for an introduction, Shoemoney doesn’t seem to focus on monetizing his blog as much as John Chow, but seems to do quite well nonetheless…

Sitewide Top 468×60 Banner – Rotation of 5 banners at $950 per month.

Sitewide 120×600 Skyscraper – No rotation, $5500 per month.

Sitewide Sidebar Ads – $350-1500 per month per spot depending on size.

Launcher Spot – Located at the top of the first post, used for custom ads, $4250 per month.





Alexa 2,039 10,000 7,399 33,355
Sitewide Top 468×60 Banner – $500 per month.

In Post Advert – 300×250 ad embedded into post of your choice. $300 per year.

Sitewide 125×125 Side Banner – $300 per month.





Alexa 903 10,000 6,790 56,464
Sitewide Top 182×68 Banner – Total of 3 spots placed beside other, $70 per month.

Text Link Ads – $50/month.

Paid Review – $120 each.





Alexa 755 55,000 2,180 12,457
Sitewide Top 468×60 Banner – In a rotation of 3 banners. $175 per month.

Sidewide 140×140 Banner – $125/month.

Sitewide Text Link – $20/month.

Paid Review – $200 each.





Alexa 851 Unknown 2,099 36,662
Sitewide 125×125 Button – $150/month.





Alexa 100 Unknown 16,708 129,936
Sitewide 125×125 Button – $50/month.

Sitewide Text Link – $15/month.





Alexa 879 13,000 10,152 27,012
Top Sitewide 728×90 Leaderboard – Only ad in rotation. $85/month.

Side Sitewide 125×125 Banner – Maximum of 6 slots available, priced at $20 per month.

Text Link Ads – $25/month. Maximum of 6 links available.

Paid Review – $80 each.

Paid Plug – $80 each.

I was originally going to try to compare the various blogs and their prices, but I’ve already spent far too long just creating and formatting the list above. I’ll therefore reflect on my own blog’s prices as to how they compare to the others.

As I had already assumed, my prices are very cheap when compared to other blogs. I’m the only blog that offers the 728×90 banner format, and it’s only $85 a month. My 125×125 banners are also very cheap at only $20 per month.

But where I think I really stand out is with my Paid Review and Paid Plug prices, at only $80. Remember the paid review I did for a couple days ago? Well he got a $449 job out of it as a result.

While I prefer to adjust my prices according to demand, I’ll probably be raising them slightly to adjust to what the market is demanding. Besides, I’m sold out and have 6 people on the waiting list. I’m thinking of raising my leaderboard price to $100, which is still a bargain, the 125×125’s to $25, and paid reviews and plugs to $85.

Another thing I noticed when compiling this list is that my Technorati rank is quite poor. I should try to increase that by developing and giving away some WordPress skins or plug-ins with a link back to my blog at the bottom….

So what do you guys think about these prices?

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27 Responses to “Blog Advertising Price Comparisons”

  1. Matt Jones says:

    Your 125x125s are very cheap… I might use them in the near future…

  2. Skeptic says:

    So this wasn’t really a post to show the difference between advertising on different blogs: it ended up being just another post showing off your comparatively ‘cheap’ prices, just as you have tried to do roughly three or four times a month.

    Don’t try to deny it – your post went from “I’m going to showcase and compare a bunch of “make money online” blogs, list their advertising prices and try to compare them.” to “I was originally going to try to compare the various blogs and their prices, but I’ve already spent far too long just creating and formatting the list above. I’ll therefore reflect on my own blog’s prices as to how they compare to the others.”

    It’s getting boring now. If people aren’t buying as much as you’d hoped, change your ad formats and tactics. Don’t harp on about them being cheap.

    If people are buying as much as you’d hoped, stop harping on about it being cheap and get on with some proper posts.

    • TheAnand says:

      I think you are trying too hard to monetize your blog than put in some quality content. Really. Check out the last 10 posts on your blog yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

  3. Adam K says:

    Yes, I agree with Skeptic.

    Besides, if you posted some real posts other than advertising yourself and other sites you own, the value of advertising on your site would go up.

    From a website owner’s point of view, I would be far more likely to advertise on your blog if it wasn’t just a place for you to advertise yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with the above; the majority of posts are paid reviews or sales pitches. Genuinely useful content is becoming very rare, and most of it’s from Gyutae, a guest blogger. Is it supposed to be interesting to read a blog about how well the blog is doing? Because I sure don’t think so.

  4. Interesting data – I have been collecting similar data for blogs of a similar size of my own to try and guage a decent price for ads when I open them up.

    What’s the traffic number? Is that monthly uniques?

  5. Jonny Caj says:

    lol Yeah, your prices are very cheap. The problem is that your blog has no where near the quality of posts that the other blogs you are comparing to have.

    Anyone with any sort of experience in web development will find the content you post laughable, because its all either useless or obvious information.

    • Kyle says:

      While I’ll agree Tylers content isn’t the greatest and doesn’t suit a wide variety of users, but he still offers some good posts here and there. Caj stated that Tylers posts are nowhere near the blogs that he compared to, I disagree strongly. has some of the most random posts and nearly 80% of them are useless.

      When he does post useful content, that content can easily read at other sources that provide much better and more useful content.

      • Jonny Caj says:

        Hi Kyle,

        Fair enough. My point was that this is supposed to be a “web developer/entrepreneur blog”, but has none of that information. To be honest, any web developer or entrepreneur with any sort of knowledge in the industry would never read this blog. It is useless, period.

        The information he gives about statistics about his sites, what his ads are making, so what? This is all pretty much obvious information that any entrepreneur can think of using common sense.

        In fact, I can’t even remember a time I came to this blog for some useful information – usually it’s just for a laugh at some of the stupid shit he posts on here.

  6. Dean M. says:

    I agree with the contents of this blog being as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    What kind of credentials does Mr.Tyler have anyway? What’s your level of education Tyler? Last I heard he was a high school dropout. Furthermore, what assets does he own? He owns around 6 dead forums, and maybe 1-2 some-what active sites. C’mon!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t really care about his education, but I agree that track record is important. I see one successful site ( that is positively plastered with ads, and a whole bunch of sites he’s put hoards of money into that never seem to get off the ground.

      I used to read this blog a bit, but it’s become little more than an advertising billboard. I wouldn’t read any blog like that, let alone one from a developer whose projects seem to have such a high failure rate.

  7. Mike Huang says:

    I gotta say Tyler, you’re basically up there with the BIG-GUNS. You’re very inspirational because you don’t give up on these things 🙂


  8. Derek says:

    Great list easy to compare prices for those that want to advertise on the bigger sites. Makes your blog rates look real attractive to which they are. Great post dude!

  9. John Cow says:

    We don’t do the following ads:

    Sitewide Top 468×60 Banner – In a rotation of 3 banners. $175 per month.

  10. Rick says:

    God Damn. I’m unsubscribing. I’m tired of every third post being about how good your fricking advertising rates are.

  11. […]  The first post I would recommend is a post Tyler Cruz wrote today, he tells us how much some of the bigger bloggers are charging for advertise and he then compares his own advertising prices its pretty interesting, John Chow is at the top of the list! […]

  12. Steve says:

    Hi, I really don’t understand why people don’t see how good your advertising rates are Tyler..

  13. Will says:

    Too bad my blog isn’t worth that much lol. Those bloggers certainly have it made 😉

  14. Vik Dulat says:

    Man I didn’t know Shoemoney’s rates were so high. Tyler you should definitely increase your rates for your 125 X 125.

  15. Rick says:

    Wow Tyler, really mature deleting my comments.

  16. Adie says:

    Hi Tyler,

    Where did you get this from?

    “Launcher Spot – Located at the top of the first post, used for custom ads, $4250 per month”

    We do not offer this type of crazy advertising?

  17. Dean M. says:

    Hah. Look’s like not only is Tyler offering obvious and useless information – hes posting inaccurate information as a few people have already pointed out!

  18. Hi Tyler! I Dominic read an article in the CAP-Oct/Nov. issue, and was wondering if you would be interested and your high earning buddies to promote as affiliates. If you can e-mail me, i’d like to speak with you personally, you can have my number when you return my e-mail.

    Thanks Dominic


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