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This will be my first paid review for a blog. It would have been my second, as I received another offer for a blog review yesterday, but they had wanted me to only say positive things about their site. However, the offer I’m writing about right now was sent to me as a ‘netural’ tone, and my instructions were to simply write a review of the blog – not to just blatantly praise it. What this says to me is that the owner, in addition to generating a bit of buzz about his blog, is open to hearing criticism and critique, which brings us off to good start. is yet another blog catered to helping people make money blogging. Run by 19-year-old Australian entrepreneur Anthony Feint, the sports a John Chow-esque theme running on WordPress.

Design and stylewise, BloggingDosh is a clean and crisp site with easy navigation and usability. The only advertising on the site are 468×60 Google AdSense banners placed on the first three posts (to comply with Google’s 3-maximum policy), which I’m pretty sure is set up with a WordPress plug-in, and a “fat” skyscrapper situated in the bottom right of the site.

Anthony appears to be an experienced blogger from the way his blog is set up. He also mentions in his About page that he has been blogging for over 5 years, and created after selling his blogging network for a “nice sum of cash”. Anthony also states “I hope to to share some of my experiences I have had running a highly profitable blog.”

Highly profitable blog? Nice sum of cash? Whether it be for personal or business reason, Anthony does not like to divulge any details when it comes to sharing actual number and figures. I believe this is a big mistake when running a site catered to making money online. Sharing detailed examples of income and profits with readers not only helps to build trust, but establishes that one really know what they’re doing.

Anthony also runs several other blogs and sites including:,,,, and These blogs and sites do not help to back up his monetary claims and insinuations. I’m not trying to say Anthony is lying about anything, but if I’m going to read a blog on how to make money, I want to see examples, numbers, and figures. So, one criqitue I have for Anthony is for him to consider sharing some actual figures. It will help his credibility as well as inspire and motivate his readers.

That being said, does have some useful and help posts such as Paid Posting Reviewed, How to Increase Your RSS Subscribers, and The Basics of Blog Usability. And a big plus Anthony has going is his post frequency. Looking at his latest 50 posts from his Archive page, you can see that he updates an average of once per day. This is probably one reason why he has grown his RSS readership to over 200, which is a sign of a popular blog. In my opinion, any blog over 50 RSS readers is well on their way to success… it’s generating that first 50-100 that is the hard part.

However, although Anthony has great post frequency, his posts could be a lot longer. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a short post here and there, his average word count per post is between 200 and 250, which is quite short. All he needs to do is to simply go into more depth and detail in his posts… his posts are almost a waste in my opinion because he has some good topics and ideas to write about, but only writes enough to whet readers’ paletes.

I’d also recommend for Anthony to read my posts on Canonical URLs and Putting the Cart Before the Horse which are two easy yet very beneficial improvements he can make on

To conclude my review, is a new up-an-coming “make money online” blog that is updated regularly. I believe that if Anthony implements some of my suggestions above that his blog will improve dramatically. Sometimes small and easy changes can make all the difference in the world.

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  2. Carlos says:

    Agreed, if your blog is about making money, you’ve got to spill the beans.

  3. The site is OK, but it is way too much like EVERY other Make Money Online site out there. Same theme as John Chow, same color as the rest, green. The header image makes it stand out a little, but come on, be original.

    He may also want to do something with the green links, very hard to find. The underline helps, but the color blends in too well.

    Just my two cents.

  4. ChrisGuthrie says:

    I really like the color scheme, but he is using the theme that John Chow uses – Misty Look I believe is the name. And I also agree that if you’re going to discuss how to make money online you should at least divulge some financial info (perhaps just on one of your sites).

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