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June 8, 2009 Posted by Michael Kwan

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It has long since been said that passive income is the best kind of income, because you only have so many hours in the day. It is ultimately more effective if you can set up a system that runs itself, providing you with continued profits while minimizing the amount of additional time that needs to be invested along the way. This is partly why landing pages and affiliate marketing can be so much more lucrative than professional blogging.

The key, following this line of thought, is complete and utter automation. One of the newer systems to avail itself to the online community is BlogProfitz, a "ridiculously effective combination of affiliate marketing and blogging." The developers say that you can "supercharge your income" in "under 5 minutes."

An Automatic Affiliate Site with BlogProfitz

BlogProfitz is being marketed as the "easiest way to monetize your blogs," giving you the ability to "radically boost your online income" in a matter of minutes.


By and large, blogs of any niche need to be updated on a regular and relatively frequent basis if they wish to gain any sort of audience or build any kind of success. At the same time, affiliate marketing has been shown to be an effective way to make money online. The online monetization tool offered by BlogProfitz approaches both of these very needs.

This "one commission-producing formula" can automatically populate your blog with a variety of supposedly rich content, including online video, RSS feeds, and a private archive of thousands of articles. At the same time, this content is automatically monetized through a number of affiliate networks.

After you’ve completed the initial setup process for BlogProfitz, your WordPress blog (whether it is an existing one or a new one) can then update itself with new content at an interval of your choosing. You just have to come in and set up new posting rules and check up on your profits every so often.

Complete Video Tutorials and Walkthroughs

Compared to a lot of other similar solutions available on the Internet, BlogProfitz is remarkably simple and straightforward to use. Even so, some novices and beginners may be intimidated by the seemingly daunting task. As such, the first screen that members will see after signing into the BlogProfitz control panel contains a number of video tutorials.


From the main BlogProfitz Dashboard, users can access videos that walk them through the process of adding and managing blogs, setting up the affiliate program associations, posting RSS feeds and articles, and navigating through the Dashboard itself. The videos are relatively brief but thorough.

Associating with Affiliate Networks

BlogProfitz is not a WordPress plug-in nor does it install anything in the WordPress directory on your server. Instead, BlogProfitz operates as an independent online tool. There is nothing to install, nothing to download, and you can access it from anywhere you have Internet access.

Therefore, in order for BlogProfitz to post new content to your WordPress blog, you need to provide the BlogProfitz online tool with the credentials to log into your WordPress blog. Similarly, you will need to provide your ID numbers from the various affiliate programs.


The monetization process offered by BlogProfitz will populate your articles and other content with affiliate products. For the most part, visitors to your site will need to complete a purchase of some kind in order for you to get paid, though there may be some offers that are based on pay-per-lead. You will find that some of the major affiliate networks, like MarketLeverage and NeverblueAds, are not currently supported by BlogProfitz.

Instead, you’ll find that the "plugins" offered through BlogProfitz support the affiliate programs from RegNow, AffiliateBot, Amazon, Click2Sell, Commission Junction, HotelClub, Paydotcom, Overstock, eBay, and ClickBank. Depending on your chosen niche, you may have fewer or more related products available to you.

It may have made for a slightly more complex-looking page, but it would have been more efficient if BlogProfitz made a single page for all of these affiliate programs. This way, you could enter your affiliate IDs in quite succession, rather than navigating to each of the specialized pages for each program to enter your associated ID.

Posting Rules with "Free" Content

Quality content is the hallmark of any successful blog. While BlogProfitz cannot offer you truly unique articles as part of its service, there is the ability to fetch articles through RSS feeds, videos through YouTube keywords, and limited supply articles from ContentClub.

There are currently over 15,000 ContentClub articles available to BlogProfitz users and these cover a wide range of topic areas. Their distribution is being tightly controlled, according to BlogProfitz, as they are limiting the number of members to 1,000. You will encounter some duplicate content with other BlogProfitz users, but it won’t be nearly as widespread as many other PLR articles.


To automate the posting process on your blog, you will need to set up posting rules in BlogProfitz. For these rules, you must define three key areas: title, sources, and target blogs. The title simply names that specific posting rule, but the sources and target blogs are more involving than that.

For product sources, you will need to define the preferred affiliate networks from which affiliate products will be drawn and the source of the content that will be published on your blog. For the sources of content, you can define keywords, the total number of results that will be used over the lifetime of the posting rule, and the number of posts from this rule over the course of each 24 hour period.

Since you can use BlogProfitz for multiple WordPress installations, you must also define the target blog. That’s simple enough a process after you have added the associated credentials and other information during the "add blog" process.

Are You Really Providing Value?

On the surface, BlogProfitz seems to provide everything that you’d need to get started with a money-making blog. The articles from ContentClub, combined with YouTube videos and RSS feeds, will keep your blog dynamic and active. At the same time, this content can immediately be monetized through a range of affiliate products.

However, many readers will soon determine that none of your content is really original and it can be difficult to sell the idea that you are providing true value to your readers. You can try to supplement the BlogProfitz-sourced content with original content of your own though, and this may help to alleviate that concern. I would be very hesitant to use the RSS tool, however, since that is effectively scraping the content of other sites. This could lead to copyright infringement concerns and the possibility of your site being pulled from the server altogether.

Naturally, the other piece of the equation that is missing from the BlogProfitz solution is traffic. Without traffic to your site, it can be very difficult to make any money at all. BlogProfitz fills in quite a few pieces of the puzzle, providing you with over 24 million affiliate products and over 15,000 ContentClub articles, but you’ll still need a little more if you want to be truly profitable.

BlogProfitz offers five pricing plans. The $19/month trial plan allows for up to three target blogs; the $49/month starter plan allows for 10 blogs; the $99/month intermediate plan allows for 25 blogs; the $149/month advanced plan supports 50 blogs; and the $249/month master blogger plan supports up to 100 target blogs. Larger private plans are available upon request. There is no self-hosted option.

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  1. Thnx for providing Automatic Affiliate Blogs…
    u gve all things in one package only..

    specially i liked the video tutorials a lott… hve seen it..

    waiting for BlogProfitz to provide truely unique articles..

  2. Greg Ellison says:

    I don’t think I would ever buy this monthly subscription. All you are doing is creating automated blog which you can do for free. Greg Ellison

  3. Dino says:

    Rubbish, these guys BlogProfitz been advertising and buying reviews everywhere. Their product is useless. Nothing better then original content.

  4. Ben Pei says:

    Wow it seems like BLogProfitz is appearing everywhere.

  5. Melvin says:

    The 21 paid post about blogprofitz this week. 🙂 Btw, they are the same dudes that created storestacker right?

  6. Wow thanks a lot.. I have never heard of this company before. We have just started doing bloggong and affiliate marketing and this piece of information is very nice.

    We are going to have to look into them and see if they have good content for our blogs.

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  8. Curtis says:

    I think it’s funny how BlogProfitz reviews are popping up on blogs where blog owners would never think of using such a tool.

  9. I think its an interesting affiliate marketing package and therefore no harm in trying this out. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  10. content seriously sucking now tyler! says:

    Tyler, I’m glad you have been at least making some money off all of the paid reviews you have been doing but your content is seriously taking a hit as far as quality. I mean seriously, the weight loss crap is annoying and not related to your content at all. Sure, go ahead and to monthly updates or something but weekly updates with 5000 word post are completely useless…all that wasted time when you could have been writing real content!

    I mean, take a look at the past few pages of post…

    – blogprofitz powers automatic affiliate blogs = paid review not even written by you.
    – weith loss crap: boring and unrelated to your usual “content”
    – junes affiliate content publisher challenge = I used to think you used publisher challenge as your content crutch but I have to admit it was more interesting than all the paid reviews and fat walk stories…and that’s saying a LOT. At least you finally cut back on having every damn post about publisherchallenge.
    – how to stay motivated and keep blogging = guest post…at least some good content!
    – arguably the best way to get a logo or design = paid review…again.
    – so i finally joined twitter = lame but at least you wrote it and it wasn’t a paid review or exciting weight loss news
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    – weith loss crap: boring and unrelated to your usual “content”
    – generating quality webistes = paid review not even written by you.

    Content is really hurting a lot lately. You used to actually spend some time putting some pretty decent content on here. Now it’s lame crap, guest post or paid reviews 95% of the time. Even johnchow post real content within all his spam/marketing post!

    • Curtis says:

      You’re not obligated to be here…if you don’t like Tyler’s “weith loss” stuff or John’s “spam”, then don’t come to these blogs.

      BTW, you might want to find out what spam really means before you label John’s posts spam.

      • content seriously sucking now tyler! says:

        lol, just the type of idiot that would get defensive for Tyler. Did you even read my f’n post?

        When and where did I say “John’s spam” at all? I did mention they were paid reviews but if you translate that to spam then that’s on you. I also didn’t flat out knock paid reviews in general…just that they are now making up a high percentage of the post on the blog now and that most of them Tyler isn’t even writing.

        Also, my complaint about the current crapload of “content” is actually a compliment about his old content when he actually took the time to write informative, relevant posts.

        Not sure if Tyler has just gotten lazy, gotten too greedy with all the paid reviews or just doesn’t care anymore but the content sucks compared to what used to be posted. Very similar to how johncow started out actually worth reading, funny and insightful and then just got f’n lame before he finally went and cashed out and sold it. I doubt Tyler will sell a blog named after himself but he has definitely followed in the “lame” and lazy footsteps.

        BTW since you decided you already decided to make yourself look like an idiot, how about answer a question…which of the last 15 post that were listed for your convenience was your favorite? Which did you feel was a good addition to the blog? Which did you feel Tyler actually spent time on that had anything to do with what this blog is about? Let me guess, you actually look forward to the weekly updates on Tylers latest laps and just hope you might catch a glimpse of Tyler in some spandex right?

  11. Gr8 work, it seems pretty attractive affiliate package. I will try this one on of my site.

  12. This sounds very cool but a bit complicated.

  13. Wait….did Michael Kwan do a review about BlogProfitz TWICE!?!?

    John Chow…Tyler Cruz…

    Hmmm, I don’t think that is too good for BlogProfitz, but if they don’t care, I don’t care 😛


  14. Thank you for explaining everything in detail!
    Keep posting!

  15. You made some good points there. I looked on the internet for the subject matter and found most people will approve with your website.

  16. Wow thanks a lot.. I have never heard of this company before. We have just started doing bloggong and affiliate marketing and this piece of information is very nice.
    We are going to have to look into them and see if they have good content for our blogs.

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