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July 6, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I can’t think of anything too interesting to start my blog today, so… be creative and insert your own witty line here _________________________.

La Soupe du Jour:

  • Domains and SEO
  • New Logos!
  • PublisherForums
  • The Nomad
  • Hollywood Tyler

Domains and SEO

I know absolutely nothing about SEO, and I don’t claim to know anything about SEO. Let’s just get that out of the way first. However, my theory that domains are an extremely important factor may gain some ground in this post. Now, obviously I’m not the first person to say this – most people will agree that domains are important of course, but I believe that they are more important than many people may think.

Many people have the belief that if given the choice of choosing between domain A, for the purpose of example let’s use….. hmm…. (Actually, a person, I forget who, messaged me and said they registered that after reading my post, lol) and domain B, would cost them $5,000, and would cost them $20. Now, I understand many of you would think about getting Domain A, but are you actually thinking about getting it, or are you just kind of drooling over it and wishing you had it? Anyhow, I’m focusing here on the people with the following mentality:

These people, who I have nothing against, believe that it is better to get Domain B, and save that $5000 which could then be put into marketing and advertising. This seems like a very logical and sound decision, and does make a lot of sense… however, I believe that the long term effects of having a good domain make that belief false.

A lot of this depends of course on the niche, topic, and market saturation of the domain, but generally I disagree with their logic. While it is of course feasible to brand a name on your own through marketing, a good domain markets and brands itself on it’s own. And now I’ll discuss the sheer SEO power of a good domain through personal example. is #1 on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for “Poker Forums” and ranks just as high for similar keywords. Let me repeat that just in case you didn’t hear it. is #1 on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for “Poker Forums”. Not page 1, not #1 Dad, but #1 result. How can you beat that? Did I do any SEO on the site? Absolutely not. Did I launch an advertising or marketing campaign? No, sir.

For those that know me, they know that I do little-to-no advertising or marketing on any of my sites. This usually stems from the fact that I try to build quality sites and have them spread through word of mouth. Why not spend your time and money building a quality site and have others market it and link to it for you?

Anyhow, some of you may say “Oh, PokerForums is just high because it’s a popular site.. it’s not because of the domain”. Well, while that may be true to an extent, it only accounts for.. what.. 10% of it? Here are some more examples: – #1 on MSN and #9 on Google for “Cooking Forums” – #3 on MSN and #9 on Google for “Movie Forums” – #1 on MSN and #4 on Google for “Gymnastics Forums” – #1 on MSN for “Badminton Forums” – #11 on Google for “MMA Forums”

What’s important to note is that on ALL of these sites, I haven’t even developed them really yet. They have a basic forum up on them and a skin, and minimal posts. I plan on giving them attention later, but right now I’m busy with other projects. However, even without doing any sort of marketing for them, they already have high SERP’s.

So, register and in a couple weeks or so if not less, you should be #1 on the major SE’s for “Broccoli Forums”. Of course this is just an example, but it shows the power of domains.

Traffic on these sites range from 35-200 uniques per day. Sure, about 20% or so of these are from spiders and some are from curious people who found the link on and, but the majority of traffic right now comes from search engines.

And then people ask why I bought for $xx,xxx….

Anyhow, that’s just a little bit of food for thought for you – never underestimate the power of a good domain.

New Logos!

I have the two logos for two of my new sites. It was extremely difficult to choose between the samples and revisions, but I’m happy with my final choices.

Rar.. Blogger is being a pain again and not letting me upload images, so I’ll link directly from my site:

PublisherSpot is not a forum. It’s a large project that should be done within 1-2 weeks and will act as a sister site to PublisherForums.

How do you like the logos?


Yes, it’s time for another personal plug. But hey, it’s important πŸ™‚

I’ll put it bluntly: Check out

I understand that there are a lot of webmaster forums out there, with two new ones that just recently launched by Lee and Mook-Jon (aojon). I’m not offering you money or holding any contests. I’m not against that method, but I also believe that you have to be careful when holding such contests; quantity may quickly usurp quality.

That being said, the tagline for PublisherForums is “Intelligent Discussion for Web Publishers”. I’m trying to remain as true to that statement as possible. Again, I’m not going to lure people through monetary prizes and contests (not that I’m against that), but hope people will come on their own for the discussion itself, not the money.

The Nomad

I got my laptop a couple days ago. When setting up Windows, it asked me to name the computer. I have names for all my computers, and so I named this one “Nomad”. It wanted a description for it and so I gave it “The Wandering Labourer”.

I keep it in my bedroom where I have another mini office set up. I tend to use it late at night and try to do my forum posting there as I’m less distracted there. I also use to watch my MMA videos by lying on my bed and putting it on the ground. It’s an Acer 17-inch.

Here are some photos:

Again, I bought it so that I could go to the library and get work done that requires a lot of attention. I’ll be sure to let you guys know how my first ‘study period’ with it goes and how much work I get done.

Hollywood Tyler

I’m a web developer and entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean I don’t contribute to any of my sites.

I’ve conducted a fair number of interviews in the past for my sites and with big names in the industry such as Lynn Guthrie (Movie Producer and Director), Gregory Jbara (Actor), Justin Zaharczuk (Art Director), Tony G (Professional Poker Player and Celebrity) and Lee Jones (Best-selling author and Professional Poker Player) to name a few. Last week I finished an interview with John Ottman.

With almost 40 film scores to his name since 1993, composer John Ottman’s adaptive creativity spans a variety of genres. From tense psychological crime dramas such as The Usual Suspects (1995), Apt Pupil (1998) and Cellular (2004) to intriguing and gentle comedies such as Bubble Boy (2001), black comedy/satire Pumpkin (2002), to comic/horror flicks such as Lake Placid (1999) and Eight Legged Freaks (2002), to epic superhero dramas such as X-Men 2 (2003), Fantastic Four (2005) and most recently Superman Returns (2006) it seems there is nothing to which this talented composer cannot lend the particular enhancement of tension and drama of a superb film score. Even more intriguing is his dual function as composer and film editor on the films of long-time friend and collaborator Bryan Singer, a function he compares to composing with its ebbs and flows. John Ottman has also directed twice and produced once.

You can read my interview with John Ottman here.

Now I need to get busy and get some movie news sites to link to my interview πŸ™‚ Backlinks, baby, backlinks!

Okay, that’s it for now – my blog posts are so epic… hah.

Good luck, and good earnings!

**Note: I’m getting extremely frustrated with Blogger. I just spent 45 minute on fixing formatting problems that Blogger’s posting creates. What are my alternatives? In general, I like Blogger, and moving to something else such as WordPress would make all my archives disappear and such. Perhaps I should only write it in HTML in the future, and not use the Compose area? Because as it is, It’s extremely frustrating and takes way too much time trying to fix the formatting errors…

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17 Responses to “Broccoli Forums”

  1. AndrewR says:

    I was thinking about registering but you spelt Broccoli wrong. πŸ˜€

  2. Kim Stewart says: – #1 on MSN and #9 on Google for “Cooking Forums” – #3 on MSN and #9 on Google for “Movie Forums” – #1 on MSN and #4 on Google for “Gymnastics Forums” – #1 on MSN for “Badminton Forums” – #11 on Google for “MMA Forums”

    congrats, but they are all horrible search terms

    switch to WordPress.. πŸ™‚

  3. Andreas Bard says:

    Tyler, that chair in your mini office does not look that comfortable to sit in. You have not thought in investing something more ergonomic? Your back must hurt after a couple of hours there.

    About your blogger problems, I have heard that before and most of those have switched to WordPress, and now they wonder why they did not do it before. Maybe you should check it out?

    // Andreas Bard

  4. Tyler says:

    andrewr – Wow, you’re right. That is so incredibly weird. Brocolli looks right to me and Broccoli looks so incredibly strange. Sigh. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to get into the habit of spelling it the right way.

    Thanks, edited the post.

    kim – I’m not sure if you’re joking or not.

    Andreas – Heh, nobody likes my orange chair.. but I stand by it! Or sit by it.. well, you know what I mean.

    Actually, the shot with the orange chair is in my bedroom. My main workstation is in my livingroom and I have a nice $150 ergonomic chair there that isn’t in the shot.

    As for WordPress, yeah, I know.. everybody raves about it. I may check into it in the future if Blogger continues to annoy the crap out of me.. but I still wouldn’t change unless there was a very good importing feature of my old posts and archives.

    I’d also be sad to see this pink template go…

  5. AndrewR says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  6. AndrewR says:

    but I still wouldn’t change unless there was a very good importing feature of my old posts and archives.

    There actually is, I just looked in my admin panel, you can import from several websites and blogger is one of them.

    Also, you can see if you can ‘rip’ the template to integrate it into WordPress.

  7. Kim Stewart says:

    Cooking Forums – 2/day
    Movie Forums – 27/day
    Gymnastics Forums – 0/day
    Badminton Forums – 5/day
    MMA Forums – 8/day

    I guess Movie Forums is a half decent search term.. and I understand they are still in development. But as it stands, today, I am getting more SE searches/day for my name, Kim Stewart, than all 5 of those sites combined ;P

    So unless you can get top results for Cooking or Badminton there aint much traffic going to your sites from the SE’s…

  8. Tyler says:

    Where are you getting that information from?

    Don’t forget that that is just one search engine you’re getting your info from most likely. Also, remember that that was just one term I mentioned. I rank high for other terms as well.

    Here’s MMAForums from yesterday:

    22 from
    4 from
    3 from
    1 from

    A total of 35 hits yesterday through SE’s

    30 for CarForums, etc.

    Then as the sites grow, SE traffic increase as well. This has to do partly with basic indexes, but the domain has to do with it as well;
    Yesterday PFO brought in 1300 people from SE’s.

  9. Kim Stewart says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  10. Deven says:

    Hey Tyler,

    Good job with your websites. I totally agree with you on the point that the domain name has such a huge influence on how the website will grow and how it’ll be able to market itself. I used to own the website “” and it killed the competition on search engines including major websites such as IGN & Gamespot for the term “Kingdom Hearts 2”, but my success did not live long as I had to give up my domain after a lawsuit came forth from Disney. And obviously, even though I was able to get a new domain, my search engine status wasn’t looking too good since I dropped down to the bottom of page 1, and trust me, my SEO knowledge couldn’t help me from there, lol.

    I decided to sell that website and I’m actually starting a humor website now. Obviously, all the good domains that’d be instant hit attractors have been taking *darn*. Anyways, I’ve seen you around on SP, and I noticed you replied to Amish’s thread HERE and I thought I’d drop in to check out your blog. Congrats on getting into TF, best of luck to you on that as they’re one of the best ad-paying companies around! Keep us posted on how you’re doing with that.

    Catch you later.

  11. Brian says:

    YUou might find this interesting in your ongoing feud with the space rangers. they are distributing adware.Mashable

  12. pokadude says:

    I have to disagree about the domain name – Check out the results for poker forum, which is a more likely search term to poker forums, and you will see come in first, with not appearing until further down the page. If domain names were that powerful in termas of automatic SEO, then surely would come in first.

    I agree with Kim Stweart that these are bad examples of search terms. I would be impressed if your sites were top for the term poker, or cooking. Most of my sites, some even less than one month old are already top of google etc… for silly search terms like these. And I receive miniscule amounts of traffic for the terms!

    Anyway, nice blog… It’s nice to relax and see what you’ve been up to at the end of a hard day.
    Take it easy,

  13. pokadude says:

    PS: Page titles are more important in my experience! Something worth looking into…


  14. robertdjung says:

    Tyler — what’s your take on the Justice department action today against betting sites?

  15. Tyler says:

    There’s a couple of threads on this on PFO:

    It worries me, but I have confidence that it will be shot down. If it did get voted in, then that would of course cause major problems for me, but not as bad as it may seem; it would only affect Americans, and while that’s a large percentage, it’s not stopping Canadians (like myself) or Europeans to play, and there are a lot of European players.

    Also, luckily my site caters also to offline poker players, and advertisers would still come in through british poker sites – actually a lot of my advertisers now are indeed british sites.

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